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The Least To Most Secretive Zodiac Signs (Ranked)

Let’s start this text with the definition. What does mysterious (mysterious) mean?

– difficult or impossible to understand, explain, or identify
– (of a place) with an atmosphere of strangeness or secrecy
– (of a person) intentionally enigmatic

Ranking the zodiac signs, from least to most mysterious

Let’s see what this list looks like together!

12. Aries (March 21 – April 19) – open book

As you can see, the last two spots belong to two fire signs, and that’s no coincidence. Fire signs, especially Aries, are simply too direct and open to engage in mysterious behavior. You act quickly and have no time for mind games.

They prefer to play with completely open cards and watch their opponents closely. At first glance, Aries may seem shy and reserved: they are silent and thoughtful, not because they want to appear mysterious, but because they either don’t feel like talking at the moment or are simply bored.

11. Leo (July 23 – August 22) – relatively straightforward

As already mentioned, fire signs are not exactly known for their enigmatic behavior. Sometimes they use tactics, but only when they want to advance their interests. Even then, they’re not particularly mysterious. It often happens that everyone knows what they want because they say everything out loud and let everyone know.

For this reason, these kings of the zodiac are mostly uncomplicated creatures who like to be praised and live and work for the lamplight. When they have this, they are in an extremely good mood, and when Leos are in a good mood, so is everyone around them.

10. Taurus (April 20 – May 20) – a confusing sign

Taurus people can be a confusing sign because they sometimes say one thing, think another, and do a third. One cannot then find any guide to their behavior. Luckily, this doesn’t happen that often, because Taurus are predominantly stable and correct signs.

Aside from that, these earth signs are certainly the best secret keepers. You can really tell them anything and you don’t have to be afraid at all that they will tell anyone. Mostly because they either didn’t pay enough attention or didn’t listen at all. But if something interests them, they will keep it in their memory forever.

9. Gemini (May 21-June 20) – dual personality

Yes, that’s right, Gemini isn’t exactly the most stable zodiac sign and yes, they have multiple personalities within them. But that doesn’t mean they are duplicitous. What confuses others the most is that these air signs don’t always show everyone what they’re made of. You choose who gets to see which side of your personality and to what extent.

But you can’t call them particularly mysterious, because they do everything intuitively. They do not pretend or intentionally say some things and not others in order to produce some kind of effect or reaction. Gemini are funny people who don’t want to announce all their intentions to everyone. That’s all.

8. Virgo (August 23-September 22) – moody and mysterious

Virgos appear shy and withdrawn, perhaps in some circles and environments they are, but that is not their true nature. These earth signs are like intelligent discussions but are smart enough to know that they can’t take on many people. That’s why they seem arrogant as if they exclude people because they are not worthy of their society. But that’s usually not true.

Good-natured and sharp, but moody and mysterious, Virgos can send double signals about themselves. If you don’t know them well, they seem much more mysterious than they really are, but if you become friends with them, they quickly become the best advisors and analysts in the world.

7. Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st) – the uncatchable one

The adventurous and optimistic zodiac signs are of course also the most difficult to catch. This not only applies physically but also mental. In most cases, these fire signs are cheerful and funny, but it can happen that for some reason they do not speak and act completely honestly.

Sagittarius can be very ambitious and will spare no means to advance their interests. Of course, they won’t be evil or completely ruthless, but they will say or do (almost) anything to achieve their goals. Therefore, you can say that they can sometimes be mysterious.

6. Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd) – the unpredictable one

Super sweet and loving, Libra can seem a little unpredictable. Maybe it’s because she herself is not sure what exactly she wants and how she will achieve it. Her priorities and goals can also change very often, which is why she appears fickle and even more insecure.

You could say that we can never know what a Libra will do next. We don’t know whether that’s because she doesn’t know herself or because she’s intentionally changeable. I would say it depends from scale to scale. If there are Libra among our readers, please tell us this secret!

5. Aquarius (January 20th to February 18th) – one of the most mysterious zodiac signs

Aquarians are cool, smart, and creative, but what makes them mysterious is that they hide a lot (by that I mean almost everything). Apparently, they talk a lot, but if we pay attention to what they talk about, we’ll see that it’s not much about them.

Her thoughts and especially her feelings will remain an eternal secret for all of us. They just want you to know very little about them so they can keep surprising you. These air signs like to be different and don’t want to follow the mainstream. That’s why it often happens that they look and behave strangely. They simply don’t want to tell anyone their secrets, but demand that others do so. A bit hypocritical, isn’t it?

4. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) – difficult to read

Capricorns are, as their name suggests, hard as a rock. They have a tough nature, they work hard, and on top of that it is extremely hard to see through them. Your true personality cannot be seen at first glance. And Capricorns think that’s a good thing. They believe that if others know their plans and goals, they will corrupt, steal, or somehow destroy them.

These discreet earth signs won’t talk much or express their opinions everywhere. When they have to read, hear or decide something, they take their time until it matures in their heads. Then they form their point of view and make decisions. They will rarely tell us how they achieved something; they prefer to keep that to themselves. Do they not want to show off or are they secretive, I’m not quite sure yet.

3. Cancer (June 21 to July 22) – soft on the inside

And of course, the first three places belong to the watermarks. This is not surprising, because water is the most mysterious and soulful element of all. Cancers may seem tough and even ruthless on the outside, but inside there is a soft soul that is more sensitive than they would like to admit.

The mysterious thing about Cancers is the fact that they hide their feelings with sarcasm to protect themselves. It often happens that they hurt other people because they are hurting themselves. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally, but that’s how they work.

2. Pisces (February 19th to March 20th) – the intuitive sign

The intuitive Pisces takes second place, and rightly so, because this water sign is quite mysterious. They fantasize a lot and have their heads in the clouds. Sometimes your mind can’t differentiate between reality and fantasy. Likewise, fish themselves cannot distinguish between what is truth and what is a lie. They may call it something like twisted truth, but they often use this device to hide their intentions, interests, and actions.

Although they are a very loving zodiac sign, this trait should be given a lot of attention so that it doesn’t get out of control and cause our sweet Pisces to become a bit manipulative. They are good with both people and words, so you don’t even notice that they are steering the scenario in their direction.

1. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) – confusing and mysterious

And the absolute top is held by none other than the Scorpio! That was to be expected, right? These water signs are the most mysterious signs in the zodiac. Scorpios have a dark and hidden side that even their friends and family don’t know about. They hide a lot inside and often don’t want to share their feelings.

When they become completely dark and evil, they can easily manipulate the feelings and behavior of others and control them as they please. But that’s exactly why they are good detectives, two-legged lie detectors, and can solve puzzles very well. You should never lie to a Scorpio because he knows how to get revenge and at this point, you should be afraid. In any case, you shouldn’t put them to the test!

Final Thoughts

In the end, all that’s left to say is be careful who you spend your time with. Some people, regardless of their zodiac sign, can be annoying. If you notice that you have less energy after meeting them than before, you should consider the possibility of no longer giving this person a place in your circle of friends. Maybe that was a little off-topic, but it’s important.

To be clear, being secretive isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But if we’ve been friends for a long time, I expect that we can talk about ALL sorts of things and that I know EVERYTHING about you and you know EVERYTHING about me. If that’s not the case, then the question arises: Is this a real friendship, relationship, or marriage? In my opinion, it is not. What do you think about that? Write us your opinion on this topic!The Least To Most Secretive Zodiac Signs (Ranked)

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