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Why You Rock Your Single Life According To Your Sign


You’re a free spirit, and relationships usually just hold you back. You feel so much better when you’re alone than when you’re with someone.

Your free spirit cannot be held down. I mean, yes, but that won’t last long if you don’t find someone similar to you.

When you’re single, you do whatever you want and that’s what makes you the happiest. You don’t care what people will say about you and your behavior, and that’s why you rock your single life.

You do your own thing.


You’re rocking your single life because you’re afraid someone will hurt you.

So if you have the choice to be single instead of getting hurt, you choose to be single. You do everything just to avoid getting hurt.

Then sometimes when you feel lonely, just think about how you felt when your heart was broken. Since this has happened several times, you realize why you are single in the first place.


It’s like you have two different people inside you, dear Gemini.

Today you long for commitment and a relationship, and tomorrow you want to be alone. You change your mind a lot and that’s why you like being single better.

It’s best for you to stay single until you find someone who will make sure you never doubt the relationship.

Do not worry. For you it’s child’s play.


Cancers don’t need to be in a relationship to feel loved.

The people around you give you more than enough attention to make you feel loved and valued. You don’t need affection because you have good and loving friends.

You’ve gotten used to the love you get from your friends and you’ll never settle for anything less in a relationship.


You have your ego, so no one needs to remind you how awesome you are. You are fully aware of it. You are your top priority and that makes you happy.

You don’t need anyone’s attention to feel valued and respected. This comes naturally to you.

You enjoy your own company and it stays that way. Being single is absolutely not a problem for you.


You want everything or nothing at all. When you’re in a relationship, you want everything from the person you’re with.

You don’t want lousy, half-hearted love. You want someone who loves you with all of their heart.

If you had to choose, you would rather stay single than keep ending up in unhappy relationships. And you would rock it!


You’re a really sociable person. You find company easily, so you don’t mind being single because you’re almost never alone. You always have someone to hang out with.

Maybe this person you’re hanging out with isn’t your soulmate, but you don’t care and you won’t be alone as long as this person keeps you good company.

So, no, you have no problem being single as long as you have friends.


For you, love is not something you run after, it is not a priority. Your ultimate goal is not to find love. There are so many other things that interest you that have nothing to do with romance.

Even if you’re in a relationship, you don’t let it consume you. When you have an important project, you are fully committed to that project and it is definitely a higher priority than your partner.

That’s why being single isn’t such a big deal for you.


You’re okay with being single . You are aware of the fact that you don’t need anyone to have fun and enjoy life and all it has to offer.

So of course you have no problem being single. Nobody has to make your life more worth living.

Your life isn’t all about love. Some zodiac signs are okay with staying alone.

You live to enjoy each new day and discover many different things. You don’t need anyone to do this with you.


You hate change, so relationships are not fun for you.

You know that when you get involved in a relationship, you have to change your life for your partner and adapt to his plans. But you don’t really like it, so you’d rather stay single.

When you’re single, you focus on other things in your life, like: E.g. your career, your hobby or something similar.

And on the plus side, if you’re single, you can loosen up a bit and not have to worry about whether your bra matches your panties.


You don’t want to be in a relationship that isn’t serious. Casual affairs are not your thing. You’re waiting for the right one, and you don’t want to start anything until you find someone who will turn your world upside down.

You don’t want to force anything, and you’ll be fine being single until you find someone worthy of your love.


You have so much love that you want to give to others. You don’t necessarily have to be tied to just one person.

Your love flows to all the people in your life, but you won’t waste it on someone who doesn’t deserve it.

You don’t need anyone to feel loved and appreciated. You value and respect yourself, and it would be pointless to crave love because you have more than enough of it.

Why You Rock Your Single Life According To Your Sign

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