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5 Zodiac Men Who Will Stay Single Forever (No Matter What You Do)

1. Aries

He wants a girlfriend by his side who will impress others. However, he is never happy with his decision because he always feels like he could find someone better.

Aries men are not looking for someone who is their equal. They look for a woman who is much better, which is why they end up alone.

He left the girlfriends he had because he didn’t think they were good enough for him. Only when he loses a woman does he realize that she was really great, but then it’s too late.

2. Scorpio

Everything happens too quickly with the passionate Scorpio, and that usually intimidates every woman at the beginning of a relationship.

He just can’t take things slowly, and he’ll probably talk about kids and marriage on your first date.

With his approach, he scares women away and unfortunately remains single forever.

3. Sagittarius

A Sagittarius man doesn’t want to be tied to just one place and just one person. He wants to be able to travel freely and go wherever he wants without needing anyone’s permission.

That’s why he doesn’t commit because he’s afraid that a serious relationship would be a kind of prison for him and that he would then no longer be able to do everything he wants and loves.

Most Sagittarians are emotionally immature and can’t even imagine asking someone’s permission or making any compromises.

4. Capricorn

Capricorn men are all about work.

He will neither enter into a relationship nor consider starting a family unless he has the financial resources to do so. He’s going to work his ass off to build a nice life for himself.

Only then will dating and a real relationship be an option for him. Since this dream is not easy to achieve and it takes time, most Capricorns remain single forever.

5. Aquarius

His mind is somewhere else entirely, and when he talks to someone he hardly listens at all. He only focuses on what he has to say, which is really disrespectful to others.

There is complete chaos in his head and he doesn’t know what he wants.

He is easily distracted, and he is always busy with other people’s problems, so he has no time to worry about his own problems.

5 Zodiac Men Who Will Stay Single Forever (No Matter What You Do)

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