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This Zodiac Sign Must Review Its Way Of Seducing

Every week, the planets send their share of good or bad vibes to the different astrological signs. Between December 2 and 8, 2023, the power of attraction of one of the twelve characters of the zodiac is put to the test. He’s going to have to work on his way of seducing. Here’s why.

The art of seduction is not given to everyone. There are the shy ones who don’t dare to take the first step (hello Virgo) and the “hunters” who head straight towards the person they like by playing it fairly like Aries. Between the two: Libra and Taurus inject a little poetry into their relationships while Gemini prefers to make his or her potential partner laugh. Like everyone has their own way of saying “I love you”, all the signs of the zodiac have a different character and a different approach when it comes to successfully conquering the heart of another person. But it sometimes happens that celestial energies get involved. Following the daily planetary movements and more particularly those of Venus (love) and Mercury (communication) through horoscopes can allow us to understand why the month of December is ideal for meeting someone or, on the contrary, why it is better to focus on yourself.

It is by following this logic that each week, the astrologer Jean-Yves Espié provides his little advice for all the signs of the zodiac. Between December 2 and 8, 2023, it focuses on one of the twelve riders who would do better to review his way of seducing if he wants to succeed in advancing his affairs of the heart. Decryption.

This Sign Is Encouraged To Be More Flexible With Others

Usually, Aquarius is a sociable and charming sign. The last Air sign, he has mastered the art of building relationships and creating contact with strangers. However, he is also a character who loves to philosophize. Born under the protection of Uranus, the great rebel, he likes to go against the grain. He never does anything like the others, which earns him the nickname “great original of the zodiac”, and joyfully cultivates his difference. He who is not afraid can then launch into major debates to defend his position. “No, I refuse to say that Titanic is the best film in history. Yes, bouquets of roses are overrated and that’s why I would never give you one. » He collects these kinds of sentences. Playing by his own rules, he may therefore tend to slightly annoy some people.

Problem: if until now he always managed to find the right source to be forgiven for his escapades, this week the relationships could be put to the test. He must then learn to put “roundness in your words and flexibility in your attitude”, as Jean-Yves Espié advises. For what? “The arrival of Venus in an Air sign on Wednesday will facilitate your exchanges and connections with those around you. » This is rather positive, but when the planet of love finds its favorite sign, Libra, it is a question of harmonizing relationships to find the right balance. “You will notice that the flow goes much better, even with those who are more reserved” provided you put a little water in your wine.

In short, you have to make an effort to find the right words and not overdo it. Venus in Libra invites Aquarius to show more authenticity and gentleness. So we take the opposite approach, we do things differently. We forget this need for Aquarius to always want to stand out by relying on contradiction to try a little more to go in the direction of our interlocutors. The challenge is certainly significant for this original, but there are some nice surprises up for grabs. It is by going in this direction that he will succeed in tipping the balance in his favor. A real plus for negotiations as well as for games of seduction.

The Month Of December, Is Ideal For Matters Of The Heart Of Aquarius.

Managing to smooth out the corners and be more flexible is only the first step for Aquarius. The stars have nice plans for the last Air sign regarding his affairs of the heart. This month, the stars are aligning above his head to help him combine charm and relational ease. With Mercury in Sagittarius and Venus in Libra, the planets offer him the opportunity to change his situation. We already wrote it in this month’s horoscope: “As a couple, the story takes a more serious turn with projects to launch, a budget to set, a routine to optimize. Single, the month of December is full of lightness. You want to flirt without any hassle. Let yourself be carried away by the burning flame that lies dormant within you. »

The icing on the cake: Mars, the planet of action and desire, joins the party at the end of the month. By inviting herself into Sagittarius, she pushes Aquarius to release the pressure and give in to all the pleasures. His sex life frees up and takes off. Hearts will vibrate to the same rhythm. So, to be able to rekindle the burning flame, you have to start by maintaining it. We come back to the astrologer’s advice: Aquarius must show more flexibility in his attitude. The mission is sent, but fortunately, this message won’t self-destruct in a moment. This should give it time to quietly adapt to the new energies.

This Zodiac Sign Must Review Its Way Of Seducing

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