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Pisces And Libra – Are They Out Of Balance Because Of Love?!

Are you interested in whether the combination of Pisces and Libra finds balance in your love life or is it more of a disaster? Here I will introduce you to these two zodiac signs and hopefully have some good news for you, what do you think? Let’s go!

When we need a glimmer of hope, we look for it everywhere. Every prophecy comes at just the right time in our wish to have finally found the right partner and true love.

We start interpreting our dreams, all the signals we pick up from our crush are immediately discussed with the BFF, as well as analyzing all his WhatsApp messages. We try not to leave anything to chance.

We never forget our horoscopes.

Our horoscope can always be a good help to us in life. Fortunately, this also applies to love. Whatever is written in the stars for us is up to us to recognize and live through.

Are you one of those people who read the daily horoscope every day, study the weekly horoscope or are you just satisfied with the monthly horoscope? Which astro blog do you follow and how often have you drawn your Tarot card of the day?

If you feel the same way that your heart beats faster when you mention a certain name, then you’ve come to the right place!

What do you think is in your love horoscope and does that also seal your partner horoscope? Is there hope for both of you?

Let’s find out!


The zodiac sign Pisces is worn by people born from February 20th to March 2nd. This zodiac sign is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. Your planet is Neptune and its element is water.

Pisces are very sensitive, dreamy and good-natured people. They are someone you would definitely want to have as a good friend.

If you are a Pisces or know someone with this zodiac sign, then you know how sensitive, kind and responsible they are.

Are there differences between Pisces women and Pisces men? Let’s take a look!

The Pisces – woman

Many describe Pisces women as something very special, unique and almost aloof. Her sensitive nature often makes her come across as shy and withdrawn and that is exactly what contributes to her magical aura.

Men find them mysterious, mystical and vulnerable, but that can sometimes put them off. Feeling like you have to walk on eggshells around someone isn’t for everyone.

That doesn’t mean she’s on the verge of tears every moment, but when stressful moments and discussions arise, she does find it difficult to keep her composure.

Women with this zodiac sign are very vulnerable. Her fear of even being hurt has a paralyzing effect on her. That’s why they prefer to avoid conflicts.

They usually live in their own world where they feel safe. They are definitely not head people who live strictly according to logic and facts of reality.

Her dreaminess doesn’t allow it.

Women with this zodiac sign paint the world as colorfully as it suits them. This is the special gift of fish.

They have a special, likeable and original way of organizing their own lives the way they want.

The real world and the problems it carries with it have an oppressive effect on our Pisces woman.

Do you recognize yourself here? Do you sometimes wish you could switch off everything around you? Do you sometimes just want to be left alone ? Or maybe you know someone who is a Pisces sign and this has opened your eyes? All people are different.

Even if she is sensitive and dreamy, that doesn’t mean that she puts up with everything and allows herself to be manipulated. She has an attitude and opinion about everything, just because she doesn’t get loud in defending them and doesn’t have to have the floor every time doesn’t mean she doesn’t get what she wants.

She just uses other ways to get her way. She will seek conversation and argue towards her goal until she gets to where she wants to be. The interviewer will even come to the conclusion that their idea is the better one.

Some would call this manipulation, but I believe it’s just her way of making the best of her situation and not drowning under the wishes of others.

One of her positive qualities is that she is very understanding. Even if you are snippy with her because you had a really nasty day, she won’t necessarily be happy about it, but she will understand your situation.

If you are a person she trusts, then she is also very forgiving. Sometimes even too naive. It’s really important not to take advantage of their good nature and naivety.

She will be a forever friend that you can always count on.

Discussions and arguments are strange foreign words for them. It’s her worst nightmare to argue with someone and get particularly loud. She prefers to retreat to her safe world. Because confrontations are not her thing at all.

It would also be good for her to hold her ground every now and then and not dive every time.

Pisces woman in love

The perfect picture of love for the Pisces woman is the same as it was when she was a little girl. She waits for her prince and falls in love easily and often, but unfortunately often with the wrong prince .

