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House Style That Every Zodiac Sign Would Love

Of course, it is possible to have a dream home. Don’t even start whining! We all live in the same world. If some people can do something, even if one person can do something, others can do it too.

Certainly, it may be easier for some and more difficult for others. It is easier for the son of a politician or celebrity to buy a house than for us mere mortals. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Yes, the situation in the real estate market is critical, everything is becoming more and more expensive, but we can always dream and make our dreams come true. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can enjoy your own home.

Every zodiac sign dreams of a perfect house

If you already have one – congratulations! Maybe you’re thinking about how you can renovate it or adapt it to your style so that it looks like a real home.

Then you’ve come to the right place, because we’re about to write about which house and style best suits which zodiac sign.

Aries: Contemporary House

Aries always wants to be up-to-date and follow modern trends. Not to the extent that they lose themselves, of course, but new things have always been somehow interesting to them.

This modern house made of wood, metal, and glass represents exactly what Aries likes: it is classic-modern, easy to maintain, and very impressive. Here you can invite your friends and smile while all the guests walk around in amazement and wonder.

Since Aries is ruled by Mars, his house can have a more masculine style. However, you can balance it with plants and flowers and bring in feminine energy. If there is also a swimming pool in the garden, then that is a dream come true for these fire signs.

Taurus: American artisan

Tauruses want a house like this that is stable and simple, but at the same time practical and even a little nostalgic. That’s why this American house is the perfect choice for these earth signs.

Since Taurus people are ruled by Venus, which represents not only love but also beauty, luxury and money, they have no trouble spending a little more money on their house. They always want to feel comfortable, and the best place to do that is at home. That’s why they always make themselves as comfortable as possible there.

This style may not seem very impressive, but it values ​​crafts and arts and crafts. Here you can make or build many things yourself. It is precisely for this reason that this house gains even more value, both emotionally and materially.

Gemini: Victorian style

Victorian architecture was an important architectural style in the mid-late 19th century and was named after the first Queen Victoria. The biggest influences probably come from Queen Anne, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Gemini are curious and fun air signs who like colors. They really don’t mind appearing pretentious, so they would prefer to live in a house like this where they could also do a museum exhibition. They would be able to have as much fun in this house themselves until they checked every corner.

Although they look quite simple and not particularly impressive from the outside, these houses are quite magnificent inside. Just like Gemini themselves. You have to look beneath the surface to see their true character. So it is with the beauty of this house.

Cancer: country house

Loving Cancers love their house and home more than any other zodiac sign, so their house must be special. It’s already very special for them because they gather their family and friends there, but it just has to have a special touch.

In the case of architecture, this can be the material from which the house is built. It doesn’t necessarily have to be wood like in the photo, but it’s certainly not a bad choice. After all, wood is an element from nature, and these water signs are like natural materials.

They would love to have a house like this that comes straight out of a fairy tale. A farmhouse or a country home is the perfect choice for these moon-ruled zodiac signs. They give a lot and invest even more so that they can cook, watch TV, and enjoy themselves there later.

Leo: Mediterranean house

The style of the hot Mediterranean suits this fiery zodiac sign best: bright colors, usually white or yellow, in combination with green or blue, with the garden where there are tables and chairs to relax. It is obvious that such houses are a perfect choice for lions.

These fire signs are like large objects with lots of secondary or auxiliary objects. They like to be admired. But it’s also like this: if you have a lot, those around you also have a lot. These passionate people like to share everything they have with others. You shouldn’t forget the pool.

It would be best if it could be a villa on the beach, especially in Spain or Italy. But a style similar to such architecture is also a good option. They would like to be kings in the house too and this hacienda can actually make that possible for them.

Jungfrau: Mid-Century Modern Home

Yes, these earth signs are practical and sensible. But that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate beautiful things. Of course, the house must look clean and well-maintained from the outside and inside, but if there is something historical or nostalgic about it, then Virgos can really enjoy it.

A good friend of mine took out a large loan last year to buy a house like this. The house was in poor condition and she was able to get it a little cheaper. So she started her renovation project, but she never looked back. You can already guess that she is a virgin.

Virgos will really do anything to achieve their goals. That’s why they can have a house that lies on the borderline between something ancient and something modern because they can balance out these extremes.

Libra: French-style house

For the beauty and style-loving Libra, this choice was somehow logical. Libra, like Taurus, is ruled by Venus and therefore has a great appreciation for luxury and all things beautiful. Her style is elegant and her standards are high.

