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The First Week Of December Will Be Complicated For These Two Signs

It’s not always easy to resist the frenetic race of the stars. Sometimes certain astrological signs are under pressure. So, to avoid breaking down, astrologer Jean-Yves Espié shares his advice. Here’s everything you need to remember for the week of December 2 to 8, 2023.

The change of month is not all good. It’s not easy to survive the energy of Scorpio season, a time that asks us to explore the depths of our souls and face our fears. It’s even less so when many planets appear in the Water sign (like Scorpio) to intensify this work. It’s about analyzing our feelings, understanding what blocks us, prevents us from moving forward, and sometimes even sorting things out to rid ourselves of all forms of negativity. Obviously, for certain signs of the zodiac, this is too much. The challenges to be met are demanding, and tiring and the tension rises. Nerves on edge, panic attack, frustration. This week, it is mainly two astrological signs that risk breaking down. Here is the advice from astrologer Jean-Yves Espié to not give in to cosmic pressure.

Horoscope: This Sign Must Learn To Let Go

Not easy for a sign as pragmatic and organized as Taurus to read these few words. If there is one thing he fears above all else it is having the feeling that he has no control over the situation. Not as a control freak as Virgo, he nevertheless needs his bearings to feel good. Problem: between December 2 and 8, 2023, the stars are not in their favor. “A concentration of planets in opposite signs offers you a challenge to take on,” warns the astrologer. While some may see it as an opportunity to open up to new horizons, for Taurus, it’s quite the opposite. The potential challenge that Jean-Yves Espié talks about takes the form of a problem to solve or an obstacle to overcome. You have to dare to step out of your comfort zone. Everything Taurus hates.

Where to start? Who to rely on? What decision to make? Taurus might feel a little lost about what awaits them this week. No more rushing, the first Earth sign must learn to let go. “Don’t dramatize anything,” advises Jean-Yves Espié. He is certain: “You will find the solutions as long as you take some distance. » It’s about taking a little break to see the situation in a new light. “Lighten the mood and rely on common sense rather than external factors. Time is your best ally. » What should we understand behind all this? It’s okay to not always be perfect or always excel in every area of ​​our lives. The coming period is just a bad patch. Knowing how to release the pressure to focus on what is most positive sometimes feels good. Better: it even helps us find original ideas that will solve all our problems.

Horoscope: A Week That Puts The Nerves Of This Sign To The Test

It is often said, that Aries is very hyperactive. Always full of enthusiasm and ideas, he is not really the type to sit back. No, what he prefers is the race, the challenges to take on, and the feeling that everything is going quickly and coming together. This can be a great advantage when everything is going well, but sometimes Aries gets overwhelmed by events. This is exactly what could happen in the coming days if he does not learn to better manage his time and, above all, to better channel his energy. “The planets revolve around the Sun and in your head. » The pace quickens, the pace is sustained, and the stars ask a lot of him, if not too much. So to avoid palpitations and the build-up of stress, we must act.

Here again, Jean-Yves Espié knows how to find the words to help the different astrological signs. “Make sure to slow down the pace of your thoughts or try to relax in order to recharge your batteries,” advises the astrologer. Meditation, green getaway, pampering day. Aries has everything to gain from engaging in autumn mode if he does not want to find himself deprived and exhausted once winter comes. This is not just for one’s own well-being. The need for calm also applies to one’s professional life. If he always knows how to be inventive to get out of trouble, he should not make decisions that he regrets. So, it’s better to take your time. “Don’t decide anything hastily unless you have all the cards in hand now. Take a step back to take stock and reassure yourself: your sky will quickly regain color,” promises the astrologer. In short, we take a break which allows us to breathe and see more clearly to regain our legendary strength.

The First Week Of December Will Be Complicated For These Two Signs

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