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This Is How He Tells You Without Words That He Loves You (According To His Sign)

Most men find it difficult to express the depth of their feelings, even if they are crazy about you.

However, each of them has their own way of saying “I love you” without actually saying the words.


When an Aries man loves you, he takes on the role of a brave knight in shining armor.

He sees you as his princess that he must protect.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean he sees you as weak or thinks you need his help.

He just wants to make sure you know you can count on him at any time.


The biggest proof that a Taurus loves you is the fact that he suddenly agrees that everything is going your way.

When this guy really loves you, his stubbornness evaporates and he becomes willing to compromise, if not more so.

It’s abundantly clear that he wants to make you happy , even if it means putting his personality aside.


Gemini is one of the zodiac signs that has a hard time saying “I love you.”

When a Gemini wants to express his feelings for you without putting them into words, he will do everything he can to make you laugh.

This guy will go out of his way to make your time with him as interesting and fun as possible.

For him, the greatest sign of affection is when someone goes out of their way to make every moment with their loved one unforgettable.

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If your partner is a Cancer, he will show his love for you by loving everything and everyone that has to do with you.

Not only will this guy treat you like a queen, he will also be a true gentleman to your BFF, your mother, your sister…

He knows how important these people are to you, and that automatically means they are important to him.


A Leo man shows his love for you by being your biggest fan and the wind beneath your wings.

Unlike Virgo, this man won’t do everything for you and he won’t babysit you.

On the contrary, it will push you to go beyond your limits and achieve things you never thought possible.


This guy shows his love for you by doing everything for you without you asking.

Although he won’t give you a chance to take advantage of him, he will try his best to get your life in order.

A Virgo man in love always pushes his partner forward and ensures that she becomes the best possible version of herself.


The Libra man tells you how much you mean to him by showing you how special and unique you are to him.

If this man truly loves you, he will treat you like no other woman in his life.

Instead, he will make sure you know that you are anything but ordinary to him and that you definitely stand out from the crowd.

The problem with the Libra man is that he probably won’t show you all of this so obviously, and that’s exactly why you should pay attention to the little things.


Scorpio shows his love for you through jealousy.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that this guy is a possessive weirdo, but he just can’t hide his fear of losing you.

Just make sure he doesn’t cross the line so much that his jealousy negatively impacts your relationship.


When a Sagittarius man is madly in love with a woman, he shows it through his loyalty.

And not only that he won’t cheat on you physically.

This guy will only have eyes for you and he will make sure you know that you are the only one he can imagine a life with.


The best proof that a Capricorn loves you is when he puts you before his work.

This guy is known for his ambition, and he’s rarely willing to put his career aside for love – unless he’s found the right one.


Aquarius becomes super romantic when they fall in love.

Although he will never be too pathetic or cheesy, he will show you his feelings with grand gestures that you should appreciate.


If your partner is a Pisces, he will show you his love by changing for you, even if you don’t ask him to.

He’s not going to become someone else or pretend to be a man he’s not – he just wants you to love him even more.

Take that as a compliment because you are inspiring him to be better.

This Is How He Tells You Without Words That He Loves You (According To His Sign)

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