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The Month Of December Promises To Be Complicated For These Two Zodiac Signs

Drama, nervous breakdowns, and tensions. There are good days and bad days. Same thing with the different months of the year. Here are the two astrological signs that are likely to have a slightly complicated time in December 2023.

“Autumn is beautiful and I want to experience it with you. » If Zaho de Sagazan multiplies the sweet declarations in “Vienna” – his latest single unveiled on October 6, 2023, certain astrological signs do not seem to share his opinion on the “coziest season of the year”. The month of December which is about to begin promises to be electric, energetic, and particularly intense. Quite the opposite of what we hoped for. Cosmic energies have a specific plan for us. A project far removed from cozy afternoons sipping a pumpkin spice latte in front of a Christmas TV movie. Between the Scorpio and Sagittarius seasons, the planets will in turn ask us to dive into introspection, to face our fears, to work on our wounds, to communicate about our dreams, in order to welcome the holidays of the end of the year and family reunions with more sweetness, joy and tranquility. Isn’t that really your definition of a “cozy” season? Maybe it’s just because heaven has decided to challenge you and challenge you a little. Yes, as there are signs to whom the month of December brings luck, there are some for whom it risks moving. Decryption.

In December, Tension Rises For This Sign

Stress, headaches, and frayed nerves. The cocktail is explosive for Capricorn. Mars in Scorpio picks up the pace. Projects are driven by unwavering determination. Capricorn knows what he wants. He moves forward without turning around or taking the time to settle down. If this allows him to gain confidence, his ambition can nevertheless generate frustrations in those around him. Without taking the time to ask the right questions, he rushes ahead. Problem: he has difficulty working in a team and cannot understand the point of view of others. Exchanges are complicated, things go unsaid and the lack of consideration towards the collective creates tensions. Capricorn is on edge. He expects a lot from others and doesn’t try to listen to them either. Hermetic to criticism, he loses patience. Result: it is difficult to find the right words to express yourself.

If he doesn’t want to see his relationships deteriorate, Capricorn has every interest in taking a moment to think. Take a step aside, take a step back, take a breath. All means are good to decompress and not give in to anger. It is advisable to (re)start practicing a sporting activity, (re)doing meditation or writing to try to free your mind. If the first weeks of December take a toll on him, Capricorn must nevertheless remain hopeful. The situation will settle down at the end of the month. To do this, you have to be able to show a little imagination and creativity. It is by adopting a fresh look at what is happening that the last Earth sign will be able to return to its objectives in complete peace of mind. In other words: this month, he must learn to develop his social skills by listening to others. A lesson offered to him by Mercury (communication) in Sagittarius (the vigilante) and Venus (love) in Libra (diplomacy).

Horoscope: In December, This Sign Must Leave Its Comfort Zone

Usually, Aries likes everything to go quickly. An unstoppable Fire sign, he is the energetic, even hyperactive type. The pressure doesn’t scare him. Neither are the challenges. Problem: this month, the pace is flying and the proposals follow one another without giving him the slightest respite. It’s difficult to hang up the wagons and not get lost in the face of all this excitement. The first sign of the zodiac will have to concentrate if it does not want to scatter, slip, and sink. Preoccupied with opportunities to seize and pressed by deadlines to meet, Aries has very little time for his private life. This could be a simple detail if Venus (love) was not currently in its opposite sign: Libra. With such a placement, Aries may have difficulty finding the right place.

“Raise your foot and learn to “co-create””, we wrote in this month’s horoscope. This is its greatest mission. The energies ask him to make efforts and to get out of his comfort zone if he does not want to rush towards disaster. This involves learning to delegate, thinking more collectively, stopping wanting to impose your style, and communicating a little more open-heartedly than usual. We avoid jokes and diversions of attention to return to the essential: love for two, simple and light. To do this, Aries will have to make concessions by putting themselves in the place of others and showing a little more desire to get involved. It’s not easy for someone who likes to act in the present moment to have to intellectualize their relationships. An intense challenge, which he will be able to meet with flying colors if he can let go . See you next month to take stock!

The Month Of December Promises To Be Complicated For These Two Zodiac Signs

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