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3 Most Loyal Moon Signs

Have you ever read your horoscope and felt that it’s not accurate and missed the bigger picture of your unique personality? That may be because when people say “zodiac sign,” they are almost always referring only to their sun sign, which is linked to the month and date of their birth.

For instance, since the sun transits through the Aries constellation from approximately March 20 to April 20 every year, people born on or between those dates “are” Aries—but that’s only their sun sign and it doesn’t take their entire birth chart into account.

If you don’t know your moon sign, you might be missing a lot, since it influences your inner emotional world far more than your sun sign does. Whereas your sun sign determines your outer personality traits and social self, your moon sign has a much deeper effect on how you feel inside.

The moon influences the tides, which also directly affect your emotional life. The moon orbits the Earth every 27.5 days, but it moves into a new zodiac constellation every two-and-a-half days, making it much more complicated to figure out what your moon sign is.

Here are the three moon signs who are most likely to be tried-and-true, ride-or-die loyal with those they love.

1. Taurus

If Taurus is your sun sign, you are ruled by the moon rather than by a planet, which makes you a lushly sensual artistic type with a finely tuned taste for luxury. You are renowned in astrological circles for being bullishly stubborn. If Taurus is also your moon sign, it’s a double whammy—this sense of stubbornness extends into your relationships with your friends, family members, and lovers. You won’t abandon them even when everyone else does. You will be their shelter from the storm. You will give them a drink when they are thirsty, a blanket when they are cold, and a hug when they feel lonely.

2. Cancer

If the moon, during its hush-hush nighttime journeys across the firmament, was ever-so-gently tiptoeing across the Cancer constellation at the moment and place when you were born, this will give you an empathetic, maternal, nurturing, caring, giving, warmhearted, mushy, lovey-dovey attitude toward those who are lucky enough to find themselves in your orbit. You won’t turn your back on them when the chips are down. You’ll stay with them through good times and bad times, in sickness and in health. Even when they feel everyone else has turned a deaf ear toward them, you will sit down and listen to them—for hours if that’s what they need.

3. Scorpio

Hello, little Scorpion. Intense almost to the point of madness and mysterious almost to the point of being utterly unknowable, you are known for keeping people at arm’s length—that is until you feel comfortable allowing them into your inner emotional sanctum. If the moon was in Scorpio at the precise time and place of your birth, you are fiercely loyal to those you choose to grant a VIP Pass into the dark labyrinthine tunnels of your heart. Perhaps “fierce” is too tame of a word. You are viciously loyal to those you love. You will lurk in the darkness at night, stinger poised to inject lethal venom into the bloodstream of anyone foolish enough to hurt the one you love.

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