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How The Zodiac Signs Behave When They Secretly Like You


Aries is anything but shy. He will come after you like a wolf.

Without hesitation, it will approach you and ask you millions of questions. When he sees something he likes, he doesn’t give up easily.

Even if you’re not interested in him, he’ll keep chasing you until he’s sure you don’t want anything from him.

If he’s into you, he’s neither pushy nor boring. He will be just charming and cute. You won’t be able to resist him.


Taurus will sweep you off your feet, but he won’t trust you right away. He will act like he trusts you, but the truth will be completely different.

The funny thing about him is that you will never know that he is actually testing you. He’s seducing you, but at the same time he’s testing you to see if you’re good enough for him.

If you pass the test, you’re good to go; he will trust you completely, and his love will be enormous.


When Gemini is in love, he cannot hide it. You will be able to read it in his eyes.

When he is around someone he likes, he becomes shy, and this very behavior reveals everything about his feelings.

If he doesn’t get shy, he’ll get nervous and maybe even start to stutter, but his face will light up when he sees you.

A Gemini’s love is eternal.


Cancer is very cautious when it comes to his feelings and will not open up to anyone easily because once he falls in love, there is no going back.

Since he is extremely emotional, he is careful with his feelings.

If he tries to make you laugh, you can be sure that a Cancer is into you . He will do just about anything to make you feel comfortable and happy.

He rejoices in other people’s happiness; because it also makes him happy.


The Leo knows how to exchange affection in public. If he hugs or kisses you in public, you can be sure that he likes you.

He also protects the person he likes and is there for you whenever you need him.

Since he is also very proud, he will spread the word that you are his girlfriend because he is really very proud and flattered to be with you. Someone with the Leo zodiac sign will never take you for granted.


As a very organized person, Virgos don’t approach love any differently. If she falls in love with you, you will have no idea that she likes you.

She will take it easy and play with cards face down until the time is right to put them on the table.

She won’t do anything until she’s sure that you have feelings for her too. Until then she will stay at a distance.


Libra is the right lover among the zodiac signs. She will take everything in her stride like Virgo, but for completely different reasons.

When she falls in love, her whole world is turned upside down, and if she gives you a chance, she needs to be sure that you’re worth it.

So she’ll assess the situation carefully, which may make her seem indecisive, but in reality she’s just calculating whether she can safely open her heart to you.


Although the Scorpio may seem cool and calm, all hell breaks loose inside him. He may seem confident to you, but deep down he’s totally insecure.

He’s not sure if you’re with someone else, or maybe you don’t like him as much as he likes you.

When you start dating him, he will be very secretive, but once you are in a real relationship, he will open up to you completely and trust you with his life.


The Sagittarius cannot stay in one place for too long. His entire life revolves around going somewhere and doing something.

So if he’s into someone, he’ll try to spend as much time with them as possible.

He will ask you out, go on trips with you, and do all sorts of things with you just to see if you are fit enough to be with him and live such an exciting life.

If he constantly takes you on adventures, it means he’s really into you and can imagine something long-term with you.


When Capricorn falls in love, he means it. Just like everything else in his everyday life, he also likes to plan his emotional and love life in advance. This is how it works best.

There are no occasional flings or affairs in his life, and when he falls in love, he falls in love.

He will ask you a million questions about the future because security is one of the most important things in a relationship for him. He just wants to be 100% sure that you are the right one for him.


Aquarius places great value on his work and career. So if you see that you are more important to him than his work, you can be sure that he likes you a lot.

If he really needs to work, he will tell you straight away because he is a very easy-going person. He will never beat around the bush. He will always say exactly what he wants to say.


When the Pisces falls in love with you, you become his muse. You inspire him to be creative. Even if he isn’t creative, which would be strange, you will inspire him to do other things.

When he falls in love, he really falls in love. He will give 100 percent to your relationship because that’s just who he is. He is always completely honest when it comes to love.

Love has a very positive influence on him. It can even be said that he changes positively when he encounters true love.

How The Zodiac Signs Behave When They Secretly Like You

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