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Discover 4 Zodiac Signs Dealing with Jealousy and Comparisons.

Some zodiacs are confident about their minds, their bodies, and their individual journeys. They don’t feel the need to compare themselves to anyone else and rarely get jealous. But other signs aren’t as skilled at this art. They are constantly comparing themselves to others, growing jealous over other people’s successes, and feeling like they’re falling behind. Here are some zodiacs who struggle with jealousy and comparisons in relationships:


Virgo, you are a perfectionist, so it’s hard for you to stomach watching others succeed while you feel like you’re stuck in place. You’re always comparing yourself to others who you feel are more successful than you in their careers or their love lives. You’re always analyzing what they’re doing differently and trying to figure out why they’re getting ahead while you’re struggling. Even though you would never admit your jealousy aloud and always show support and love to the people who are succeeding around you, it’s hard not to wonder what you’re doing wrong. But you aren’t doing anything wrong. You’re trying, which is the best thing you can do. That’s the one thing within your control.


Scorpio, your pessimism makes you focus on what others have that you don’t have. It makes you resent all of the opportunities that they were given, all of the happiness that they have achieved. Even when things are going pretty well for you, you assume that the grass is greener on the other side. It’s hard for you to see the good things that are right in front of you because you are obsessed with earning more and more. You’re never satisfied, even when you climb another rung on the ladder. But you need to recognize how far you’ve come. You have so much. You’re allowed to crave more, but don’t forget to appreciate what’s here and now.


Cancer, you are a sensitive sign who occasionally jumps to conclusions. You assume that others are angry with you or disappointed in you when that isn’t the case at all. You’re allowing your insecurities to influence the way you perceive others. You’re assuming that they view you in the same way that you view yourself. You’re always making comparisons because you think that’s what others are doing in their minds. You think they’re more judgmental than they actually are. You need to remember that the people who love you aren’t comparing you to anyone. They love you exactly the way you are.


Leo, you cannot stand hits to your ego, which is why it’s hard for you to sit there and watch other people achieve what you have yet to accomplish. You know, deep down, that life isn’t a race and that their successes aren’t your failures, but it’s still hard to accept that others have what you want when you try so hard. You are putting in one hundred percent of your effort. You are hustling every single day. You don’t understand why they are succeeding when you’re not—but that frustration can be a good thing. Instead of getting angry at others, get inspired by them. Get motivated to keep going until you get what you want.

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