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3 Signs That Might Appear Emotionally Distant


Geminis can be complex in their personalities. They are always down for a fun time. They also enjoy engaging with interesting people, and yet they might ditch someone or something if it’s not intriguing enough for them. This can make Geminis seem emotionally distant. While they can have strong emotions at times, they tend to talk through them rather than deeply feel them. They’ll either spend time analyzing their feelings like solving a puzzle, or they will dismiss their emotions altogether. They might try to rationalize why they are having a certain emotion as well.


Aquarians are highly intelligent as well as logical in their thinking. While they have big hearts and want to help make positive changes in the world, they might struggle to dive deep into their own emotions due to their logical side. Practical Aquarians do not like spending a long time in feelings since they can be messy and do not always make sense. They would rather help and share love with their large group of friends, than put their own emotions out there. Aquarians often do not see the time or use for big emotions. For this reason, they can seem emotionally distant.


Capricorns are often practical and tend to have a strong ambition towards their desires. Due to this hardworking nature, they can come off as emotionally distant. They have a vision and will do anything it takes to get them where they need to go. While they do feel deeply, Capricorns tend to guard their hearts and can be cautious when opening up to others. They don’t want to waste their precious time and energy on someone or something if it’s not going to work out. Their drive to achieve might cause them to neglect others’ needs at times as well.

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