Her feelings quickly become turmoil and overwhelm the withdrawn princess. Her shy nature often remains an unsolved mystery for men. But if you solve it, you get to know a really great, loyal and creative woman.

Once in a relationship, women of the zodiac sign Pisces are romantic and almost traditional, you could say.

No, do you think that doesn’t suit you at all, that you’re totally modern, colorful and unconventional? When I say traditional, I primarily think of the fact that she has a strong man at her side with whom she feels safe, protected and at home.

What do you think now?

Do you also love having a strong shoulder in your partner that you can lean on at any moment, in every sense?

The Pisces partner should always be there for you.

If it is actually the case that the Pisces woman has found the right partner, then this relationship will last forever. She has a big heart in which she wants to keep her partner forever.

The Pisces Ma

He is an empathetic and sensitive person who will always take time to listen to the people he is close to.

They are always very understanding and will do their best to help the people they love out of trouble.

His selflessness is admirable. He never finds it difficult to do good things for others. No matter whether it is a listening ear for other people’s problems or being a real rock when your desperate best friend calls at midnight.

You can always rely on them! If you know a Pisces man, or are one, then you should especially hold on to the people who also appreciate this.

His world is a very special one. There is no place in it for manipulators, narcissists and people who wish or do evil to others .

Their shy nature doesn’t exactly help them make new social contacts, but the contacts they do have last forever.

As you get to know them better over time, they also thaw out and show their true colors.

The face of a creative, imaginative and innovative person who is able to conjure up something new and interesting out of nothing. Hardly anyone can ignore his charming nature.

Just like Pisces women, the Pisces man is a little more sensitive than is usual for men. He always tries to cover this up and learns to deal with his feelings better and better.

Although men with this zodiac sign live in their own world of chaos, they find their way around it very well. Their world is simply not as stressful, fast-paced, oppressive, and strictly organized as it sometimes appears in the real world.

But that’s exactly what makes her special. They are just different.

A bit dreamy, disorganized, some would even say crazy, but that doesn’t bother them. It is precisely because of their originality that they are so interesting and endearing.

They are something very special, these Pisces men!

Men with this zodiac sign tend to be a bit awkward. Their feelings are easily hurt, they often react oversensitively and are easily offended or hurt. This creates an obstacle not only for him but also for others to enjoy the relationship without worry.

And how does he behave in love?

The Pisces man in love

How many times have you complained yourself, or heard your friends complain, that their boyfriend doesn’t listen to them, doesn’t understand them, doesn’t take the time, and doesn’t give them enough attention?

And here he is. The man who brings all of this with him. Is the Pisces man the perfect man?

Could be him! It seems as if he has cracked the code for women’s world.

The Pisces man is an empathetic man who will make time for you, your needs, desires, dreams and ideas every time. When he falls in love, he falls in love !

He really spoils his partner and showers her with his attention. Caresses, hugs, kisses and much more – everything your heart desires. You won’t want for anything with the Pisces man.

You can be sure that he wants to pamper you with compliments and really means each one.

When he is in a relationship, he is in it with all his heart.

However, if you expect him to take the lead and tell everyone where to go, then you are unfortunately out of place with him.

If you were wondering if he was an alpha male, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. You’ll have such assertiveness and clarity in what he wants and doesn’t want with this one

Can’t find man. Are his characteristics perhaps more suitable for the Sigma man ?

Who is best with Pisces?

Pisces are especially happy with the zodiac sign Cancer. These two are definitely on the same wavelength and give each other exactly what the other needs.

Your relationship will last a lifetime because it is needs-oriented. Both have the urge to make their partner happy and to work on the relationship so that it really lasts forever.

A romance with Aquarius can also grow into something beautiful. The sociable and open Aquarius lures the shy Pisces out of his reserve and shows him that you just have to have fun in life.

His independence and unconventional nature are new and attractive to Pisces.

And what does our other half of the combination tell us? How does the scale behave?


Anyone born between September 24th and October 23rd has the zodiac sign Libra. This zodiac sign is located in the seventh place of the zodiac. It belongs to the planet Venus and its element is air.

As the name of this zodiac sign suggests, moderation and harmony come first in the lives of these people.

