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4 Zodiacs Who Deserve To Hibernate This Winter


Sometimes hibernation is a question of survival, and this winter Aries must listen to their inner instincts to prepare for a time of extended rest and seclusion to get through the colder months. At the end of the day it’s about following your body’s natural rhythms, and if your body is telling you to slow down, then that’s probably the right thing to do. The holidays can be a non-stop herculean effort from Halloween to New Year’s, so if this year you need to carve out some time to just be with yourself, process your emotions, and take a breather from grinding into overdrive, that’s okay. Frame this as an intentional choice, and avoid adjectives like lazy, aimless, or wasteful when describing this time.


For Gemini, a winter hibernation is all about timing and patience. The things you want are scarce right now, and laying low until warmer months arrive is the way to get what you’re after. Saving your energy and resources, staying calm, and avoiding unnecessary stress and panic will allow you to evolve and grow as a person. You’ve got what it takes to wait this one out and make it to the finish line. Many others will give up along the way, and honestly, that’s okay, because it’s not a competition. The only one you have to prove you really want this to is you, so take advantage of this prolonged stillness to really listen to your inner self. All the words of encouragement you’re looking for will be there.


Cancer’s winter hibernation is all about growth. All the experience and knowledge you’ve gorged yourself on has to digest, and your body needs time to process it into the energy that will ultimately transform you. You will come out of this better, stronger, and more confident because of your innate ability to be a survivor time and time again. You know how to handle situations like these and have done it many times before. You’ve learned to recognize the seasons of growth that we all go through, repetitively, in stages. After a ton of activity, we need rest. We need time to rebuild and recharge. Over time, our stamina increases, we become capable of more exertion, which then means we can also need more rest. Learning to tune into this give and take is crucial to your self-care.


An Aquarius in hibernation is all about comfort. It’s about getting everything just right before checking out for an extended amount of time. Think about it like setting an out of office message before your vacation. The anticipation and preparation is half of the fun. Putting in the time and effort for something we will ultimately personally enjoy sends a message to ourselves and others about our self image and worth. Aquarius is saying, “I deserve this. I’ve earned it,” and maybe it’s something they’ve needed to hear for a very long time. The good news is that it’s never too late for some affirmation. While most other signs see hibernation as an extremely long wait until Spring, Aquarius is all about enjoying the ride. They appreciate every second of down time they can get.

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