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How To Conquer Him On The First Date (According To His Sign)

Although first dates are exciting, they can also be quite stressful and uncomfortable.

You have no idea what to expect or how to prepare mentally.

Aside from worrying about whether or not you’ll like the guy you’re dating, you also want to make sure he likes you back. But how does one do it?

How can you conquer him on the first date?

Well, the best answer to this question can be given by his zodiac sign.


If you want an Aries to fall in love with you at first sight, you definitely shouldn’t go on a typical first date with him.

To really conquer this man, you have to show him that you stand out from the crowd and that you are different than all the other women he has been with.


When it comes to Taurus men, it’s important not to be too pushy.

Instead of initiating too much physical contact, you should respect this man’s privacy and give him enough time to relax.

I guarantee you, Taurus will really appreciate your patience!


The key to winning a Gemini’s heart is making them laugh.

However, you should be aware that his sense of humor is quite unusual and specific, so don’t think that you can impress him with cheesy, standard jokes.

Gemini wants a witty woman whose intelligence is best revealed through her funny side.


I’m not saying that you should do something huge and romantic on the first date with a Cancer , but if you want to conquer him, he definitely needs to see that there is some romance in you too.

If you want this guy to fall in love with you, show him your feminine and tender side.

Show him that you are sensitive and empathetic, and you won’t have to worry about whether he likes you.


One of the things you need to do if you want a Leo to fall in love with you is to boost his ego.

This doesn’t mean you should kiss this guy’s ass the entire date, but he needs to see that you admire him to some extent in order for him to feel comfortable around you.


Conquering a Virgo man on the first date is actually quite easy.

Just don’t make him wait for you under the mistaken belief that your lateness will make him even more interested in you.

Don’t be rude to the waiter, don’t spend the whole evening on your cell phone, and everything will be fine.


If you want to make a Libra man fall in love with you right from the start, take the initiative and don’t wait for him to make all the decisions.

Feel free to suggest when and where you should meet, and be ready to take charge if necessary.

Don’t worry – it won’t make him feel any less manly.

On the contrary, it will just take a lot of pressure off him, allowing him to relax more easily.


Tease him and flirt with him all the time, but don’t overdo it or make it seem like you’re available on a silver platter.

If you’re dating a Scorpio, look your best and do your best to make this guy feel as physically attracted to you as possible.

If you want to know exactly what makes a scorpion tick, then you should take a look here!


Avoid small talk and topics that are typical for the first date.

Don’t be afraid to have serious conversations that even involve deep, personal questions .

When a Sagittarius sees that you want to explore his mind and all facets of his personality, he will become more interested in you too.


If you want to conquer a Capricorn on the first date, you have to show him your standards.

This doesn’t mean you should be too demanding or picky – he’ll just respect you more once he realizes that you know exactly what you want and that you don’t plan on wasting your time on anything else.


If you want an Aquarius to fall in love with you at first sight, you have to impress him with your intelligence.

Show him that you have a wide range of interests and that you are more than willing to discuss any topic imaginable.

Once this guy realizes that you have extensive knowledge on various topics, he will see that you are the right person for him.


Make it clear to him that you’re not just concerned with the superficial parts of his personality.

Show him that you want to get to know the real him and you’ll win the fish in no time.

Ask him about his wildest dreams, hopes, ambitions and greatest fears.

How To Conquer Him On The First Date (According To His Sign)

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