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3 Zodiac Signs That Aren’t Early Birds at 6:00 AM


Pisces, your sign is already known for being dreamy and introspective, so it’s no surprise that you’re not a big morning person. You might find yourself feeling more creative and productive as a night owl, or maybe you just have a hard time pulling yourself out of bed in the morning. You’d rather be deep in a dream in the early hours instead of up and about – but hey, can anyone blame you?


Aquarius, you’re the visionary of the zodiac. Ruled by planet Uranus, your unconventional thinking tends to set you apart from the other signs. You’re also one to break tradition—even when setting your daily schedule. You operate best at night, often feeling much more productive later in the day. You might find yourself randomly inspired late at night (or very early in the morning, depending on how you look at it). To avoid missing those random bursts of creativity, you don’t mind staying up much later than most people would.


Scorpio, you love nighttime hours—the quietest, calmest part of the day. It’s the perfect time for you to reflect on the day (or curl up with a good book), and you probably don’t mind doing a little stargazing, either. You might even be one to keep working late into the night and not even notice—you need a little momentum from the rest of the day to get into the swing of things. Staying up late gives you a little space to enjoy your hobbies and relax by yourself; recharging while the rest of the world is asleep isn’t a bad thing.

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