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The 5 Laziest Zodiac Signs

Maybe lazy is too broad a term for these people, because I would say they have simply discovered the subtle way to best combine work with rest.

When people say that some people don’t work enough but make a lot of money, they usually mean these 5 zodiac signs. They look like they are doing nothing but enjoying life to the fullest.

It would be nice if everyone could live like that, we would all be more relaxed, in a better mood and the world would be a much nicer place. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

While these 5 zodiac signs are seen by others as lazy and not particularly hardworking, they see themselves as kings of balance. They will never complain or whine about their job or life in general.

Which 5 zodiac signs are these?

Let’s see together which 5 zodiac signs are considered the laziest in the zodiac.

If you want to find out if you’re on this list, read on.

Taurus: The happy sloth

At the top of the list is of course the bull! This stable earth sign likes his comfort zone so much that he would prefer not to leave it at all. And when he does have to do it, it feels really bad. Like he has to change his whole life, and we all know how a Taurus feels about change.

Taurus would rather spend a relaxing day at home than spend countless meetings at the office throughout the day. Although Taurus values ​​material security above all else, they would never sacrifice their pleasure. They would rather find a healthy level or a nice balance where they rest more but get the same results.

Actually, they are the types who come up with creative solutions first and surprise everyone with their innate logic just because they don’t feel like or have time to think or talk for long about something that they can find simpler ways to do. You should actually listen more to their creative ideas.

Cancer: The leisurely connoisseur

Maybe the cancer on this list is a surprise, but anyone who has one in their life knows how it behaves. You can’t say that these water signs do nothing at all, but they would actually rather read a book in peace on the sofa than get bored with housework.

Cancers can even be quite ambitious and want to prove themselves at work, but not in the sense that they will work overtime or do something that they are not paid for. I personally really respect that. Even if something like this happens and they work more than they thought or just feel tired, they will have no problem taking a longer break.

There is no chance that crabs will feel overwhelmed by work. About feelings, yes, but they can keep other things (often people) under control very well. Cancers are simply calculating and can handle their actually limited energy very well and distribute it efficiently.

Leo: The leisure lover

It’s great to always be in the spotlight and have people admire you, but there’s a break for these fire signs too. And this break is not only useful for them but also necessary. If Leo didn’t have this break, he wouldn’t be able to appear so happy and optimistic.

All bright personalities need some time alone to recharge their social batteries and prepare for the next event. The Leos know how important good preparation actually is. It takes a lot of energy to look perfect and motivate others with your own example.

And that’s what Leos are all about: They’re not hard-working, but they’re not completely lazy either. They have a sense of how and when to rest. They also know their limits very well and then it’s no wonder if they need a spa day or a self-love lesson. What’s interesting is that Leos can easily afford something like this and enjoy it without any remorse.

Libra: The practical bum

Yes, Libras are known to be professional diplomats and balanced people. It can just happen that they act in such a practical and calculated way that it may appear to others as laziness. Libra doesn’t care that much about what other people think, that’s why I like them. These sociable air signs know exactly what to say to make it seem like they’re doing something, even if that’s not always true.

They can also be professionals at winning people over, and if they can’t do that, they have another tool: compensation. Between two people, two jobs, two sides, work and life, whatever. They are always polite, but can easily assert their interests. The same applies to work.

They will do what they have to do, but no more. Libras are rarely workaholics, dear shopaholics. I think they always have in their minds what they need to do and don’t have much time to focus on what they think is unimportant.

Pisces: The dreamy wanderer

These intuitive water signs are much better at doing mental work than physical work. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they are incompetent, just that they have much more mental strength and fresh ideas that are different and unusual. I wouldn’t say they’re completely lazy, but they don’t mind chaos as much as other zodiac signs. After all, this is their natural habitat.

Pisces prefer to be dreamy and lost in thought rather than in reality with real problems. That’s why they delay their solutions, just as they delay anything they’re not in the right mood for. This is one of the most interesting characteristics of Pisces: they always want to keep their spirits high and not let it spoil them.

That’s why they relax more often from the things they actually want to do and which are usually not so necessary. But never in a situation that they don’t like or that they didn’t choose for themselves. Not to be misunderstood: Pisces are very passionate about whatever they choose for themselves, be it a job, studies, or a partner, but you can’t really encourage them to do something they don’t like.

Final Thoughts

In a world where speed and fast pace are prevalent and highly valued, it’s a wonder if anyone wants to take things slow or easy.

That’s why these 5 zodiac signs are smarter than others, they don’t let themselves be dictated to the pace and do everything their own way.

Nothing is black or white, you always have to be aware that there are shades of gray in between. That’s why I end this text with a funny quote from Oliver Markus Malloy. He wrote:

Food for thought: Every corpse on Mount Everest was once a highly motivated person. Stay lazy, my friends. It could save your life one day.

The 5 Laziest Zodiac Signs

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