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8 Reasons Why Cancer Women Are The Best Women To Love

People with the sun sign Cancer were born between June 21st and July 22nd. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and has a very caring soul.

This highly intuitive and emotional water sign is ruled by the Moon. As the moon waxes and wanes, Cancer’s moods fluctuate. Feminine and sensitive, these beings have a cardinal sign, meaning they initiate change.

Cancer Woman: Overview

The Cancer personality is incredibly caring, loyal, emotional and selfless. The Cancer woman in particular cares deeply about the people she is close to and even shows compassion for people she doesn’t know. Her love is so deep that she wears it like armor, strong enough to take care of not only herself but everyone around her.

To be precise, the Cancer woman has the highest regard for her family, her friends and her home. And those who succeed in wooing her accompany her on her life’s journey and can feel safe and secure at all times. She is also very straightforward with her feelings, so her loved ones understand what she is feeling.

Her willingness to express herself can also have consequences as she tends to overreact. Any criticism or very emotional situation throws her off balance and becomes something she cannot leave behind.

Additionally, Cancer women are moody due to their complex emotions. For this reason, they withdraw into themselves. And if someone makes them angry or betrays them, they are incredibly thirsty for revenge and will persecute those who have wronged them.

The Cancer woman in love and relationships

Cancer women are extremely romantic and want dates that have an intimate atmosphere and help them come out of their shells. It doesn’t have to be a fancy dinner for her; She prefers to experience something that is fun and doesn’t require her to express herself too much or become overly emotional. Overall, she is low maintenance and easy to have a relationship with.

She is the ideal partner in a relationship. She listens carefully, shows compassion and provides emotional support to her partner. In her relationship, she tends to take things a little too far and can sometimes be a bit too caring and motherly. But she wants to protect her loved ones with all her strength and passion.

The Cancer woman in love is up to her neck. She does everything for the sake of her partner and remains loyal and protective of him. Unfortunately, her partner has to watch out for possible codependency because Cancer is needy and emotional.

When she falls in love, she does so deeply, so her partner must be as sensitive as she is, otherwise, she will be easily hurt and constantly need reassurance. Cancer women also need to be careful not to be taken advantage of by partners with dishonest intentions; The Cancer woman tends to make herself vulnerable and should therefore set boundaries in her relationships.

The earth signs Taurus and Virgo as well as the water signs Scorpio and Pisces are best suited to Cancer. Taurus is sensitive and caring, Virgo is good at communicating their needs, Scorpio is mysterious and passionate, and Pisces is the emotional equivalent of Cancer. All of these signs have qualities that Cancer values.

Cancer woman personality

While Cancer women are loyal, empathetic, strong and emotional, they are also prone to mood swings and can be manipulative, insecure and pessimistic.

Her positive personality traits highlight her nature as someone who is usually strong but soft. Although she is caring, she also knows when to be assertive and fight for her values. This determination only further explains how diplomatic she is; she wants peace and to defend herself and her loved ones.

Cancers are also incredibly loyal. Once you gain their trust, which doesn’t happen overnight, you can expect that Cancer will always be there for you. Family, friends or partner: The Cancer woman wants her loved ones to feel safe and can provide this security through her devotion.

But there is no zodiac sign without negative traits and Cancer is proof of that. Even though they are sensitive and loving, they can be manipulative. Behind this lies her need to protect her loved ones and her emotionally demanding personality.

In addition, Cancer women tend to overreact and often fall into the role of victim. She quickly withdraws inward when faced with any kind of conflict, preferring to live in a world that is not rooted in reality.

Cancer Woman: Career

Cancer women work well with others, which is why they are great team players no matter what their profession. She may be deep in her feelings, but she is more than willing to complete tasks and projects with hard work.

She stays focused at work and does whatever it takes to get it done, even if it means staying late or working on weekends. She is also likely to become good friends with her colleagues and inspire them to be strong in their jobs.

