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These Five Star Signs Always Want To Be Right

They are the stubborn of the zodiac and the pickaxe heads of the sky:

but if you listen to them, they are quite simply (again) right all along the line. Here are the zodiac signs that always want to be right.

“It’s not that I want to be right, it’s that I’m right,” they will instinctively respond, recognizing themselves in this article. Whether they are convinced that they are indeed always right or they inwardly refuse to admit their wrongs, certain zodiac signs are the worst to argue with.. To hear them, they have infused science, perfect pitch, an elephant’s memory, and the truth comes out of their mouths like those of children. In order to save you from wasting your time and energy trying to make them listen to reason or worse, to make them change their minds, we present to you the gang of the five horsemen of “no, I know better than you”. And if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet one of these astrological signs, you will thank us in due time.

These Zodiac Signs Would Rather Die Than Admit They’re Wrong

Those who consult daily astrology applications or Instagram accounts dedicated to the stars know it: Taurus is one of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac. And this is due to its tendency towards slowness. Understand: this Earth sign needs time to reflect, and when he has an opinion, it sticks around for a long time. Time doesn’t move as fast for Taurus as it does for other zodiac signs, so if you’re lucky, they’ll admit they were wrong to take that highway exit in about seven years.

Another astrological sign is of the team “rather to perish than to make a mental turn”: it is Leo . Admittedly, it is not a stubborn Earth sign but it is still one of the fixed signs, with Taurus: fixed or even screwed to their opinions. Leo’s immense self-confidence combined with his pride in making half a dozen tobacco bars pale makes him a proud inveterate. If you ask him, yes, he was right all along… At some point. Before he knew he was wrong, which obviously doesn’t count.

We know an astrological sign that must internally boast of being far too clever to be part of this top sign that always wants to have the last word. And Aquarius shouldn’t self-congratulate that much, because he, too, is among the so-called fixed signs.. Those whose ideas merge with their personality and who, no matter what will never admit that they could be wrong. Aquarius’s pride is not found on the side of his pride, like Leo, or an unwillingness to step back like Taurus: rather, it is on the side of his intelligence. The sign that is convinced to be smarter than everyone else and to have understood everything before others also tend to cling to the less fashionable opinions. What is the most muscular in an Aquarius? The spirit of contradiction.

These Zodiac Signs Take Opinion For Reality

In the zodiac, there is a sign particularly attached to his personal vision of things and which has trouble getting out of it: it is Cancer. The great sensitivity of the sky tends to take its subjectivity for a universal reality. “If I feel it, it’s because it’s true”, they tell themselves. Cognitive biases, points of view altered by the desire to see what you want: nope. If you listen to cosmic crabs, they’re always right, that’s what their emotions tell them. And since this particularly badass sign clings to its opinions like a mussel to its rock, it is as difficult to make a Cancer recognize that he is wrong as to force a crab out of its shell.

Another stubborn sign is Sagittarius. He does not specifically sin by a vision clouded with emotions but by his faith. In himself, first, since he is one of the astrological signs that have the most confidence in them. In his lucky star, secondly, since his lucky star, Jupiter (luck) gives him the feeling that everything is due to him and that he always has the best ideas. Finally, he has an excessive faith in his opinions which, according to him, should serve as law. If we contradict him, in his eyes, it’s quite simply that we haven’t understood anything.

These Five Star Signs Always Want To Be Right

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