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Reasons Why Your Exes Miss You (Based On Your Birth Month)


Your exes miss you because you always followed through on your promises. Unlike most other people they know, you were sturdy and reliable. You meant what you said and said what you meant. They could always rest assured that you would show up when they needed you, that you would be a constant, a rock.


Your exes miss you because you were so passionate — about the relationship and life as a whole. You made them feel alive every time you kissed, hugged, or even held hands. Your excitement was contagious. It was inspirational. It motivated them to care about things as deeply as you care.


Your exes miss you because you treated them gently, no matter the situation. You reminded them that it was okay to trust another person, okay to let emotions out, okay to cry. You permitted them to feel again.


Your exes miss you because you are spontaneous and unpredictable. They never knew what kind of wild adventure you were going to take them on or what would come out of your mouth next. You kept the relationship fresh and exciting every single day.


Your exes miss you because you treated them with kindness and respect. You never hurt their feelings, even when they were doing the same to you. You remained mature and responsible throughout the entire relationship because that’s the kind of person you are.


Your exes miss you because you were transparent about your feelings. You always told them the truth, even when it was hard to hear. You didn’t play games with their mind or their heart. You were kind enough to stay truthful, to keep it real.


Your exes miss you because you were willing to do anything for them. You never asked questions. When they needed you, you would be there. You would never abandon them because you gave a shit. You cared and you weren’t scared to make that clear.


Your exes miss you because you know how to turn any situation into a good time. Being around you was never boring because you always add excitement to the rooms you walk into. You were tons of fun and got everyone around you laughing and smiling with ease.


Your exes miss you because you are a great listener. Whether they were excited or upset, you always showed up and actively listened to what they had to say. You genuinely cared about their feelings and never made them feel embarrassed or invalidated over their emotions.


Your exes miss you because you know how to cheer them up. Whenever they were having a rough time, you were able to turn their mood around. You were able to make them feel better about whatever crappy situation they were in. Your presence was healing.


Your exes miss you because you made them feel seen. You celebrated their passions and hobbies instead of judging them. You showed interest in their hopes and dreams instead of discouraging them. You reminded them that their real self is worth loving.


Your exes miss you because you put in a ton of effort. You tried hard to make them feel loved, to show them that they were important to you. You gave them the attention and validation that they craved because you never wanted them to doubt how you felt.

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