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That’s How Quickly He’ll Text You Back According To His Sign

You’re finally ready to take the first step and send the first risky message to the guy you like.

Of course, you’re worried about the answer, but what worries you most is how long you’ll have to wait for his answer.

That’s why I’m here to help you and tell you how quickly he will text you back according to his zodiac sign.


If your guy was born under this zodiac sign, you probably won’t have to wait long for him to get in touch.

Aries is known to be an impulsive and spontaneous zodiac sign, and they will write to you the first thing that comes to mind.


Taurus has to discuss everything with his friends.

You probably think that only women take screenshots of their crush’s messages and then send them to their friends, but in reality, some men do it too.

And one of them is the bull. You’ll probably have to wait for his answer until all of his friends give him their advice on what he should do next.

But even if he doesn’t answer you right away, you shouldn’t be disappointed because that’s actually a good sign.

Because he wouldn’t talk about you to his friends if he didn’t like you.


Gemini will keep you waiting for his answer. But he won’t do it on purpose or because he’s acting aloof.

In reality, Gemini will simply forget that he read your message.

Or he might even start texting back, get distracted, and then just forget to hit the send button.

But when a Gemini texts you back, they’d rather send you a dozen short messages than a long essay.


Cancer is pretty old-fashioned when it comes to relationships. He actually hates chatting and thinks it’s a waste of time.

This man will always prefer to hear your voice because it takes him less time and gives him better insight into your feelings.

So if you write to Cancer first, be prepared for him to call you instead of texting you back.

But when Cancer writes you a message, he will probably send you long and detailed essays.


Leo won’t make you wait days for his reply, but he won’t write back right away either.

If you write to this zodiac sign, you should know that he doesn’t like to chat too much.

When he texts you, he will only respond to you with a few words, and he would rather send you a selfie or a funny meme in response.


Virgos think texting is a necessary evil because they’re always running back and forth and doing multiple things at once.

Even when a Virgo man is in love, he thinks texting is a waste of time.

If you’re writing to a Virgo man, be prepared to wait forever for his response.

Just like Cancer, he will probably call you back because a call is always more practical than a text.

He also wants to make sure you understand everything he’s trying to say, and it’s easier for him to express himself verbally when you hear the tone of his voice.


Libras like to analyze and think things through before doing anything in life. And that also applies to texting.

While you think the Libra man is ignoring you, he’s actually thinking up the perfect response.

Another characteristic trait of this zodiac sign is that he doesn’t give you answers to the questions you asked him in your message.

Instead, he will respond with even more questions, which can be quite frustrating.


Scorpios usually don’t text back right away unless it’s something really important.

Although you may feel like he’s leaving you on hold while you wait for his response, the reality is that a Scorpio man wants to give you his full attention.

Therefore, he will wait to respond until he has enough time and energy to write you a proper message.

But when a Scorpio wants to play with you, he will intentionally leave you on “read” just to drive you crazy.

He enjoys being followed around, and playing the aloof character is one of his favorite dating games.


The funny thing about a Sagittarius is that it takes them forever to reply to you – but when they finally do, they can text you non-stop for hours.

Sagittarius is witty and loves sarcastic, witty and flirtatious messages in which he can show all facets of his intelligence and humor.

If you want to keep him interested, avoid the usual, trite answers or he’ll be bored out of his mind.


A Capricorn will rarely text you first because he just loves it when a woman is brave enough to make the first move.

But when this zodiac sign receives the first message, he will answer it as soon as he sees it because he doesn’t feel like playing mind games.

Capricorn doesn’t give mixed signals – his answers are very precise and direct, so you know immediately where you stand with him.


Aquarius is another zodiac sign that will make you wait forever for their answer.

But if he responds, he’ll probably send you a long essay instead of a short message.

When an Aquarius texts you, you can see that he is interested in what you have to say. He will never just reply to your message.

This type is looking for deeper communication that will make all the waiting worth it.


This zodiac sign usually responds within a few seconds. He loves to write late at night and early in the morning.

But there’s one thing you should keep in mind when texting a Pisces – you’re never the only one this guy is chatting with.

He will always text several women at the same time, and he will respond to them just as quickly as he responds to you.

That's How Quickly He'll Text You Back According To His Sign
That’s How Quickly He’ll Text You Back According To His Sign

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