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This Will Be The Reason For Your Heartbreak In 2024 Based On Your Sign

What will make your heart ache in the following year? Are the changes that the new year brings to your love life necessarily good?

Well, it all depends on the zodiac sign you belong to and here is exactly what the stars have prepared for you.


If you belong to this zodiac sign, your heart will be broken by someone you will never fully have.

You’ll spend the whole year chasing the love of someone who can never give it to you, but eventually, you’ll see that the only option you have is to walk away from him.


There is no doubt – you will enter into a new relationship sometime in 2024.

But unfortunately, that won’t be the relationship you need.

While you want commitment and are looking for something serious, your partner will see this relationship as something temporary and that will inevitably break your heart.


2024 is the year you have to learn to let go of the people you hold on to.

The year you will find yourself in a sort of back-and-forth relationship with someone from the past who will continue to break your heart.

I know that deep down you’re hoping that this person will change and that things between you two will finally go in the right direction, but I have to disappoint you by telling you that that won’t be the case in the near future becomes.


Similar to Gemini, the Cancer zodiac sign’s heartbreak is caused by someone from their past.

But that’s not the person you’re in contact with right now.

Instead, it’s someone who broke your heart a while ago and someone who left incurable wounds on your heart.

2024 is the year that person comes back into your life just to mess with your head a little more.


This year’s Leo heartbreak will be caused by a one-sided relationship that you will enter into without even realizing it.

This relationship will make you feel completely alone and that will cause you a lot of heartache because you will be trying hard for a person who is not willing to commit to your relationship at all.


I assume that’s the last thing you want to hear, but the truth is you’re going to break your own heart in 2024.

You are a cautious person who has put high walls around his heart.

But sometimes you’re too careful about the people you get involved with.

And that is exactly what will happen next year.

You will continue to be afraid of love, and unfortunately, you will let a good person go because you think you need to protect yourself from him.

Once you realize your mistake, it will be too late for you to do anything.


What will cause your heartbreak this year is your inability to compromise with the one you love.

Your stubbornness will cause you a lot of headaches and even the person who loves you the most will finally give up on you.

You can’t expect everything to always go your way, and if you do, you’ll drive away the one you thought would stay by your side forever.


Similar to Libra, this zodiac sign will also lose the one they love because of their own mistakes.

If you make a mistake, you should take responsibility for it and learn to apologize.

Instead of doing that, you will try to blame the other person for everything that went wrong, which will drive them away from you.

Soon enough, deep down, you’ll realize what you’ve done, but even then you won’t be ready to admit it to anyone, including yourself.


If you belong to this zodiac sign, you’re a real commitment phobe without even knowing it.

In 2024, you’ll fall hard for someone special, but you’ll back off once you realize things are getting more and more serious.

Instead of accepting how much you care about this person, you will convince yourself that you need more personal space and you will fear losing your freedom.

And although you may think that leaving this person is a good decision, it will actually be one of the worst decisions you will make in the next year.


Someone from your past convinced you that you weren’t meant to be loved, and so you subconsciously gave up on love altogether. Capricorns like to run away from their feelings.

This year, your heart will long for a deeper connection with someone, but your mind will not allow romance in your life.

So, basically, your heart won’t be broken; instead, it will be overwhelmed by the loneliness you’ll probably feel once you realize that being overly protective of yourself wasn’t such a good idea after all.


Your ego will be the cause of your heartbreak this year because you will allow it to interfere with your relationship.

I’m not saying you should let your partner treat you badly, but sometimes you just need to forget your pride and let some things go for the sake of the relationship.

If this is something you’re hoping to avoid, focus on productive arguments with your loved one and remind yourself that you don’t have to be right all the time.

Instead of focusing on who won the argument, focus on making the best of it.


In 2024 you will finally realize that you are the only one in your relationship trying.

That you give your whole self and get nothing in return.

That you deserve so much more and that you’re just settling for the person who doesn’t love you enough.

But unfortunately what’s even worse is that you’ll be doing this all year round.

This Will Be The Reason For Your Heartbreak In 2024 Based On Your Sign

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