A French-style house, also called a French provincial house, is a stone, brick, or stucco house with a steep roof and large windows. The elegant Libras would love it and could invite all their friends there. And they really have a lot of them.

French-style homes often feature courtyard gardens, iron gates, and gravel paths and are known for their rustic charm. This would fit perfectly with the natural charm of these air signs. You can then easily host garden parties and have all your guests stand and marvel.

Scorpio: Pueblo Revival style

Editorial credit: Sean Pavone / Shutterstock.com

Deserts are said to be the natural habitat of scorpions. So it’s no wonder that they have an affinity for houses that blend into the desert landscape. The unique and special style of Pueblo houses could be a good fit for these watermarks.

Pueblo architecture is the traditional architecture of the Pueblo Indians of the southwestern United States. Pueblo-style homes are sometimes built from traditional adobe (sun-dried clay), but may also be made from concrete, stucco, or mortar.

The enigmatic Scorpio loves this type of house because you never know what awaits you inside. It can be a beautiful salon or a modern living room, maybe even a jacuzzi because they love water so much. Who knows? You have to come and take a look.

Shooter: Shotgun House

For the shooters, it has to be colorful, lively, and lots of things. So shotgun houses are the best choice for these interesting fire signs. They are just as energetic as the colors on these houses and just as practical. There is a small backyard, or none at all, which can also be very convenient.

So you don’t have to mow the grass or invite family over for dinner – there’s just no room for it. It also promotes a community-oriented atmosphere in the neighborhood without sacrificing square footage.

Shotgun homes typically consist of a gable-end porch and two or more rooms arranged in a straight line. And that’s exactly how the shooters are – facing straight forward. They would feel very comfortable in such a house that fits their lifestyle perfectly.

Capricorn: Georgian Colonial House

If this house doesn’t look like an earth sign lives in it, then I just don’t know! All joking aside, this is what the perfect house for our strict Capricorn should look like, and it might suit him just fine. A bit of tradition combined with practical style, but not only that.

Georgian architecture was widespread in the English colonies during the Georgian era. The most important feature of a Georgian-style house is its symmetry. Houses in this style have a square or rectangular floor plan.

These villas scream old money, and that’s something that Capricorns particularly like. You can imagine these houses at any time of the year, but they certainly look their best in the winter. This is also the time of year when these hard-working earth signs can enjoy their time to the fullest.

Aquarius: Asian style

It has to be something completely different. It has to be something completely new and special. But at the same time minimalistic and not too colorful. This is an Aquarius vibe that can work well with an Asian-style home. We’ll explain why in a moment.

Aquarians like nature and everything that comes from it (except people). You want to live as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible. That’s why they want to have a house built that aligns with their core values.

One of the most important principles of Asian design is the connection with nature. By using natural materials, a color palette influenced by nature and indoor plants in their home, they design their interiors to follow the themes of Asian design and exude a special feeling.

Pisces: Cape Cod

A Cape Cod house is a low, wide, one- or two-story frame building with a moderately steep gable roof, a large central chimney, and very little ornamentation. The first Cape Cod style homes were built by Puritan colonists who came to America in the late 17th century.

As you can see from the photo, these houses are usually built near the water, which also suits the water sign Pisces very well. You would also like to live in a normal beach house, but this variant is considered an improvement on that and could be a dream house for any Pisces.

Pisces like to dream and also like to be dreamy in reality. Therefore, it is not difficult for them to think about such a house and imagine themselves there. Manifestation wouldn’t be that difficult for our intuitive Pisces either. So, let’s go!

Final Thoughts

I am now at a point in my life where I have to decide whether I want to live in a house or an apartment. Growing up, I lived in a house and thought I would always live in a house.

But later I lived more in apartments. It has both pros and cons, but I think houses are still better despite all the cons.

Apartments are good investments; you can rent or sell them. But a house is a place where the family can gather, where one can play outside, where one can set up a swimming pool and enjoy the summer, where barbecue picnics are possible and highly desirable.

That’s why I want to have a house, and one that most closely resembles a country house. I may be a Gemini, but you can’t just consider your sun sign. Both Moon and Venus signs play a big role here. Mine are Aries and Cancer.

This makes a lot of sense because I’m torn between modern architecture and traditional mountain house. So I think it’s best to have both. 🙂

My manifesting starts today, there is a lot to do! Maybe you should do that too!House Style That Every Zodiac Sign Would Love

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