Ideal careers for Cancer women fulfill their need for emotional connection. This means avoiding careers that involve data, math, or analytical topics.

Despite her modesty, she wants to be successful at work and that’s why good careers for Cancer include things related to music, medicine, gardening, design, education or even cooking.

Cancer woman: family life

Cancer cannot live without family. Family bonds cannot be broken and the Cancer woman wants to ensure that her children and her partner remain connected. As a mother, she is caring and nurturing and simply knows what her children need.

She is understanding and knows how important physical touch is in raising children. Cancer women are also incredibly protective and want to provide security and stability more than anything else. However, this can sometimes backfire because cancer can sometimes be a bit too restrictive.

Cancer Woman: Friendships

As with the other relationships in her life, the Cancer woman cares deeply about her friendships, especially those with her closest friends. Since it takes a while to gain her trust, she probably has friends around her that she knows from before.

Cancer friends provide emotional support, a listening ear and empathetic answers. They are attentive and conscientious and have no problem putting their friends’ needs before their own. Their friendships are really valuable to them, but they need to be careful that real friends would not intentionally hurt or offend them.

8 facts about Cancer women

1. Cancer women are helpful.

As one of the most caring zodiac signs, the Cancer woman is always there when you have concerns, determined to make the situation right. You can count on them when you need them most.

2. Her eyes are windows to her soul.

And this soul is loving and safe. To be precise, she has the most loving eyes of all the zodiac signs, and anyone who looks into her eyes gets a feeling of security.

3. Cancer women are elegant.

You will never find a more stylish woman than the Cancer woman. She is well-mannered, cultured and never superficial.

4. She is not easily fooled.

If you think you can fool the Cancer woman, think twice; she sees right through you. She knows immediately when something is wrong.

5. A Cancer woman makes you feel right at home.

Your well-being and happiness are important to the Cancer woman and she will do what she can to achieve both. In this sense, she is selfless and puts your interests before her own.

6. Family life means everything to Cancer.

She values ​​family above all else. As a mother and partner, she ensures security and stability and treats her family with love and respect.

7. She sees you as you are.

Cancers have the appropriate intuition and will overlook your mistakes. They know that they also have flaws and understand that no one should be judged.

8. Cancers are incredibly loyal.

Cancer women always stand by you. In fact, she would move mountains and swim oceans for anyone she cared about.

Famous Cancer Women

The Cancer woman cares deeply about the things that are important to her. And these famous Cancer women have approached their successful careers with the same attitude.

Meryl Streep: 22. Juni 1949.

Selena Gomez: 22. July 1992.

Margot Robbie: 2. July 1990.

Pamela Anderson: July 1, 1967.

Tia and Tamera Mowry: July 6, 1978.

Lindsay Lohan: 2. Juli 1986.

Ariana Grande: 26. June 1993.

Kristen Bell: 18 July 1980.

Lana Del Rey: June 21, 1985.

Jessica Simpson: July 10, 1980.

Liv Tyler: July 1, 1977.

Mindy Kaling: June 24, 1979.

What is the Cancer woman like?

The Cancer woman is incredibly emotional, intuitive, caring, protective, and loyal, especially to people who are very important to her. This woman is also prone to mood swings, excessive sensitivity, and vengeful intentions.

Which partner is best for a Cancer woman?

The Scorpio man is best suited to the Cancer woman. Scorpio is mysterious and passionate, which interests Cancer. Scorpions are also similar to Cancer; Not only are they also water signs, but they are also emotional, loyal, and compassionate. Even though Scorpio can be aggressive, it offers the perfect balance to Cancer’s warm nature.

What does a Cancer woman need in a relationship?

For a successful relationship, the Cancer woman needs a partner who is loving, sensitive, honest, and able to express her feelings. Your ideal relationship is built on trust, respect, and commitment and never lacks the romantic touch.

8 Reasons Why Cancer Women Are The Best Women To Love

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