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Four Tough Birth Months That Never Back Down

Quote for 2024: “May this year witness your resolute stride into the life predestined for you. Within, harbors a profound vision eclipsed by the ceaseless clamor of the world. It is now, once again, the time to heed. It is now, once again, the time to live.” — Brianna Wiest, The Pivot Year

In the vast spectrum of human emotions, not everyone unveils their innermost feelings openly. Some individuals portray an invulnerable facade, seemingly impervious to external influences. Yet, beneath this facade, even they experience the shattering of their emotional core. Here are the birth months adept at concealing their vulnerabilities:


You shun the perception of fragility, seldom revealing your emotions in the public eye. Behind closed doors, tears flow freely, only to be discreetly wiped away before reentering the world. The exterior projection of invincibility contrasts with your surprisingly sensitive nature, known only to those closest to you. Though the world assumes your immunity to hurtful words or actions, in reality, you absorb most things deeply. Your emotional fortitude is not as impenetrable as it initially appears.


To shield yourself, you feign an unbreakable heart, concealing any signs of distress. Refusing to acknowledge upset feelings, you reserve the display of raw emotions for the privacy of your abode. Yet, there is no shame in expressing vulnerability. As a human being, you are entitled to feel and possess a heart. The facade of stoicism can be discarded; there is no need to persist in portraying yourself as emotionless.


Even amidst personal turmoil, you maintain the illusion of composure, desiring to be perceived as unyielding and unbreakable. Presenting an image of having life under control, you’ve successfully deceived others into believing in your toughness, while internally, you harbor softness. The facade of resilience can be shed; allowing others into your heart, displaying vulnerability may be uncomfortable initially but can offer solace in the end.


Unwilling to expose your deepest emotions, you maintain an appearance of an unbreakable heart. It’s more convenient to feign normalcy than to unveil your authentic thoughts and feelings. However, embracing vulnerability might be the key to fully processing your emotions. Suppression only inflicts harm upon yourself. It’s time to muster the courage to be open and let your softer side prevail, for a change.

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