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Unlock Your 2024 Destiny: Your Zodiac Guide if You Read Before Midnight!

Brianna Wiest has a beautiful life tips for changing your habits and life in the new year. She writes in a quote that is so useful for the start of 2024:

I hope that this is the year you stop dancing around the perimeter of who you intended to be of what you came here to do. I hope that this is the year you learn to defy what’s reasonable and build sense in a world of your own design.

It motivates us to focus on the true goals that matter to us and think beyond the self-sabotaging limits we put on ourselves. It supports starting 2024 with a mindset geared towards aligning yourself to your highest purpose.

With this in mind, I’ve scanned the astrology transits of 2024 and aligned the best insights from the book to all 12 signs.


You might want to define yourself by the most knowable parts, the cleanest and clearest self-concept imaginable, but the journey of true self-actualization is to embrace your juxtapositions. It is to hold them up to one another and understand that it is not always comfortable to consider the aspects of ourselves that complement and contradict each other, the pieces that don’t fit, that don’t make sense—but coming to grips with them is how you become the fullest version of yourself.


You should go for it—all of those silly little dreams. All of the little things that keep you up at night and make your heart move a little faster and make you wonder if maybe, just maybe, there’s more. The ones that challenge you and follow you and won’t let you leave them. Don’t die with them still inside.


What if you learned to fall in love with the mysterious, the unknown, the unanswered? What if instead of being afraid of the answers you do not yet have, you adopt the perspective that you’re waiting to discover something so profound, so gorgeous, so unknowable at this state?


Your hunger for a more profound and vivid life experience is the clearest sign that you are destined to bring that into existence. It is the truest signal that you are meant for the level of living that your heart so deeply craves.


The truth is that it has to challenge you to change you. It has to make you question whether the parameters you live within are truly your limits or simply the edge of what you’ve grown comfortable with. It has to test you before it can reward you; it has to trust you before it can open the floodgates”


Maybe that plan you had for your life was built from the pieces of what your child self thought would keep them safe. You are no longer a child, and you need something more than safety. You need to be set free.


Your greatest offering is not always something you do; most often, it is a person you become.


You are an ocean of unrealized potential. You cannot imagine how deep and how wide your capacity really is unless it’s been tested until you’ve been moved beyond where you thought your limits were and have had to redefine them.


What if you knew that you were never meant to get it right the first time, but to build it through trial and error? How much more grace would you give yourself, how much more human might you be? How much more could you gain from your experiences if your expectation wasn’t that you were supposed to be initially and unquestionably perfect, but that the sculpting of your soul would emerge through the consistency by which you showed up and kept trying, kept going, kept forging yourself through the fire of your fear?


You have no idea how not-alone you are. You have no idea how many other people walk through this world with similar thoughts and fears… The optics can be deceiving. It is easy to feel alone. You are not alone. You have no idea how not-alone you are.


You don’t need a life without a fight. You need a life worth fighting for.


The journey is not how you place down what’s weighing on you, but how you learn to stop picking it up. Not when you decide to stop, but the strength of your resolve not to begin again—with the habits, the people, the thoughts, the behaviors that you know can only lead to your own self- destruction. It’s how you release your familiar unhappiness, how you decide you’ve outgrown the emotional crutches that have soothed you and distracted you and held you when you most needed it. How you move forward is what you begin to reach for in their place.


You have no idea how not alone you are. You have no idea how many other people walk through this world with similar thoughts and fears… The optics can be deceiving. It is easy to feel alone. You are not alone. You have no idea how not alone you are.

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