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When Two Suspicious People Meet Each Other: Pisces And Scorpio

He loves me… He doesn’t love me… He loves me… Do you think a daisy can tell you if your crush reciprocates your feelings or do you think there has to be a better way to know if you two are happy together could be?

Maybe tarot or card reading? Or is there another option?

Are you the person who starts your day by reading your daily horoscope? Do you only make plans after you’ve really researched your weekly and monthly horoscope?

Then you should also trust the stars when it comes to love . Whether you’re a Pisces woman who has fallen for a mysterious Scorpio man or you’re a Scorpio woman who couldn’t resist the Pisces man’s charms, you’ll find everything you need here.

In this article you will find everything about the character of these two men, who their dream woman is , how you can conquer her and at the end the most important thing: how does the Pisces & Scorpio combination work and can they be happy together or should they rather be with other zodiac signs seek their happiness?

So, let’s go!

Horoscope: Zodiac sign Scorpio

Anyone whose birthday is between October 24th and November 22nd is born under the zodiac sign Scorpio. Her element is water and her planets are Pluto and Mars.

A lot is said and believed about Scorpios, and most of them aren’t exactly compliments. They are often said to be vindictive and manipulative.

And yes, they can be that sometimes, but they also have their good sides. Scorpios are intelligent, instinctive, courageous and strong-willed.

With Scorpios, two opposites meet: because their element is water, they are one of the sensitive signs of the zodiac, but they can also be combative because they are ruled by Mars.

People born under this sign are great detectives or psychologists because they are extremely good at reading other people, so to speak. However, they are more interested in the weaknesses and the dark sides of their personality, as with others and with themselves, which is why they tend to be pessimistic.

Scorpios like to be the ones in control, but they don’t do it like Leos, they don’t like the spotlight. They prefer to stay in the background and pull their strings from there.

Partner horoscope: What suits Scorpio best?

Scorpios are aware that they are not perfect. They know their worst sides and want to be loved along with them.

They need a partner who accepts them as they are and doesn’t try to change or improve them. For example, a romantic Cancer who sees something good in everyone has a good chance with a Scorpio, which doesn’t mean that other zodiac signs don’t have a chance with them.

Astro Tips: How does a Scorpio man fall in love with me?

If your goal is to conquer a Scorpio man, you have to be pretty determined. The Scorpio has a hard shell, he seems cold and withdrawn, but that’s actually just his way of protecting himself.

Like other water signs, Scorpios are sensitive but don’t want to show their soft side to everyone. That’s why you’ll need some time to convince him that you deserve to get to know the real him.

Scorpios like people to be mysterious, so it’s a good idea to show them that you’re interested in him without being pushy. After that, you can back off and let him take over, as he likes to be the one in control.

You should keep a few secrets to yourself for a while, such as interesting hobbies or talents, so that you can surprise him every now and then, as he quickly loses interest if he thinks he has figured out a person.

There are two things you should never do if you want to win the heart of a Scorpio. You can’t lie to him and you should never try to make him jealous.

Scorpios are extremely intuitive and they quickly notice when someone is trying to lie to them or deceive them. And although they may say they forgive it, they will definitely never forget it and will bring it up again whenever there is a relationship problem.

Scorpios never forget other people’s mistakes. When they find the right person, Scorpios are extremely loyal and loving.

However, they sometimes exaggerate, see their partner as their property and can become jealous. Then their venomous stinger activates and they are able to hurt their partner where it hurts most, even though (at least in their minds) they are only doing this out of self-protection.

In the beginning, your Scorpio partner will probably be a little reserved and suspicious, but when you notice that he is starting to open up, it is a good sign that he has fallen in love with you.

Horoscope: Zodiac sign Pisces

Anyone whose birthday is between February 20th and March 20th was born under the zodiac sign Pisces. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, its planet is Neptune and its element is water.

