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What Divinatory Art To Try According To Your Sign?

Running out of ideas to liven up your Halloween party? A pressing question about your future? Tell us what your astrological sign is, and we’ll give you the divination practice you should try.

Have you always dreamed of trying your hand at reading the future, but you are lost among the multitude of possibilities? We tell you which divinatory technique might pique your curiosity. All thanks to your astrological sign but you can also, if you know your astral chart, create a small pack of divinatory arts to test according to your ascendant and your moon sign. Ready to lift the veil and follow the thread of the future?


For this Fire sign z attracted to anything that produces sparks and heat, flames were needed at the very least. Pyromancy is the art of reading the future in fire and interpreting the shape of the flames. Barbecue or fireplace don’t tempt you? Do you have a cautious Virgo ascendant? Test lychnomancy which consists of reading the flame of a candle or spondanomancy which offers to interpret the ashes.


Pyromancy is one of the most unknown, ancient and, to be honest, crazy divinatory techniques. But take our word for it, reading the future in cheese is literally a Taurus’ dream. These zodiac bon vivants will not have to choose between esoteric technique and tasting since after having interpreted the crust of their fresh goat’s cheese, they will be able to let their stomach seal its fate.


No divinatory art screams “ Gemini ” like bibliomancy. For this great intellectual of the zodiac, always driven by his curiosity and his thirst for knowledge, reading the future thanks to his (overflowing) library is ideal. Open a book to a random page and interpret the first words or sentences you find. Given Gemini’s always boiling gray matter, one hundred to one they will turn it into a book.


They always loved to contemplate and touch the hands of their loved ones. Cancers will love reading in their own hands but also in the palms of all members of their family. History of comparing lines, features, and reliefs. Fascinated as they are by history and roots, they will even be tempted to carry out a genealogical analysis using palmistry.


Those who have always had a weakness for board games can’t help but fall for pyromancy: the art of interpreting dice. A mixture of gambling, reading the knucklebones (since we also interpret the place where the dice fall), and numerology, there is something to occupy the attention of Leos for a long time. And when you know how easily they get bored, it’s a good thing.


Fans of morning teas, post-meal herbal teas, and nighttime infusions, Virgos have their own divinatory practice: tasseomancy. It involves interpreting the shapes and position of the tea leaves (or coffee grounds for cafédomancy) at the bottom of the cup to try to detect clues about its future. The rational Virgo of course doesn’t believe in this nonsense, but it will undoubtedly amuse her a lot.


Born under the influence of Venus, the star of beauty, Libras are excessively attached to aesthetics and visuals. Naturally, they will find their benefit in cartomancy which allows the illustrations of each card to be read according to a precise reading grid (as with the Tarot de Marseille ) or according to their feelings (as with oracles).


They are not the type to let fate decide anything, preferring to maintain a control freak status that would make a Virgo pale. Scorpio could, however, appreciate the simulacrum of letting go that the practice of the pendulum offers. Finding a lost object, finding their way in the middle of an existential crisis or, just by chance, the ex they stalk every night: that interests them.


Their guilty pleasure? The ecclesiastical atmosphere. Yes, Sagittarius epicureans would sell father and mother for a stained glass window or salvage an old confessional and turn it into a bar. They are not close to a contradiction. This is why these spiritual souls of the zodiac are sure to be passionate about divination in the smoke of incense.


Let’s be clear: they would rather die than admit that anything esoteric interests them. Ultra reasonable and rational, Capricorns will agree, ultimately, to try divination using runes or oghams, these ancient Nordic and Celtic writings. Plus, they love history, it’s bingo.


They always have their heads in the stars and are passionate about the Universe and its secrets: they might as well take advantage of Aquarius’ love for things that directly or indirectly relate to infinity and the beyond. Their passion for the planets will lead them, we are sure, to take great pleasure in interpreting their course. Especially that of Uranus, the favorite star of Aquarius.


The heirs of Neptune, the planet of dreams and the unconscious, have always had a weakness for dreams. Fascinated by their own and those of others, Pisces already tend to compile their dreams in journals. Only one string was missing from their bow: the interpretation of dreams. All they need to do is equip themselves with a dictionary of symbols or a book dedicated to the meaning of dreams.

What Divinatory Art To Try According To Your Sign?

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