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3 Zodiacs Set for Spiritual Growth in 2024

A spiritual ascension or awakening involves a shedding of old programming and destructive beliefs, often inviting an “upgrade” and rebirth. In 2024, you will access a portal for higher awakening. You will be deeply led by your spirit guides and ancestors to see the greater truths of the reality around you and your true soul purpose. Here are three signs who may be undergoing a drastic spiritual awakening, upgrade, and transformation in 2024.


You open the eyes of others to what is just and injustice, Libra, which means it’s time for your own soul to undergo a reboot and have your own eyes opened to the deeper truths of your existence. This is a fruitful time to consider how fair life and other people have been to you and commit to give yourself and your soul all the good your soul deserves. In 2024, you will notice synchronicities and miracles that seem more like a higher calling rather than coincidences, reminding you of why you’re here on this earth. You will recognize your inner power. You will become closer to your soul’s path in this lifetime and understand more deeply than ever why everything had to unfold the way it did to bring you closer to your greatest good.


As one of the most esoteric signs of the Zodiac, you have access to higher realms of knowledge and prophetic intuition than most people. This New Year, expect an enlightening awakening to the nature of your most intimate relationships. You will better understand the flexible nature of your “soul contracts” and the fact that you have free will. You will take control over your reality and understand you can manifest the good that you deserve, rather than settle for the manifestations birthed by your limiting beliefs. This is the perfect time to let go of toxic karmic soulmates and get closer to the divinity of your own soul.


Pisces, you will be extra sensitive in 2024 to the signs of your spiritual awakening and growth. You will recognize how far you’ve already come in your soul’s evolution, carefully evaluating how you have battled life’s adversity with ease and where you could have given yourself and others a bit more grace when approaching hardships. As your soul sheds limiting beliefs, you’ll be forced to look at your ego head-on. The ego can be a tremendous source of courage and safety, allowing you to defend yourself. At the same time, you will recognize there are times when the soul’s greater purpose must be prioritized over the ego. By achieving this balance, you’ll grow closer to spiritual ascension.

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