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Love Horoscope For December 2023

Winter is in full swing. Are you on vacation? How do you spend your time?

I only ask because you should prepare yourself physically and mentally for the month ahead.

There are a few interesting events that will have a strong impact on all of us. In this text, we will only focus on those that have to do with the topic of love.

What’s happening in the astrological sky right now?

At the beginning of August, namely on December 1st. there is a full moon in Aquarius. Mont applies to Planet of Emotions and we will be able to feel its influence two days before and two days after. Aquarius represents creativity, optimism and the collective. These issues will be most important to us at this time.

On December thirteenth we have the conjunction of the Sun and Venus in Leo. Venus is the planet of love and Leo represents passion and power. This transit brings us a lot of charm and drive. We’ll find new ways to connect with others and enjoy ourselves a little more.

Then there’s a new moon in Leo on December 16th, which awakens feelings of rebellion. At this time we should focus on our passion and claim our desires. A new moon always means a new beginning, a fresh start, be it in career, love, or family.

The sun enters Virgo on December 23rd. Mercury will then begin its retrograde journey, which will last until September 15th. If you can’t go on vacation there, it would be advisable to think about your organizational and practical approaches. Creativity, health, and wellness will be at the forefront during this time period.

We end the month with another full moon (on December 30th), with the Blue Moon in Pisces. He brings us both spiritual healing and great closure. This is our opportunity to awaken our magical gifts.


If you have been planning something for a long time and have invested a lot of time, Aries, then this month is the right time to make your plans come true. Now your desire is moving in your direction and you should make good use of it. Especially when it comes to the topic of love. In June and July you already had some difficulties in this area, but in December you can expect improvement.

From December 16, it would be beneficial to take a calculated risk, but only if you think it through carefully. Because on December 16th We have a New Moon in Leo, which is perfect for new loves and romances. Even when it comes to winter adventures.

Until the full moon in Pisces on December 30th. occurs, you should already decide what you want to do with this one person. Only then can you relax and try to enjoy the magical waves of this full moon and reorient yourself in your life now.


There aren’t as many excitements for Taurus in December unless you decide otherwise. The most important planets and their positions for Taurus in December are Mars in Virgo and Venus in Leo. Mars in this earth sign is good for you and its energy helps you organize. Use this energy to organize a date by December 13th.

Love planet Venus is in fiery Leo all month long. That sounds good at first and promises a lot of passion and lots of parties. But it is declining and everything related to love and money will slow down to some extent. You will think about which plans you have fulfilled and which goals have remained unfulfilled.

On December 28th, Uranus begins its retrograde right in your sign. what does that mean to you? This means that now is not the time for change. But this time suits you well because you’re not a big fan of change anyway. It would be better to think about your next steps than to take concrete action.


There will be a full moon in Aquarius on the first of August. With this energy, you can use your creativity and focus to successfully complete your current project, Gemini. No matter what project it is. Aquarius is a fan of concepts anyway. If you develop one too, you will do everything easier!

On December 23rd Mercury enters Virgo and at the same time begins its retrograde movement in this earth sign. It will definitely slow down communication, and your way of communicating will also change a little. So before you write or say something, think twice. Since Mercury is your ruling planet, misunderstandings are not uncommon at this time. Your crush should understand that you aren’t serious about everything, especially during this time.

Mars changes on December 28th. the sign and enters the balanced scales. You will immediately notice this in your energy level and feel it within yourself. This Mars brings more balance and energy, especially for air signs. Since Libra loves their interpersonal relationships, you will pay more attention to those around you during this time, hanging out with them and having fun. This sets a great mood for the beginning of September.


December begins with the Full Moon in Aquarius, which occurs on December 1st and reminds you to let go of what is no longer good for you. If you end a relationship, it’s better for you too. At this time, we should all develop and embrace Aquarius wisdom, which means being independent and self-reliant no matter what. For example, when you get into a new relationship, you shouldn’t lose yourself and your personality.

A new moon is expected in Leo on December 16th. Since the full moon represents the end and the new moon represents the new beginning, it’s worth thinking about what needs to be completed in December so that something new (and better) can begin later. The middle of the month is a good time to socialize and meet new people. Sounds like a party or a date, don’t you think?

There’s another full moon on December 30th, and it’s in Pisces! Pisces is a mystical and spiritual zodiac sign that has a strong intuition, just like you, Cancer. We are encouraged to discover our deepest desires and achieve our biggest dreams. However, you can only do this alone, so a little time for yourself at the end of the month is good to recharge your batteries and find yourself again.


Happy birthday, Leo! Hopefully, you enjoy the season as December has a whole host of events in store for you. On December 1st we have a full moon, symbolizing a certain ending, and on December 16th we have a new moon right in your sign, representing a new beginning. It may be that something ends or something new begins between these dates. Your crush or partner won’t understand you as well since Mercury is retrograde. Try to overcome these difficulties without conflict.

Venus, the planet of love and money, will be in your sign all month long. That would be good news if it wasn’t declining. This means that the situations surrounding love are now stagnating and you have a lot of time to think about yourself and your values. If you fix all of this, someone will show up who shares your preferences. But you have to be convinced of it yourself.

Virgo season begins on December 23rd. Until then, you should finish all your business, ask your crush out, and finally treat yourself to a vacation to recover physically and mentally from this month and prepare well for the next one.


A lot awaits you in August, Virgo! Venus retrograde and the new moon in Leo affect your love area. You have to think a little more and act a little less during this time. The retrogrades are perfect for this. From December 16th Something completely new awaits you in your life, so it’s good to think about what you can let go of.

Finally, v23rd is the start of your season and it would be good to celebrate a little, but Mercury begins its retrograde on the same day and will last until mid-September, specifically September 15th. Mercury is your ruler and has a great influence on you. That’s why you should try not to lose your nerve if communication in your relationships doesn’t go smoothly.