What that means? Peace and harmony are a must in their life. Nothing makes them happier than fairness, justice and balance.

They are aesthetic people for whom vanity, luxury and a well-groomed appearance play a major role.

Their intelligence and sociability make them particularly sociable and interesting. They are flattering and easy to get along with.

Does all of this also apply to the Libra woman?

The Libra woman

Always friendly and sensitive, the Libra woman is someone who is sure to make an impression. She is very sociable and everyone immediately notices her charming nature.

Your friendships are true and genuine that last a lifetime. She will hold on to these forever.

She is also no stranger to casual acquaintances and meeting new people. No matter where she is, it won’t be too much trouble for her to find someone nice to talk to.

Similar to the Pisces woman, she withdraws when she senses that a conversation could turn into a confrontation or discussion. She doesn’t like to be surrounded by turmoil and arguments and never takes part in them.

It is very important for them to have harmony, peace and calm around them.

This is precisely why she often finds it difficult to say “no” and make decisions . She then remains unclear in her statement and actually makes the situation worse, because this will only increase the hope of a “yes” on the other side.

Even when indecisive, she will always put a smile on her face and remain friendly. Because the last thing she wants is to have to get into a confrontation with someone.

If it actually happens, then she will become Ms. Diplomacy. The Libra woman will do everything in her power to restore harmony and peace.

She can be described as a diplomat and mediator. They’re really good at that too.

They naturally have an attitude towards everything, but their tolerance and openness allows them to accept things that have nothing in common with them.

Aesthetics is very important to her. Being well-groomed and always looking good is a must. Some even accuse her of vanity.

She takes care of herself. Not just on the outside, but also on the inside. Your mental and physical health is at the top of your list of priorities. Balance in every sense helps her to maintain balance.

Unfortunately, due to their vain nature, women with this zodiac sign tend to become superficial. Beauty and luxury can turn their heads and pull them in the wrong direction.

Unfortunately, this is why they come across as arrogant and create prejudices about themselves in others.

Such snobby behavior is not likely to go down well with others.

However, how does she behave in love?

Libra woman in love

To put it bluntly, the Libra woman is a real relationship person. And when she’s in a relationship, she’s really a hit as a partner.

The dream woman par excellence is always completely styled and looks great. A good appearance, even in front of her partner, is very important to her. She expects the same from him too. A man in sweatpants and greasy hair will never have a chance with her.

She wants more. She has high expectations, not only of herself, but also of her future partner. Your vanity can be found in every area of ​​life.

Good manners, intelligence and appropriate behavior in every situation make her heart beat faster. She’s looking for a gentleman who knows what to do without her having to tell him anything.

She is followed by adoration from the first sight of her, because her attractive appearance is ravishing. But the agony of choosing a man is very difficult for the pretty Libra woman.

Her indecision stands in the way of her happiness several times.

She expects one thing in a relationship – honesty. Because she will offer the same to a man.

The Libra partner doesn’t have to worry about his partner’s loyalty.

Faithfulness and loyalty are things that come naturally to the Libra woman. She will do everything to keep their relationship harmonious, happy and intact.

If that means that she will hold back her opinion from time to time or bend it a bit in order to maintain peace and harmony, then she will accept that too.

Her shortcoming is that sometimes she will not stick to her opinion and attitude, but will hold them back, all just to avoid confrontations with her partner.

Arguments, hours of discussion and ignorance are truly her nightmares, which she wants to avoid in every possible way. Even if she is right, she will choose the easier path and not get drawn into discussions.

Her calm and balanced nature will calm even the most rebellious Aquarius.

Does this also apply to the Libra man?

The Libra Man

The Libra man is a real eye-catcher. His well-groomed demeanor and charming demeanor are hard to miss.

The Libra man is a real gentleman who knows how best to win a woman’s heart.

Just like the Libra woman, the Libra man has a bit of a hard time making decisions. His indecisiveness sometimes gets him into unpleasant situations, especially at work when he has to work quickly and under pressure.

He makes slow progress and his employer also gives him a wide berth when it comes to the distribution of tasks.

