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The Kind Of Ex He Will Be According To His Zodiac Sign

You’re just starting a new relationship, so some would say it’s pretty pessimistic to think about what this guy will be like as an ex. What will be the reason for the separation and what will happen afterwards? Questions and questions, do these already make sense or are we exaggerating?

However, I have to disagree with that, because the way someone behaves after a breakup says a lot about them.


Aries will probably gossip about you, so be careful. He sees your breakup as a personal failure, so he deals with it in his own way.

The good thing is that it doesn’t take too long. Soon he’ll have enough of you and will look for someone else to give his attention to.


What exactly a Taurus man feels after a breakup is by far the biggest mystery because he will never confess his grief to you.

Even if he can’t forget you and come to terms with it, this guy suffers in silence.

He literally won’t do anything after this is over with you two. He will let you follow your own path while he focuses on building a future for himself.


If you break up with a Gemini, you’ll never know where you stand with them. Sometimes he ignores you so much that you think he has completely forgotten about you.

Then suddenly he shows up in your DMs again.

He may not be asking you to get back together, but he’s definitely giving you mixed signals.

Pure hell, I know. Pay attention to these signals because a Gemini man will probably fool you forever.


If you have left a Cancer man, be careful because he will emotionally blackmail you.

To be precise, he won’t manipulate you into coming back to him. Instead, he will take every opportunity to make you feel guilty.

He will never forgive you for breaking his heart.


Everything is a competition for this guy. He has tried to be better than you throughout your relationship, and he continues to do so now that you are no longer together.

Basically, he’s doing everything in his power to prove something to you. Who will finish it faster? Whose heart is more broken? Who tricked whom?


He is the uncrowned king of misery. He won’t tell you anything, but every time you see your Virgo ex, his behavior towards you will speak for itself.

The worst part is that this guy will feign politeness. He will always greet you, but his look will tell you what he really thinks of you.

You can’t get rid of him completely because he hasn’t done anything bad. However, his negative energy is very tiring.


The Libra man is willing to do whatever it takes to avoid an argument.

Even if he’s mad at you, he won’t say it sincerely. Instead, he will probably continue to be friends with you.

Another zodiac sign whose thoughts and feelings you will never truly understand after the breakup.


If you dump a Scorpio man, prepare for serious revenge.

He won’t let you get away with breaking his heart. He’ll get back at you one way or another.

The worst thing about breaking up with a Scorpio is that he literally never forgets her.

At first glance it may seem as if he has left everything behind him long ago.

However, if you run into him years after the breakup, he will make sure you get a taste of your own medicine. Pretty crazy, I know.


This man just doesn’t know when it’s time to break up. When it comes to separation from a loved one, he loses all his dignity.

Sagittarius is willing to do whatever it takes just to stay with you. Leaving him is anything but easy and can become a real emotional torture.


It doesn’t matter if the Capricorn is still crazy about you or if he couldn’t wait to get rid of you; he will always behave the same way.

It doesn’t even matter who initiated the breakup – when it’s over between the two of you, it’s really over and you’re out of his life forever.

He finishes it in no time. At least that’s how it looks.


Be careful, because an Aquarius will probably keep breaking your heart even after you break up.

This man will try with all his might and energy to downplay your relationship.

It’s easier for him to convince everyone around him and himself that the two of you weren’t serious.

Even though he really loved you (and probably still does), he will act like you never meant anything to him.


Here we see another example of a man who cannot accept a breakup.

He will do anything to portray you as the bad guy, no matter who is to blame for your relationship being over.

Trust me, you won’t get rid of a fish as easily as you thought.


All of this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date men whose breakup style you don’t like; after all, you never know what can happen.

This is just to serve as a warning about what you might expect.

The Kind Of Ex He Will Be According To His Zodiac Sign

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