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Craving Calm: Meet the 4 Zodiac Signs Begging for Peaceful Moments!

Some people thrive amid chaos. They get bored when their life becomes too predictable because they want to go on a series of adventures. But other people can’t stand the drama that big groups bring. They don’t want to be involved in any conflict, and they don’t want to be stuck in large, loud crowds. Here are the birth months who crave peace:


If you were born in January, you aren’t afraid of the quiet. Some people hate being trapped alone with their thoughts because it gives them too much time to worry about the past, present, and future — but you’re not one of those people. You prefer when you have time to yourself, time to take things slow and think through everything that’s on your mind. You don’t want to be surrounded by people because they bring too much drama. They cause too much of a distraction. You enjoy your own company more than you enjoy strangers, which is why you crave peace. You crave solitude and silence.


If you were born in May, you struggle to get comfortable in loud, chaotic environments. You can never relax when people are swarming around you, asking you questions, and causing a racket because it overwhelms you. Their stress ends up stressing you out. You end up incredibly distracted by the noise around you and can’t seem to drown them out. That’s why you would much rather be left alone. You crave peace to think straight, to concentrate on everything that you need to accomplish. You feel much more comfortable when there isn’t too much noise.


If you were born in November, you crave peace because it’s something you aren’t used to having in your life. You are always running around, doing a million different things, feeling like you’re stuck in a time crunch. Although you have grown accustomed to putting a lot on your plate at once and dealing with a ton of problems and people each day, that doesn’t mean it’s making you happy. You would love to live a peaceful, quiet life where you aren’t constantly on the go, where you can slow down and take things easy for the first time in forever.


If you were born in July, you crave peace because you aren’t interested in drama. You aren’t interested in big, loud parties and filling your house to the brim with people. You would rather be surrounded by a select few people that you know and trust, comfortable people sitting there in silence while you both do your own thing. After all, you don’t need to be speaking to bond. You are perfectly happy just existing in the same room together. On any given day, you would rather be in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere than a wild, busy one. You don’t have the social battery to put up with too many humans at once. You would rather take things slow and easy.

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