He will always make time for the people around him. He is friendly, sociable, cultured and a truly compassionate person.

Even if he can’t really understand the other person, he will put himself in his shoes and work with him to find a solution. They are true empaths through and through. Do you think you could be one too ?

Even if he is not involved in an argument, he will try to mediate the situation. Because the Libra man is a real mediator, whether it’s work colleagues, children or friends. His need for harmony emerges in all aspects of his life.

He will, tactfully as he is, try to find a common language to solve the problem.

Your positive and negative qualities are a tricky combination. Why? Their vanity, desire for aesthetics and comfort tends to turn into superficiality.

Her understanding side and her indecisiveness combine to make her an awkward, lukewarm, and vulnerable person.

He is easily intimidated and is not always the loudest in the room. Many people perceive this as insecurity and shyness. The truth is that in this noisy world of alpha

Men, career beasts and sports stars don’t necessarily stand out and stick out their elbows.

The Libra man is not that type. But he will find other ways to get to his goal. And with diplomacy.

His intelligence and reasoning are his allies here.

These qualities make him a successful team player because he will always strive for peace and harmony.

Does he behave like that in love too?

The Libra man in love

His good and well-groomed appearance makes the Libra man a desirable bachelor. He is a real gentleman who knows what women want and need.

He likes to give honest compliments. He notices good looks immediately because it is very important to him and his partner. The inner values ​​also have great importance for him .

Since his eye is looking for beauty, he also flirts with strangers from time to time. Men with this zodiac sign love attention and admiration. It’s probably one of the moments when it’s not difficult for him to be in the spotlight.

He’s not necessarily a relationship person, but when the Libra man is finally in a relationship, you can rely on him one hundred percent. Cheating is not an option for him.

Then the harmless flirtations are over.

He needs someone who he can rely on and be himself, who will support him when he is indecisive and take the initiative if necessary.

He loves with complete devotion and affection. He will shower his partner with attention and caresses because he also cares deeply about having a successful relationship.

Who is the best match for Libra?

Libra finds itself most quickly in Gemini’s world views. They will surrender to their carefree love and enjoy what they have in common.

When two scales meet, it’s like a pot and its lid. These two perfectionists enjoy the finer things in life together.

Danger! Although Capricorn likes to reveal his feelings and seems to be a great match with Libra at first glance, this relationship would be too intense and would have great potential for arguments.

And now comes the big moment of truth. Are Libra and Pisces even compatible?

Pisces and Libra – great love or not?!

The carefree and self-confident demeanor of Libra magically attracts the withdrawn and quiet Pisces. They each leave a mark on the other.

In this sense, the Libra lures the Pisces out of their reserve a little, but on the other hand, the Pisces brings the Libra from its superficial cloud down into its world in which inner values ​​are most important and it becomes more down-to-earth.

The fantasy world of Pisces is an area in which Libra can finally fulfill and live out their lives. Within her, their sensitive and vulnerable side is safe, and they can both admit and show their feelings without fear .

Both are dreamy in a certain way, and struggle to function properly in the real world every time. Their hesitant nature is what they have in common. But this is precisely what prevents them from moving from the spot and putting their own resolutions and decisions into action.

You don’t need much to be happy! Because the most important rule that these two have to follow is that they understand each other.

Both tend to avoid discussions, but Pisces is even more reluctant to take a stand and likes to drift or dive. And that’s exactly where the danger is that they become too immersed and an imbalance between distance and closeness emerges between them.

This could make Libra feel insecure and wonder whether there is still enough love and interest from Pisces. The key is proper communication.

On the other hand, it is important that Pisces, due to their own fears and insecurities, does not start clinging to Libra and suppressing their independence, openness, and social nature. This is reason enough for Libra to seek escape.

Conclusion: A harmonious and happy relationship is definitely possible between these two zodiac signs. Both love harmony, are loyal and attach great importance to making their partner happy.

They are both oriented towards the needs of their partner. That’s a good thing because that’s the secret of a successful relationship between the two of them.

Pisces And Libra – Are They Out Of Balance Because Of Love?!

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