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Why You’ll Feel Happier Alone in 2024, According to Your Zodiac

Sometimes we are better off alone. Many people look for a life partner to feel happier.

But in some situations, we do better when we’re single. Here’s why you’ll feel better alone in 2024, according to your zodiac sign.


You seem to be much better off staying alone this year. There is no way you will get hurt if you stay single.

In your head, you associate dating with anger and frustration. You don’t intend to hurt yourself, so you choose to stay alone. This way, life will be easier for you and you can carry on happily.


This year, you seem to be better off staying alone, simply because you’re not sure what you’re looking for yet.

You prefer to travel alone. In this way, you will receive confirmation that you are just as valuable as what you want from this world.

It’s smarter than accidentally letting the wrong people into your life. The truth is, you still feel insecure. Take some time for yourself! You will not regret it.


You feel more comfortable alone because the potential for new acquaintances often seems to disappear after a few messages and meetings.

You continue to hold out hope for new contacts, waiting for them to invite you to a formal meeting, only to find them disappearing from your life.

Constantly grieving for people you haven’t even met in person makes you tired.


You feel that you should be alone this year because you have many more important things to do than worrying about a possible relationship.

Love is not at the forefront of your mind right now. You’re focused on an aspiring career and also dealing with family challenges.

Your friends also need your support. This year, no relationship seems to fit into your life, so you decide to stay alone.


You used to think that you would spend your whole life with this one person, but in the end she broke your heart.

After the pain you’ve been through, you doubt whether someone is even worth receiving your love.

And it seemed like you discovered someone you wanted to be with for the rest of your days – but you distanced yourself from that person.


You value your freedom very much. You don’t want to admit the idea of ​​sleeping in someone else’s arms because it seems to make you feel weak.

You emphasize that you’re not the type of person for relationships anyway, so you don’t see any benefit in looking for a long-term relationship. So it probably seems better for you to stay alone this year.


You feel like it’s better for you alone, especially because you’re socializing with other singles.

People surround you who constantly reassure you that it’s okay to be solo. They remind you how beautiful and intelligent you are inside and that you don’t need anyone to be happy.

You don’t feel the need to get into a relationship to feel better because this year many people in your life value you and who are also single.


This year you feel that you should be alone, as it seems that no one is seriously trying to find common ground with you.

Your interest at the moment is primarily in non-binding fun and relaxed relationships. At the same time, you strive for new experiences in the market, looking for improvements and something better.

You seem addicted to this search for something new and better when it comes to relationships, and you enjoy meeting new people.


You feel like you should be alone because you don’t think much of singles in 2024.

It’s rare that you get along well with someone and constantly feel the need to send them messages or see them all the time.

You prefer to spend your evenings alone. This year you’ll feel especially good when you’re by yourself.


You feel that it is much better for you alone since every serious relationship around you always ends in a breakup.

You have never seen a couple who lived happily ever after. The idea of ​​permanently happy couples seems intangible to you, and you doubt whether such relationships even exist.

Monogamy seems like an abstract concept to you, but hardly anyone stays loyal to it long-term. Because of these considerations, you decide to stay alone this year.


It seems that this year it is better for you to stay alone, as you still carry with you unresolved problems from the past.

Your ex-partner played with your emotional well-being and left you with baggage that you’re still struggling with now.

Your trust issues convince you that it’s better to be alone this year. You’re not entirely sure if you can or want to commit to a new relationship again, especially after the challenges you’ve been through in the past.


It seems like you’re much better off being alone, and whether you realize it or not, you find happiness in your solitude.

You don’t want to waste time wishing for a relationship. If an opportunity arises, you probably won’t turn it down, but you don’t want to actively seek it out either.

You’re in great shape right now and completely happy with yourself. So why change anything?

Why You'll Feel Happier Alone in 2024, According to Your Zodiac

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