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Unlock Your Luck: Ranking Zodiac Signs from 1 to 12 in 2024!

These are the zodiac signs, ranked from luckiest to not so lucky, for 2024.

Find out how lucky your zodiac sign will be next year!


In the coming year, 2024, Sagittarius will be in the spotlight as a zodiac sign. This year will be particularly positive for you as you will be confronted with new opportunities and make significant progress in almost all areas of life.

The cosmos promises him an abundance of love, happiness, and success. You will boldly pursue your dreams and feel empowered to take on new challenges.

Significant changes that come your way will also help you grow more quickly as a person. So an exciting time full of opportunities and positive developments lies ahead for you.


In these twelve months, you have the opportunity to realize all your dreams step by step.

So if you have different goals in mind, start working on achieving them right at the beginning of the year.

2024 will be one of the most joyful years for you. Your goals can be very different, be it dreaming of studying abroad, proposing to your partner or striving for career advancement. This fulfilling year will help you achieve success.


This year, numerous golden opportunities will come your way and you will be ready to grab them head-on.

So get ready for an intense and action-oriented year. The past year may have been frustrating for you, but the lessons learned will certainly be of great benefit. 

The stars of happiness are shining for you, so don’t hesitate to put faith and take bold steps when necessary.


For you, 2024 will be a golden year from a professional perspective in which many of your dreams will come true.

You will be able to make the right decisions and have the opportunity to start new projects.

However, be careful to avoid compromising at work just because you are among the lucky zodiac signs of this year.

The success of your achievements will be directly proportional to the effort you put into all your endeavors.


The start of 2024 will be promising for you. It might be wise to plan your activities accordingly.

If you have important decisions to make in the coming year, it’s a good idea to make them at the beginning of the year to ensure the success of your efforts.

Financially speaking, the year won’t be particularly happy for you, but you can expect a significant improvement in your love life.


This year this zodiac sign was a bit insecure and clumsy. This uncertainty will continue to increase in the coming months.

As the new year begins, you may not feel like you’re particularly lucky, but don’t let that discourage you.

Your time will come and you will shine. In general, people are often afraid of unexpected changes, which is completely inappropriate in your case.

Instead, greet sudden changes with a big smile on your face and look forward to them.


You show ambition and hard work and are intelligent and focused. As an employee, you are exemplary and also prove yourself as a capable manager.

However, you may have difficulty finding true happiness outside of the material world because you tend to be very demanding of yourself.

It would be helpful to find a partner who supports and encourages you. You should also learn to appreciate your successes and not always tirelessly push forward.


You are currently in a phase in which it is difficult to achieve success or tackle new goals.

You tend to prefer doing more fun activities than working – especially when it comes to working for others, you hesitate.

A promising option for you might be to start your own small business where you can have control and at the same time feel joy while working on your career. Try to implement this in the coming year. It will be worth it!


Your romantic relationship will experience a positive phase in the first few months, but later on it may encounter conflicts and problems that could stress you out.

Make an effort to resolve these through open communication and strengthen the connection. In the coming year, you’ll be looking for exciting experiences and value your independence.

You put your desire for adventure, discovery, and fun above all else, even your success.


You may find yourself in financial trouble. Although things are going well at work at the moment, new and more demanding tasks will soon be coming up.

It is important to stay calm and work hard to cope with everything successfully. When it comes to your finances, try not to fight on too many fronts at once. It is advisable to arrange your affairs one by one to find some relief.


Your strong desire to find your significant other and create a lasting connection sometimes leads you to choose the wrong partners.

Even if you know these people aren’t right for you, you’ll still jump into relationships without thinking, even if it means hitting obstacles.

Be careful because you might end up in a hole that will be difficult to get out of!

It would be advisable to focus more on yourself and do things that are really good for you and make you happy.


You may face financial challenges in 2024. In July, your spending could spiral out of control, and you may even have to resort to credit cards.

It’s important to be stricter with yourself. Negative events such as job loss, financial losses, or painful breakups could result.

However, there is a chance that everything will take a positive turn towards the end of the year. Stay confident and be prepared to bounce back from setbacks.

Unlock Your Luck: Ranking Zodiac Signs from 1 to 12 in 2024!

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