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A Difficult Phase Awaits These 3 Signs Towards The End Of October 2023!

Like every month, the universe has thought of something specific for each of us.

But sometimes we don’t immediately recognize that the cosmos actually means well to us. Especially when we are going through a difficult phase.

Some people are lucky this month, others are not. Maybe the train is running away from under their noses or one catastrophe after another will happen to them.

Unfortunately, things in our lives don’t always turn out the way we imagined. 

Some of us will be struck by misfortune towards the end of the month as we have a real run of bad luck.

While streaks of bad luck are annoying and stressful, they also have a purpose. They make us stronger and more flexible in life.

Find out which zodiac signs are particularly unlucky and how they can get through this time well:


As an active sign, you’ll be forced to slow down towards the end of the month, and while it might be difficult for you, you’ll probably really need this phase.

Your recent focus has been on rapid growth, so this moment of self-reflection and introspection will be necessary.

Pay particular attention to how you communicate and express your thoughts, opinions, and ideas during this time, as there is a risk that you may say things carelessly and hurt others.

It may seem a bit ironic at the end of the month because many things seem to be going your way, but you still see so much negativity in it.

It’s possible that you’ll choose the wrong words at the wrong time, jeopardizing some of the things you’ve worked hard on.

You feel the urge to push boundaries and feel entitled to do so but know that every action has consequences.

Pay special attention to your dreams this month. If they become dark, it could be a sign that you are suppressing something.

You may need to look deeper to find the root of the problem and overcome your losing streak. 

Sometimes repressed thoughts turn into didactic nightmares, but don’t let them control you. Learn from them and use them as a way of self-knowledge.

Your social relationships will also be a focus, and you’ll find yourself seeking a stronger connection with other people.

You will feel a need to get more involved in social projects or humanitarian issues to help others and have a positive influence on society.


The end of the month is approaching and it brings with it some turmoil, but in a good way.

Even though things don’t turn out as planned, you still feel a deep hope and energy within you. You are confident despite the challenges that arise, and that is a good attitude.

However, it is important that you acknowledge that not everything will go smoothly and that you will have to overcome some obstacles.

You find it difficult to accept your vulnerability because, on a deep level, you feel great fear – fear of trusting life and its uncertainties.

But this lack of trust could hinder your progress. It’s time to let go of these fears and face life openly.

This month you may find yourself in an inner battle that isn’t easy to win.

You will be torn between a strong desire to believe in certain things and the simultaneous urge to complete everything and move on.

You may begin to doubt your own intuitive abilities. In such moments it is important to take a deep breath and pause to find yourself again.

The last few days of the month could be particularly challenging and bad luck seems to follow you, which could perhaps lead you to despair.

You might feel like there is no hope left, but that is a fallacy. During this time, it is important that you acknowledge and take care of your vulnerability.

Let your friends be by your side because they will give you comfort and security in these moments.


You face the opportunity to overcome various challenges that could positively impact your spiritual life and lead to changes or groundbreaking ideas.

It’s time to rethink your social life and adopt a more humanitarian attitude. The need to get more involved and actively help those in need is awakened in you.

You can pursue your goals and expand your knowledge horizons. However, towards the end of the month, you will encounter some obstacles that you will have to deal with skillfully.

It will be a time when you need to particularly work on your communication skills. You will find that certain communication styles are only effective with certain people.

At home, you may struggle to find the right words, but at work, you find it difficult to find just the right tone.

Additionally, you will spend a lot of time arguing and having arguments with your partner.

Although there will always be reconciliation afterward, both of you will have to overcome some hurdles. Your love is about to make a big breakthrough, but first, it must go through the depths of heartbreak.

Towards the end of the month, you may briefly lose hope for both of you and feel like burying your head in the sand.

It is important that you try to maintain the love and think about all the beautiful moments you have shared so far. Everything will be fine!

During this time you will have a number of opportunities that can support you in your spiritual growth.

You might come across new ideas that impact your life in positive ways and help you overcome obstacles.

It is a time of self-reflection and growth that can lead you to a deeper understanding of your own values ​​and beliefs.

A Difficult Phase Awaits These 3 Signs Towards The End Of October 2023!

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