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Venus Is In Libra Until December 4, 2023: What To Expect Based On Your Sign?

When love and gentleness become one, feelings are exalted. Here is how Venus, which is about to enter Libra, will transform the course of our love lives in the coming weeks.

“It’s the time for love, the time for friends and adventure. » But, for once, it is not Françoise Hardy who sings it, but the planet Venus who warns us. By inviting herself into the sign of Libra, the one who is not only the planet of love risks coloring our daily lives with a hint of sweetness, beauty, and joy. From November 8 until December 4, 2023, the energies will be conducive to delving into romance. A short practical guide to learn everything about the most cocooning season of the year and especially how it risks influencing your astrological sign.


In astrology, Venus exalts our feelings. A planet of love, balance, beauty, and harmony, it is also responsible for directing everything related to values, our values, ​​and money. A so-called fast planet, it stays for more or less a month in each constellation. If in the sign of Virgo, she rhymed reason and feeling, by inviting herself into Libra, the game is completely different. By rediscovering her favorite sign, the goddess of charm and sensuality will make us see life in pink. It must be said that the role of Libra is to help us find our balance. It makes us aware of what we give to others, what we receive in exchange, and above all what we are ready to accept or not in the context of our exchanges.

Flirt, couple story, or torrid adventure, Venus in Libra brings hearts together and soothes souls. It brings us back to the essential, to the quintessence of what love is: being surrounded by people we love, who love us in return, and everything that makes us feel good. This season therefore invites us to take care of ourselves, to give free rein to our artistic fiber, and to follow the path of the heart. This is an excellent time to analyze your relationships and give in to romance. Great encounters can take place for singles, commitments can be made as a couple, between friends or family. Remember that Libra is the sign of union and marriage. Beautiful surprises can therefore be invited to the party. In the process, there may also be significant financial transactions. A real estate investment or a bonus can be discussed.

In 2023, Venus In Libra Proves More Challenging Than Usual

In theory, Venus in Libra is all love and gentleness. All month, Venus and Mercury (communication) move hand in hand to awaken our charm and increase our power of seduction tenfold. Both planets help us find the right words to express what is in our hearts. Better: they could make us want to change. Do differently, get involved, dare to move the lines… Exchanges within the couple and with our crushes are relaunched. Problem: this year, the planet of love is waging war against the star of desire. Mars and Venus will be in a square at the beginning of November. Translation: feelings will surely be inflamed, but difficult to manage. It will therefore be necessary to concentrate on more concrete details at the risk of wavering and being overwhelmed by a wave of emotions. This is expected to last until mid-November. Calm will return then. Everyone has to find solutions, adapt, and have to take a new look at exchanges and the way we manage our finances.

Fortunately, to help us find the right balance, Jupiter (luck) adds his grain of salt. The planet of expansion combines its power with that of Venus to put us on the right track. How can we achieve a healthier, more stable, and fairer relationship? The answer should not take long to be felt. At the end of the month, everything speeds up. Around November 25, Venus joins forces with Uranus (the dream) to cause love at first sight. Although we must be careful not to let ourselves be blinded by passion, it is a safe bet that our love life and the balance of our budget will have nothing to do with what it was in October. Great developments could take place in the coming weeks, we just have to dare to have the right discussions and speak from the heart.

The Influence Of Venus In Libra On Signs

The influence of Venus on our astral chart can vary depending on whether you are Aries or Libra. Yes, the planets do not always have the same effect on astrological signs. They do not find the same echo in each of us. This is why it can be interesting to observe its energy more closely.

If the arrival of Venus in Libra brightens up the daily life of the Air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – by facilitating exchanges and meetings, it is not the same story for the Fire signs who must learn to play collectively. Aries must make concessions and listen to others, while Leo must show more generosity. Sagittarius could learn that commitment does not necessarily mean prison. If the story is new and he has doubts, he has everything to gain from daring to take the plunge, his freedom will not be jeopardized. We promise you it!

Finally, the next few weeks can be slightly trying for Water signs. All discussions can generate frustration in Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio who are more used to moving forward by feeling. Although we enjoy a few moments of gentleness together, the pace is sustained and the rhythm is a bit too frantic for these three ultrasensitive friends. We will have to succeed in preserving ourselves. Finally, for the Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn – love rhymes with introspection. Relationships are rethought, analyzed, and reinvented. If Venus in Libra pushes them slightly out of their comfort zone, it will help them better understand the issues and commitments. A new routine is being established. Progress at the key.

Venus Is In Libra Until December 4, 2023: What To Expect Based On Your Sign?

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