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Don’t Count On This Zodiac Sign To Get Back With Your Ex

When he says “stop”, it means for life. Here’s why this astrological sign will never get back into a relationship with the same person. He loves his ex-status and he cares about it!

He may give everything when he is in love, but this astrological sign will not do you any favors when he has decided that “everything, everything, everything is over between us”. Radio silence, curtain fall and end clap, he will never reconsider his decision. For him, his exes are just vague memories that he tries to erase from his memory and if you accidentally meet him again, he will simply act as if nothing had ever happened. He is said to be difficult in business, wait to see how he governs his affairs of the heart. Here is the astrological sign that deserves the title of “worst ex of the zodiac” or the best. As always with the divinatory arts, we leave you your free will to judge. We are content to take stock and explain to you why he acts this way.

What Sign Never Gets Back With Your Ex?

He does not give in easily. In love,  Taurus is the suspicious type. He likes to take his time and test you before knowing whether or not you deserve him to open his heart to you. Very attached to the notion of fidelity, like all Earth signs, Taurus therefore has difficulty getting over the hump. He protects himself and wants to ensure that his commitment will be worth it. Once in love, he will give you everything. Born under the protection of Venus, the planet of love and sensuality, he multiplies the little attention to constantly remind you how much he cares for you. Romantic dinners, pillow notes, surprises, and hugs. Taurus gives without counting to his loved one. Problem: the second he feels betrayed, the bond of trust is broken, the moment he knows that everything between you is over, he will disappear without a word.

“If there is a romantic breakup: there is above all a breach of contract,” we explained in a previous article. He will want to collect his belongings, clarify the situation, and settle the last rent that you will have to pay together. Then, finally, he will decide to live his life the way he wants. That is to say, by forgetting yourself. Stubborn and particularly proud, Taurus is an ex who is not easy. Once he turns on his heel to take a new path, you can be sure that he will never turn back. With him, any breakup is final. So don’t try to contact him again or make him change his mind. He knows what he wants and nothing and no one will convince him otherwise. In the best-case scenario, you will annoy him and get a simple “seen”. Ignorance is his favorite revenge. If you were planning to win back your ex-Taurus, know that it is lost in advance. We tried to warn you, but it’s a little too late now: you should never fall in love with a Taurus … Fortunately, to err is human, and love compatibilities will offer you a whole bunch of other associations. happy.

Don't Count On This Zodiac Sign To Get Back With Your Ex

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