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Which Witch Movie To Watch For Halloween According To Your Sign?

This October 31, are you hesitating between yet another vampire film and a zombified comedy? Don’t wait any longer and go to the “witch” side of the force thanks to your astrological sign.

Rather noisy like the trio of “Hocus Pocus”, wise like Samantha in “My Beloved Witch” or as charming as the heroine of “The Love Witch”? We know exactly which witchy movie you’ll love to see (or rewatch) for Halloween. Give us your astrological sign, and we’ll take care of the rest. Not a fan of your result? You can also add your ascendant and even your moon sign to the cauldron. As Professor Lockhart would say in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”: “It looks like magic!” »


The Aries natives and the three witches who come back to life in “Hocus Pocus” share one thing: a taste for chaos. Coming back from the dead centuries later to destroy the tranquility of a small town with their potions, their magic and their feet in the dish? It’s a devilishly Aries program where we don’t know anything about it. The witch of the cult trio with whom Aries, these born leaders, will necessarily identify? Winnifred, of course.


The main theme of the sign of Taurus is the same as that of the film which brings together Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon and Cher: desire. The three friends who will become powerful witches want more than anything to get away from their boring daily lives and stop being stepped on by the men in their lives. And will learn at the same time that you must always be careful what you wish for. Even if it means sleeping with the Devil in silk sheets, you might as well get some benefit from it.


What could be more Gemini than a film inspired by a children’s book that is as funny as it is cruel? Roald Dahl’s adaptation which marked an entire generation will be perfect for those who swear that you can make humor out of horror. These queens of paradox who are also accused of having “two faces” delight in the scene where Anjelica Huston, the queen of witches, finally removes the mask. And the wig. And the gloves.


These tender homebodies prefer witchcraft that you can practice at home in your pajamas, thank you very much. With “Les Ensorceleuses” (“Practical Magic” in its original title), they will get their money’s worth. The two witch sisters played by Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are specialists in catastrophic love lives and magic filters for shiny hair: we might as well summarize the lives of Cancers in two elements.


“The Craft”, in English, is the perfect cocktail between a horror film, a witch story and finally the favorite genre of Lions , those eternal teenagers: the teen movie. Here, four high school girls will discover extraordinary powers and… Fight to become the queen bee, even if it means breaking the magical alliance that united them. The issues of power, popularity and friendship, what could be more Leo? When the “dark side” of witchcraft attracts the most solar of the zodiac like a magnet.


Samantha wiggles her nose and everything is put away to the millimeter, the dust disappears and the laundry is done. Do we really need to go further? This film speaks to the humble and discreet Virgos who, in addition to loving the clean smell of a well-kept house, are also terribly afraid of showing who they really are, deep down. Just like Samantha when she has to announce to her husband that she is just “a little bit” a witch in addition to being a cordon bleu.


A Pisces broke her heart and, in her own words: she was born a second time, as a witch! Elaine, the “witch of love” lives on her preparations of magic soaps made in her little cauldron when she lets herself be caught up in the game of love again and risks her skin. Libra romantics won’t know if they like this scenario more or Elaine’s pastel outfits and cleverly sixties hats.


They are a little fed up with the image of the cool witch conveyed by pop culture for several years. What do Scorpios want for Halloween this year? A really scary witch. We grant their wish by offering them “The Conjuring”, a haunted house story almost like any other… Since the family who lives there is possessed by a witch. And no, we are not talking here about the nice Samantha from “My Beloved Witch”.


If you tell an adventurous Sagittarius that there is a witch in Blair Forest, but no one has ever come back alive: they will pack their backpack immediately. There’s no dangerously rash situation that doesn’t immediately make a Sagittarius want you. Their legendary optimism will die. What will they remember from the film? The rural landscapes make them want to hike in the great outdoors.


The serious sign of Capricorn loves it when we incorporate history into fiction. To please the zodiac goats, neither cool witch, nor kind sorcerer, nor parade of black ankle boots and chokers. We return to the origins of the witch: folklore and prejudices, obscurantism and misogyny. What, do you think Capricorns are killjoys? That’s because you haven’t yet seen “The Witch,” the blood-curdling film that revealed Anya Taylor Joy long before “The Queen’s Gambit.” It was nothing.


A documentary-style film, “The Witches of Akelarre” glamorizes neither the image of the spell caster nor witchcraft. And that appeals to Aquarius, those fans of critical thinking (and a spirit of contradiction) who like to take a step back to form their own opinion. Unfair accusations, magnificent images of the Basque Country and very polished photography: we bet Aquarians will love it.


Stories that make you sleepy, questionable rituals or accusations of witchcraft that end in tragedy: very little for Pisces. They happily tolerate celebrating Halloween so they can wear a couple’s costume with their partner, but they much prefer a good-natured animated film about a friendly witch. And if in addition to knowing how to fly on a broom, she is also a baker: bank!

Which Witch Movie To Watch For Halloween According To Your Sign?

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