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These 3 Behaviors Are The Sign Of A Fulfilling Couple Relationship

How to regulate the emotions of your partner, to be happy in your relationship?

A recent study lifts the veil on the most effective behaviors.

The regulation of emotions within the couple would make it possible to be happier in their relationship. This concept is characterized by the ability to “deal with how you feel,” reports the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) . This involves “processes that individuals use to influence what emotions they have when they have them, and how they experience and express them,” adds the CMHA, citing American psychologist James J. Gross. The goal is to consider your own emotions as allies, to welcome them in a positive way.

Listening, Humor, Appreciation

In a couple, regulating the emotions of your partner can sometimes make him feel better. Certain strategies would also be the sign of a fulfilling romantic relationship. In any case, this is revealed by a recent study , published in the journal “Current Psychology” last March, and relayed by our colleagues from “Psychologies Magazine”.

To carry out this work, four researchers from the University of Sydney in Australia, and from the University of Ulm in Germany, called on 277 people, 55% of whom were women. Psychology experts have assessed their ability to regulate their partner’s emotions and their influence on their level of relationship satisfaction. Emotion regulation strategies were divided into eight categories: suppression of the expression of negative emotions; downward comparison to put the situation into perspective  ; humor by focusing on the positive to make people laugh; distraction to divert attention; direct action by changing the situation yourself; encouraging positivity; receptive listening to invite the other to express and externalize their emotions ; valuing the partner to boost their positive emotions. Three of them proved to be particularly effective and linked to a high level of satisfaction in the couple. It’s about receptive listening, humor, and valuing the other. Positive and benevolent behaviors are good for lovers.

These 3 Behaviors Are The Sign Of A Fulfilling Couple Relationship

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