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What Is The Proudest Zodiac Sign?

“Mirror, mirror… I’m the most beautiful!” This astrological sign does not need anything or anyone to trust him. Egocentric, proud, he knows what he is worth and he shows it to you without hesitation.

You wanted to pay her a compliment, but with this star, sign’s always the same song. He cracks a smile and simply replies, “I know, thank you. We grant you, there is nothing more disagreeable in the world. You wanted to please him, but it didn’t have the desired effect. He masters the “me, I…” like no other, uses the “no, but because me…” more often than he says hello and never tires of crossing a mirror. Pride or oversized ego? Call it what you will, we all know that this trait can quickly turn into a red flag. You thought it was just a few lost sheep? We reveal to you why there are many more proud people on Earth than you imagined. For what? How? Or, as Godeffroy would say in “Les Visiteurs”, “What is this devilry? Do like us, look no further and start blaming astrology!

Yes, everything is written in the stars… Even the worst of your faults. If astrology serves above all to get to know each other, it also draws up typical profiles, and archetypes, more or less sympathetic according to the signs. There are the naive, the romantic, the courageous, the hyperactive, the stubborn, and even the proud. The sum of the qualities and faults of each one makes it possible to create a perfect balance within the zodiac. Well, that’s when you see the shot wide when you zoom out. Because on a daily basis, the overconfidence of some people can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here is the astrological sign to avoid if you don’t want to spend your life dating someone who looks at their navel. You will thank us later!

This Astrological Sign Is The Most Egocentric

In his ideal library, we find: “Pride and Prejudice”, Freud’s theses on the ego, and the superego, and a practical guide to “stop apologizing”. Already in elementary school, he always wanted to steal the show from the rest of the class. It was he who picked up the solo in music class, who was in the center of the photo, and who shouted the loudest in the nursery. Growing up, nothing changed. Karaoke star, ” drama queen of her group of friends, diva of the coffee machine at the office. The Lion takes up space. He imposes himself. In short, it never goes unnoticed. And that’s exactly the goal. If he is particularly warm and generous, he does not hesitate to share his passion with others. And by passion, we obviously mean self-love. Fire sign with a particularly electric character, the most solar of the zodiac signs loves everything that is beautiful. It starts with himself.

Often nicknamed “king of the zodiac”, Leo knows perfectly well what his qualities are. He inherited all the powers of his directing star, the Sun., and has only one desire: to shine. He needs to have his court and his throne always close at hand. For the crown, it’s optional. His dressing room is full of them, he just changes his tiara according to his desires. With him, everything is thought out for the image, his image. He seeks compliments, likes to be put on a stand, and is regularly awarded the prize for the most beautiful mane. He’s like that. Leos want power and the status that goes with it. Do you find that excessive? Too much? Too intense? Wait to see it in action. In astrology, he is often said to act as an authority figure. Born with unparalleled charisma, he always manages to fill his audience, to seduce crowds. Nothing resists him. “Normal, Leo is the best astrological sign» he will answer you simply. He is convinced to be the strongest, the most talented, the most brilliant. He has nothing to do with what will be said and this famous prejudice taxing him as the most proud sign.

Is Leo Really The Most Proud Sign?

His success, his successes, he shares everything. Hyperactive on Instagram, always present on TikTok, he swears by likes. But behind these demonstrations hides an exacerbated sensitivity. Some astrologers thus seek to deconstruct the myth of the egocentric Leo. On Instagram, @dansleshautesherbes explains: “In reality, Leo is constantly in doubt of himself, the fear of missing the target, the anguish that he will be rejected because he is not close enough to perfection. You thought he was proud and wanted the star? What if the Leosimply lacked self-confidence? Through the compliments he receives, the king of the zodiac seeks above all to reassure himself. He wants to do well, to be fair and loyal. “He is the first to work hard. He will not spare his brain, his heart or any of his muscles, as soon as it comes to proving his loyalty, his honor, his sense of quality, his elegance, his strength, his temerity, “says the ‘astrologer.

By taking a step back, we realize that each astrological sign has its own way of being proud. Virgo will turn into a know-it-all as she likes to go into detail, Libra will fish when it comes to love. “It’s not for me to say I love you first” is a mojo who knows her. Sagittarius will be convinced that their beliefs are the best when Gemini seems proud because of their ease in expressing themselves. Yes, in each of us lies a sleeping lion cub. If we all need an “ego boost” from time to time, we just have to make good use of it and go to excess. We told you, in astrology, everything is a question of balance!

What Is The Proudest Zodiac Sign?

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