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Navigating Relationship Challenges: What to Expect in Fall 2023.

Since the summer, the media has been full of news about the separation of Russian and foreign celebrity couples. After seven years of marriage, Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze separated, and Maria and Pavel Pogrebnyak broke off their relationship after 17 years of marriage. Britney Spears, Natalie Portman, Sophie Turner, and Ariana Grande are also on the list of available women after the summer of 2023. Why is this? Astrology knows the answer.

The fact is that the karmic nodes – Rahu and Ketu, which set the theme of fateful eclipses, moved to the Aries – Libra axis in July of this year.

Eclipses always bring irreversible changes related to the themes of the signs in which they are located. The next 1.5 years will focus on the themes of the signs of Aries and Libra: finding balance in relationships, partnership, cooperation of various kinds, reaching compromises and agreements, personal fulfillment, business, sports, sex, excitement, and competition.

Since it is the north node (our future, the qualities that need to be developed) in the sign of Aries, and not vice versa, absolutely everyone should develop courage and independence, initiative, and the ability to be one, not zero, next to their soulmate.

For people with a strong Mars in their horoscope, this will be easy. But those who have Mars in a weak position, for example, in the sign of Cancer, Taurus, or Libra, will have to overcome their weaknesses.

When developing determination and the ability to follow one’s desires according to Aries, one should rely on the qualities of the opposite sign – Libra, that is, on already created relationships and communication skills. Strong Venus will help here. When defeated, the planet of harmony and balance creates difficulties in building relationships.

Events related to the themes of eclipses occur 3 months before the eclipses and another 3 months after, it is the Eclipse Corridor – 2.5 weeks from one eclipse to another, which is considered dangerous. In the corridor of eclipses, the mind and awareness are literally “eclipsed”, and people who are little aware of themselves become practically hostage to their bad thoughts and emotions.

Events come to what they were headed for. But now at an accelerated pace and without our control. Long quarrels lead to a breakup; a breakup leads to final separation or divorce.

The opposite effect is also possible: if you have felt sympathy for a long time or received signs of attention from a person you like, it is more likely that he will show his feelings more openly in the corridor, and the relationship will move to a new stage.

As a safety precaution, it is not recommended to make serious decisions about relationships during the eclipse corridor. All actions that you perform at this time are counted by the universe as karma and endowed with additional energy. “Getting away” and declaring that you “changed your mind” will not work.

As for celebrities who get divorced during this period, no matter how sad it is for us to watch our favorite couples break up, everything always happens for the better. Often people meet to go through and live certain experiences with each other, to learn their lessons. Observing the mistakes of other couples from the outside, conclude and invest better in your relationship.

Your union is at risk if:

  • there is jealousy in the couple;
  • one of the partners has no success, at least the other’s business is going uphill;
  • have problems with sex;
  • one of the partners has lost its former attractiveness – gained weight or stopped taking care of itself;
  • there is irritation with the partner or his habits;
  • relationships are created from deficit and codependency, each or one of the partners clings to the other.

What to do during this period to avoid problems?

  • be sure to try new things, get out of your comfort zone, and be interested in yourself, first of all;
  • take up a pair sport or dance;
  • compete and conflict artificially. For example, in a pillow fight or come up with something more piquant and interesting;
  • go forward and motivate your partner;
  • develop a sense of humor. Humor helps a lot in family life;
  • simplify problems, think less, do more.

In the next 1.5 years, until January 2025, we will hear and read more than one news about divorces. To avoid becoming a sad statistic, take care of yourself (along the North Node in Aries), but rely on your inner balance and relationship-building skills (South Node in Libra).

Divorce is stressful, and most of us hope to create a couple once and for all. What you definitely shouldn’t do in case of divorce is to perceive it as the main tragedy of life. If this happens, it means that somewhere your couple has lost their internal balance and honesty. Come back to yourself. Show your beauty and become bolder!

The eclipse corridor is a great time to transform your destiny in the right direction

The nearest eclipse corridor is October 14-28:

October 14 Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Libra;

October 28 Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon in Taurus (Northern karmic node in Aries).

In 2024, on the Aries-Libra axis, 2 more Eclipse corridors await us:

March 25 Lunar Eclipse in Libra – April 8 Solar Eclipse in Aries;

September 18 Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (Northern Karmic Node in Aries) – October 2 Solar Eclipse in Libra.

Eclipse events do not happen at once. Therefore, virtually all the time that karmic nodes are in the signs Aries – Libra, the topic of relationships and personal fulfillment can bring several discoveries – both plus and minus, which in the end can be turned into a plus for yourself if you follow the stars and believe in yourself and don’t give up!

Navigating Relationship Challenges: What to Expect in Fall 2023.

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