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What Is Your Zodiac Sign Motto And What Does It Mean?

Have you noticed that you or people around you use some phrases or words more often than others? Maybe this is just a coincidence, but what if it isn’t?

One reason for this may be that your zodiac sign simply identifies more easily with certain words and therefore you use these exact words more often.

Maybe this is even the motto of your zodiac sign. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, read on!

What are zodiac sign mottos?

The keyword of a zodiac sign is actually two words that indicate the most important values ​​of the zodiac sign. Through these mottos or keywords, we can understand both our zodiac sign and ourselves deeper and better.

The first word is ME and the second is always a verb that best describes this zodiac sign. There are many variations and stories as to how they came about and when, but we will not deal with them in this text.

What are the zodiac mottos of each zodiac sign and what do they mean?

Let’s take a look together at what the motto of each zodiac sign is. I also selected a quote for each zodiac sign that could also fit alongside the motto.

Aries – “I am”

Aries as the first sign of the zodiac raises the question of its individuality and personality. He has a big ego and wants to be in control of everything. That’s why it can often happen that his ego takes control. Then it happens that Aries appears too aggressive or impulsive.

This fire sign just needs to learn that he can’t always get his way, but has to compromise and respect other people’s feelings.

A quote for all my Aries:

Pause. Breathe. Cry if you have to. But carry on courageously.

Taurus – “I have”

Taurus are stable people and, above all, want to be materially secure. For them, financial security equals existence and a life of comfort. That’s exactly what they want: abundance. For this reason, their motto is linked to possession.

These earth signs should teach that material possessions alone don’t matter if you don’t have anyone to share them with.

A quote for all my bulls:

Dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people.

Gemini – “I think”

A highly intellectual sign like Gemini thinks 24/7 and always has something to say. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and it represents learning, communication, and thinking in general. Therefore, it is not surprising that these air signs have this very motto, which is associated with thoughts and opinions.

These communicative people should actually learn what news they should share with others and what news they should keep to themselves.

A quote for all my twins:

Happiness is only real when it is shared.

Cancer – “I feel”

Cancers are the most sensitive sign of the zodiac and they feel everything. They can read people, sense their emotions, and care for their loved ones better than any other sign. These water signs are ruled by the Moon, which represents pure emotions.

Sometimes it is difficult for them to remain calm and composed and behave that way. It often happens that they forget pure logic at home.

For this reason, the quote for all my crabs is:

Follow your heart, but take your mind with you.

Leo – “I lead”

Lions are of course great leaders and kings of the jungle. It’s somehow in their blood to take the lead. It is best when they lead with a full heart and great motivation. Then both the lions and the people who lead them feel comfortable.

Like all passionate Fire Signs, Leos have ego issues and sometimes let it get the better of them. However, that doesn’t mean they should dim their lights.

A suitable quote for all my lions would be:

Be great. Live life to the fullest. Reach for the stars and never settle for less.

Virgo – “I check”

Like Gemini, Virgos are ruled by Mercury and are the greatest thinkers in the zodiac. But unlike Gemini, Virgos are calculating, balanced and calm. They are also a bit of a control freak and perfectionist because they want everything to always work perfectly. That’s why they check everything twice.

These earth signs should learn to be more sensitive and let go of control every now and then because it’s not the end of the world if they make a mistake.

You shouldn’t put so much stress and pressure on yourself and others. For this reason, the quote is for all my virgins:

I know what I want and I will get it.

Libra – “I balance”

This motto is perhaps the most self-evident of all because the scales somehow do that naturally – balanced. And mostly when it comes to people and their problems. Unfortunately, it can happen that these air signs have great difficulties with balance in their own lives.

Self-love, alone time, and personal space are essential for these intelligent and diplomatic beings. Only then will they have peace within themselves and spread it around them too.

Therefore a quote for all my scales would be:

If you don’t love yourself, how can you love someone else?

Scorpio – “I want”

They are not (always) demanding, they just know what they want and don’t hesitate to ask for it. Scorpios can even teach this behavior to others, but it would also be wise not to overdo it, as this happens extremely easily. These intuitive water signs are able to embrace their dark side.

What they should learn, however, is to balance their own needs with those of others. Sometimes they demand, and sometimes they just give too much. Their feelings are valid, but those around them should understand that they are warriors and lovers at the same time.

For this reason, the quote is for all my Scorpios:

Everything is allowed in love and war.

Sagittarius – “I see”

It’s true that Sagittarius are mostly optimistic and adventurous zodiac sign, but not only that. They are wise and clever. When life presents difficulties for them, they will manage to see their way through one way or another.

These interesting fire signs watch carefully – they see what’s happening and know what to do with it. Sometimes it is difficult for them to avoid their vice, but the effort is always worth it.

A quote that particularly fits all of my shooters is this:

One way to make the most of life is to view it as an adventure.

Capricorn – “I use”

Yes, you can say that Capricorns are a little materialistic, but not exclusively, and not always. As a rule, they want to use their own experiences to teach others and help them not to make the same mistakes. Therefore, they value practice more than theory and are generally practical and sensible people.

If you have a problem, you should contact one of these earth signs because they will immediately see what means you can use to find a solution. They should just learn to work more with their feelings and pay a little more attention to the feelings of others.

I would therefore suggest this quote for all my Capricorns:

Work hard. Play hard. Love harder.

Aquarius – “I know”

If Capricorns and Sagittarius are sensible, Aquarius are even more sensible. When they say they know something, they know it. But their knowledge is half intuitive and half well thought out. This is where they differ from other air signs, who know a little about many things. These people are great visionaries and even have the gift of prediction.

But what should they pay attention to? You could pay a little more attention to yourself: not work so much, slow down a little and enjoy life a little more. Work and other responsibilities won’t go away anyway. Aquarians value their freedom the most.

A suitable quote for all my Aquarians could therefore be this:

I am a free spirit. Either admire me from the ground or fly with me, but never try to box me in.

Pisces – “I dream”

The biggest and craziest dreams in this world are certainly dreamed precisely by fish. They are constantly absorbed in their thoughts and fantasize about a better life. These sensitive and helpful Water Signs are sometimes difficult to understand, even though they are exactly the kind of people that all other people can really relate to.

However, when it comes to implementing their plans, wishes, and dreams, things don’t look quite so great. They should work on this and look at the whole world, including themselves, a little more realistically.

Life quote for all my fish would be:

With logic you can get from A to B. With imagination you can get anywhere.

But you should remember that sometimes pure imagination is not enough.

How can these mottos benefit me?

As previously mentioned, these mottos can help identify and work on our core values. Of course, self-development is something that is not always pleasant. Most of the time it isn’t. But afterward, we feel excellent and satisfied that we started it.

You should think through your motto carefully and see what actually fits and what doesn’t. Where is there room for change and improvement? That’s the point: that we are aware of it. What we do with it depends on each individual.

Final Thoughts

Since I’m a Gemini, I thought long and hard when I read my motto. Of course I did that. That also fits the motto very well. Joking aside, I’ve been thinking more about other mottos and how I can use them in my life and adapt them for myself.

Certainly, I use this sentence the most: I think… But what about I am… or I have…? That was actually my thought process.

Then I made a game out of it (logical). I have added my own words to each motto one after the other. So I got a small text that looked pretty good. Some things were immediately clear to me. Where I came up with solutions more quickly, I don’t have any problems in these areas of life.

But where I should think a little longer, there are certain difficulties. That was quite an enlightenment. Maybe you can try this out and determine for yourself where your strengths lie and where you still have weaknesses.What Is Your Zodiac Sign Motto And What Does It Mean?

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