Zodiac Signs

The Kind Of Husband He’ll Be (Because Of His Birth Month)


He’ll be the type of husband who always shows up when you need him. He’ll be consistent and reliable. He’ll never let you down intentionally, and when it happens on accident, he’ll find a way to make it up to you. His word is his bond. If he makes a promise, he’s going to do everything within his power to keep it.


He’ll be the type of husband who will always keep you entertained. He will find ways to make every situation more fun because he wants to enjoy life. He wants to spread happiness whenever he can. Even on your worst days, he will know exactly what to do to cheer you up. You’ll always be laughing together.


He’ll be the type of husband who is extra affectionate. He will give hugs and compliments freely, without holding back. Even after you’ve been married for years, he will hold your hand in grocery stores and kiss your forehead before leaving for work. He will make sure you know you are loved. His actions will match his words.


He’ll be the type of husband who is always honest with you, during good times and bad times. You will never have to question how he feels because he is in touch with his emotions. He won’t be afraid to shed a tear or two in front of you, and he won’t be shy about saying those three little words. You’ll always know where you stand with him.


He’ll be the type of husband who is caring and attentive. He will notice when you’re stressed and will help you out instead of waiting for you to ask for help. He will pay close attention to how you’re feeling and notice when something is wrong. He will know you better than you know yourself.


He’ll be the type of husband who brags about you to everyone he meets. He won’t shut up about what an amazing person he married and how happy he is to have you. He’ll never make jokes about you being a ball and chain because he doesn’t see you that way. You aren’t ruining his life. You’re making his life fuller.


He’ll be the type of husband who spoils you rotten. He won’t wait until the holidays or your anniversary to do nice things for you. He will express his love in little ways every single day. He will surprise you with small presents and cook you homemade meals. He will make you feel like the luckiest person in the world.


He’ll be the type of husband who is protective and always jumps to your defense. Who sticks up for you in every situation. Who never lets anyone (not even his parents) speak poorly about you? He’ll demand that others treat you with as much respect as they show him. He won’t let anyone treat you like you’re beneath them because you deserve so much better.


He’ll be the type of husband who is always looking to learn and grow. He will listen closely to your complaints, and instead of getting defensive, he will try to change what isn’t working. He will put active effort into being the best husband possible because he wants you to be happy with your decision to marry him.


He’ll be the type of husband who takes an active interest in your work and hobbies. He’ll want to know every detail about your day and he’ll always be willing to tag along to new places with you. You’ll always have a plus-one because he won’t complain about spending time with you. He’ll be happy to do whatever makes you happy.


He’ll be the type of husband who can’t keep his hands off you. He’ll want to kiss you constantly because no matter how much time has passed, he still thinks you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever seen. He will never get enough of you, even once you’ve been together for years and years.


He’ll be the type of husband who would rather stay home and spend quality time with you than go out on the town with a big group of people. He will value every moment with you since you are his favorite person. He will never take you for granted or get bored with the life you’ve created together.

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