The action planet Mars remains in your sign until December 27th. This is a good time to complete important tasks and projects. Maybe, just maybe, you can then focus on your romantic relationships and even your health. We have a full moon in Pisces on December 30th, when anything is possible. Why don’t you finally manifest the person from your dreams?


Pay attention, Libra! Already on December 1st, we have a full moon in Aquarius, which will bring you a new drive. His air energy is good for you because it is free and creative. Use the power of this moon phase to mentally prepare yourself for the changes to come.

The Sun in Leo conjuncts Venus in Leo on December 13th, and at this time you should find new ways to socialize and have fun. Your ruler Venus is currently retrograde in Leo, but that shouldn’t bother you too much because you need a break in love anyway. But you can only enjoy these until December 27th. Then the action planet Mars enters your sign.

After that, you can go out again, meet people and get along with them. This is a good time for new people in your life, especially from December 30th when the blue moon is in Pisces. Then you can manifest what you care about, no matter what it is. Be imaginative and think big!


December brings you nothing new in love, Scorpio. You have already made some changes in your life and are moving in a good direction. Over the course of the month, we will see what happens next. Pay attention to communication with your crush or partner, especially from December 23rd. until September 15th Then Mercury retrograde in Virgo brings you a lot of misunderstandings. You may also need to resolve something with people from the past at this time.

Uranus begins on December 28th. to go retrograde in Taurus. Since this earth sign is opposite you, you should pay a little more attention to Taurus’ strength. Such as: patience and the belief that there is a solution to every situation. This mindset will be useful to you all year round. In January 2024, Uranus will end its retrograde and only after that can you expect some accelerations in love.

On December 30th we have the full moon in Pisces. Since this moon phase is happening in another water sign, it will also have some influence on you. Big deals are reserved for this time, but they don’t necessarily have to be relationship deals. It can also mean the end of a phase of life. But be careful: you really don’t need what’s ending now, let it go!


You can enjoy your well-deserved break until the middle of the month, Sagittarius! Then, on December 16, when we have a new moon in Leo, which is also a fire sign like you, you’ll take on some of its characteristics. For example: You want to be in the spotlight, meet and get to know people, and maybe start a new relationship, why not? Anything is possible during the new moon in fiery Leo.

From December 23rd to September 15th, your intentions may slow down a bit as Mercury is retrograde during this time. This isn’t meant to humiliate you, just give you a new perspective: It doesn’t have to be fast to be good. Think about it.

Venus is in the zodiac sign of Leo all month long, and this energy usually suits you quite well. However, it is declining and brings with it certain adjustments in the areas of love and money. If you have to be something else in a relationship to please one person, then that’s not the right person for you. December 30th brings us another full moon. It brings you more self-love and also the strength to stop unwanted things.


Saturn, as your ruling planet, has the strongest effect on you, Capricorn. You will feel like everything in your life is slowing down, and you are absolutely right. Everything happens slowly, that’s true, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, is it? Everything good takes time.

If you miss a person from your past, you can write them a message to see how you both feel about each other. Use the period from December 23rd to September 15th to do this, as Mercury is retrograde during this time. Technical and communication errors are not uncommon, but you should find a way to overcome them.

Starting December 23rd, when the sun enters Earth sign, Virgo, you’ll start to feel a little better. This quiet and efficient energy is good for you, but it is not a good time to start something new because it will end at the end of the month. On December 30th is the full moon in Pisces, which symbolizes the end. My advice is to sleep through all these events and try to be grateful for what you already have. Gratitude will open a new door for you at this time. Be patient!


With the supermoon on December 1st. In your sign, December is off to a pretty exciting start for you, Aquarius. You will have a lot of energy for the people around you. You’ll feel like everyone wants to talk to you and get some of your good energy. This may be true, but you should be careful about who you give your time to and why.

From 13.8. until 28.8. is your time to shine. You like the spotlight and the spotlight likes you. Old loves will resurface and you will try to give them a new chance. This is particularly significant around December 16th, when the new moon is in Leo. It encourages you to start something new in the area you feel most passionate about. So, let’s go!

After December 28th, you will have the opportunity to review all your ideas, decisions, and actions and see how useful they actually were. This opportunity exists until January 2024, when Uranus ends its retrograde. Uranus is your ruling planet and is considered a planet of change, revolution, and innovation. He will influence you the most of all the zodiac signs. Be creative and keep calm!


There are many events in December that require your undivided attention. For example, there is Saturn retrograde in your relationship area and Mercury retrograde, which only makes the overall situation worse. This means you’ll be struggling with your own expectations for your relationship throughout August. Is the other person working at the same pace as you, or do you already have the feeling that something is going on?

From December 23rd to September 15th, some people from your past will resurface and this will seem to weigh on you as they will try to influence your love and relationship decisions. But maybe this will help you because it will help you realize what you really want.

Let your intuition guide you, you just have to listen to it and not think much. The end of the month brings big deals that you need to be prepared for. When you let go of something that wasn’t good for you anyway, you can let something new and usually much better into your life. Only then, on December 30th, can you realize your wishes and dreams and be happy with yourself during the full moon in your sign!

Final Thoughts

Last week I saw the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. It was super funny and interesting, like the previous two. But the most interesting thing for me this time was the fact that Gamora is alive again, but not from the time when she knew the whole team.

She has said that she is a different version of herself, not the alternate, probably purely fictional future version that Quill knew and loved. I immediately associated these words with our fate.

Everything that happens to us or is predicted to us is just variations of our reality that we can but do not have to experience. We have the opportunity to choose for a reason. But we should use this to our advantage more often.

Love Horoscope For December 2023

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