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Our Selection Of Candles For Each Zodiac Sign

Ideal for rituals as well as to warm your home, discover the most beautiful candles made especially for astro fans.

In the fall, the need for light and warmth is felt. We passed the autumnal equinox with flying colors, making the transition from day to night that winter represents. As we move slowly but surely towards Samhain, the Sabbath of darkness, and then towards Yule, the winter solstice and its longest night, there is nothing like celebrating Fire, joy, and light.

In astrology, Fire is none other than the incarnation of life, of movement, of active force. (Re)connecting to this element therefore awakens in us the power to act, the desire to move forward, to dare, to take the plunge. Although mysterious and uncontrollable, Fire has something magnetic which, if certain beliefs are to be believed, would be able to help transmute. Like a Phoenix, he burns and reduces what he touches to ashes before bringing everything back to life. A way to remind us that life is made of cycles, renewal, and transformations.

Why Use A Candle?

You don’t need to be a Halliwell sister (or Johnny Halliday) to succeed in burning the sacred flame that lies dormant in each of us. A simple candle should be enough. The advantage of these creations is that they combine the power of fire with that of aromachology, or how smells act on our well-being. Questioned in a previous article, Sophie Mouton-Brisse, author of the book “The Decoration of Emotions, Transform your Living Space into a Source of Well-being”, (ed. Le Courrier du Livre) confided: “Aromachology considers well-being through smells, closely linked to emotions. Olfaction and certain essential oils can become gateways to the emotional and unconscious. »

Smells therefore have a real impact on our way of being and behaving. To find your balance, there’s nothing like having fun discovering the scents that make us feel good. In this area, each astrological sign would have its own preferences. Whether for a gift or to carry out a ritual to attract luck, discover a small selection of the editorial staff’s favorite astro candles.

Candle With Custom Astral Theme, Olfactif Paris

Why we love it: for the noses who created it, for its graphic design modeled on the four elements, for the personalized astral theme hidden inside, for the real sensory experience that the candle offers.

Astro Candle, Moon Ritual

Why we love it: for the meditation that accompanies it, for the notes, flowers, herbs, and stones that allow you to connect to a specific chakra, because it’s not just a candle, it’s quite a ritual.

Astrology Candle Jewelry, Good Sisters

Why we love it: for the DIY side which allows us to shape a candle in our image and for its delicacy.

Astro Crystal Candle, La Seinographe

Why we love it: for stones with multiple powers, for vegan wax.

Zodiac Candle, Etsy

Why we love it: for its retro look and pop colors.

Astral Candle, My Pretty Candle

Why we love it: for the portrait made based on our date of birth, for the co-creation with Christine Haas and Zoé Lafont.

The Herbivorous Candle Astrological Signs

Why we love it: for the stones and smells linked to the chakras, because it is hand-cast in France.

Plant Candle With Mantra, Maison Shiiba

Why we love it: for the pretty engraving, for the magical guidance.

Astrological Candle, Olistic & Co

Why we love it: for the scents, for the three amethysts which represent balance, clarity of mind, and enthusiasm.

Our Selection Of Candles For Each Zodiac Sign

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