Charming, romantic, sensitive and imaginative are just some of the character traits of Pisces. Just like other water signs, they handle their emotions very well and trust their gut.

But because they are also fearful, their gut feeling often tells them that they are in danger. Instead of facing danger, the fish do what they do best – they dive.

They don’t like confrontation, they tend to be impressionable and they will give in even if they know they are right just to avoid having to fight. Discipline and order are not necessarily two words that you often hear in connection with a Pisces, so they could learn a lot from Capricorn.

Pisces are not fascinated by material things. They are dreamers who like to retreat into their own dream world if they don’t like the real one.

Because they are so imaginative, Pisces are often artists. They often seem to find their calling in helping other people, but in this case, it often happens that they are taken advantage of, which only makes them close themselves off even more.

Partner horoscope: What suits Pisces best?

Because Pisces are so sensitive and fearful, they need a partner who can handle their own and other people’s feelings equally well. Other water signs have a good chance of being a suitable partner for Pisces.

Pisces makes decisions very difficult. That’s why she needs a partner who can support her and who knows how to love someone who thinks too much.

Astro Tips: How does a Pisces man fall in love with me?

If you want to conquer a Pisces man, you first have to pull the emergency brake and slow down. As a Scorpio woman, you’re probably used to being a femme fatale who just shows up and she’s surrounded by men.

But the Pisces man is not one to react quickly and be the first to approach you. I’m sure you didn’t notice him at first glance either, but when you revealed the intentions of all the macho men around you and turned them down, you realized there was someone else there.

A shy man with a charming smile who somehow looks like he doesn’t belong there. And this is often how Pisces feel in social events.

That’s why forget all the usual date ideas, avoid restaurants, bars and cafes and instead invite him for a walk. This man loves romance and you can be sure that you will do all the sweet things with him like stargazing, having a picnic or watching a sunset.

The Pisces man is truly an ideal partner and a prince charming looking for his princess. But he opens up very slowly, especially if he has been injured before.

Not everyone appreciates such a wonderful partner and someone may have their heart broken, which makes them even more cautious. Be careful when you hear him say he needs time.

It doesn’t have to be anything bad, but he can also use it as an excuse since Pisces would rather avoid their problems than deal with them. So you’ll need some patience to win your Pisces’ heart.

However, when he falls in love, the Pisces man is a perfect partner who will realize all your wants and needs without you having to say a word to him.

Love horoscope: How do Pisces and Scorpio fit together?

So, now that we have revealed their individual horoscopes, we come to the important question: Can the Pisces & Scorpio combination have a happy relationship or should they avoid each other?

Since both are water signs, they are not interested in superficial relationships but instead long for a partner with whom they can achieve a deeper connection. Both are also somewhat withdrawn, and suspicious and need some time to open up, which is also a plus because neither of them will feel like they are being forced into a relationship too quickly.

Another thing they have in common is that they recognize other people’s emotions well. There is not much discussion with them and there will rarely be any misunderstandings.

You are also lucky that one person’s weaknesses are another’s strengths. So the Pisces, who doesn’t make decisions easily and ends up in a vicious circle, can learn a lot from the determined Scorpio.

On the other hand, the imaginative Pisces can show the somewhat pessimistic Scorpio that everything is not necessarily so black and even if it is, you can bring some color into your life. Together they are the perfect balance between down-to-earth and dreamy.

Problems can arise if the Scorpio tries to control the Pisces partner too much. The Pisces need someone to guide them on the right path from time to time, but the Scorpio must not overdo it so that the Pisces do not feel trapped.

Namely, if this happens, it will arouse the fish’s fears and it may try to escape. The most important thing for these two to have a happy relationship is to learn to trust.

They are used to going through life as loners, both different in their own way and misunderstood by the crowd.

But once you see how beautiful life can be when you open yourself up to other people, this combination can be a very happy and successful relationship.

When Two Suspicious People Meet Each Other: Pisces And Scorpio

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