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The Arrival Of December Brings Luck To These Three Zodiac Signs

Love, money, and good deals. We take stock of the astrological signs for whom the week of November 28 to December 1, 2023, promises to be full of surprises. Luck!

The month of October ends with the witches’ favorite event: Halloween – also known as Samhain! The opportunity to say goodbye to the mildness of autumn and enter the heart of the cold season, but with a party. That’s how we are at ELLE, we like to know that there is a little positive every week to try to forget for a moment the anxiety-inducing atmosphere linked to the news. If sending good vibes is our hobby horse, it’s because the sky always has lots of beautiful surprises to send us. To welcome the month of December, a Full Moon is being prepared. The week from November 26 to December 1, 2023, will therefore be a time of transition, of transformation. In short, a magical new beginning where energies reach a peak. Enough to promise exciting adventures for the zodiac and more particularly three astrological signs. Here is the ranking of the luckiest of the moment with predictions from Jean-Yves Espié.

Horoscope: Next Week’s Forecast

In the coming days, everything will accelerate. The stars are celebrating above our heads and they invite us to join the dance. In full Scorpio season, Mercury (communication) joins the Sun and Mars. The three stars join forces to help us enter into introspection. We decipher more easily what is in our hearts, we dare to search the depths of our soul to define our desires more accurately. All this is synonymous with personal evolution. A transformation is underway and this is only the beginning since this Saturday, October 28, the Moon shines brightly. The Full Moon in Taurus formalizes a renewal by inviting us to celebrate the cycle of life, our heritage, and the future opportunities that await us. A chapter is closing, and a new one is about to begin.

Important decisions may be made this week. While this may be scary, in reality, the planets remind us that we are moving in the right direction. We could then be more daring and more able to step out of our comfort zone to create opportunities and attract luck. Jupiter (expansion), still in retrograde, forms an alliance with the Moon to revive our enthusiasm and fill us with joy on the heart side. The two most benevolent stars are responsible for bringing a little sweetness into our relationships while Venus (love) bickering with Uranus (dreams) frees the feelings. Everything is more spontaneous. Flirting takes over, and our power of seduction is increased tenfold. Under the influence of Scorpio, Venus tinges our natural charm with a magnetic something that will make us irresistible in the eyes of those we love. Attention singles looking for new adventures!

Horoscope: This Sign Might Be Lucky With Money

Leo better buckle up, because everything could change in the coming days. The most royal of signs is at the center of celestial concerns. “The planets change situations that seemed frozen until now and take you to a new milestone,” warns the astrologer. The stars are working to allow him to regain his Olympic form. Ideas flow, projects accumulate, and opportunities follow one another. His life is getting better again. Determined to make a difference, he accelerates his efforts to change his life. That’s good, “Mars energizes you and gives you the energy that you will have to channel,” warns Jean-Yves Espié. Leo might be hard to follow, but he knows what he wants.

Ultra motivated to achieve his goals, he could even go so far as to reap the fruits of his work. The planets make him particularly lucky in attracting money. It is to Venus that he owes everything. The goddess of harmony is not just a planet that speaks to us about love! “The passage of Venus in your financial sector can bring you an improvement in your situation, thanks to an unexpected boost. » The Lion therefore does not have too much to worry about. It’s the little darling of the stars this week, all that’s left to do is figure out how to use all your energy and money wisely.

Horoscope: Business Is Picking Up For This Sign

After a slight slump, the Full Moon gives Taurus something to grind again. By inviting herself into his sign, she offers him all her energy. The change is now. Everything will play out in the coming days. Little extra: the Moon forms a delicate alliance with Jupiter to invite him to dream. “The planet of luck will exert a strong influence at the heart of your sector. It’s about setting concrete goals and quickly rolling up your sleeves to achieve them while the planetary climate is favorable,” emphasizes the astrologer. Whatever his desires, it is time for Taurus to be proactive and take initiative.

The climate is conducive to strengthening ties on the heart side and sealing an agreement at work. If there are negotiations, Taurus should succeed in convincing by finding the right arguments. “Jupiter has another very useful talent, that of making you even more charming. » His power of seduction gains momentum and his aura becomes magnetic. Practical for moving your pawns forward as needed. All this excitement tends to make Taurus more daring. He is gradually coming out of his comfort zone. The opportunity to explore new horizons. Retraining, moving. Something different is brewing.

Horoscope: Next Week Has Some Nice Surprises In Store For This Sign

Like Taurus, another Earth sign seems to benefit from the astral climate. “The planets are turning in your favor,” promises Jean-Yves Espié. In the coming days, Capricorn seems particularly happy in love. He who is often accused of being a killjoy seems to be smiling again. “The planets invite you to trust yourself to take on more responsibilities or seize a great opportunity. » He puts his heart into the work, knows what he wants, and with whom he wishes to share his happiness. Mars and Mercury in Scorpio, is a friendly sign, inviting you to take the plunge, to jump into the deep end.

When the planet of ambition and desire combines with communication, “it’s time to play fair, demonstrate your reliability, and call on your strength of character to face” whatever happens. Heartfelt, in a relationship or single, a fiery declaration could add a little spice to Capricorn’s daily life. If you look around, Capricorn’s confidence makes you want to trust him. We open up more easily, and we flirt. We simply love each other. I love to live. Times are sweet and the spirit is light.

The Arrival Of December Brings Luck To These Three Zodiac Signs

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