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12 Brutal Truths About Twins (Written By One)

I once read a text about zodiac signs on a US website that talked about a particular zodiac sign. The article was very interesting and somehow personal. Not like most texts that you can otherwise find on such portals.

Then I asked myself how this person writes their other texts and did some research. She really had a personal touch in almost all of her articles and she was my big inspiration to try to write like that too.

But what was even more interesting was that the star sign she wrote about was her own. That’s why it sounded so personal and informal. Now, a few years later, it’s time for me to try something similar.

Here are the twelve brutal truths about my zodiac sign – Gemini!

What are the 12 brutal truths about twins?

We are officially the most hated sign in the zodiac. Some of this may be deserved because some of us really bring shame to all representatives of this sign. But some things just aren’t true, and it’s sometimes difficult to deal with so many prejudices and prove that we too can be good people.

If you are a Gemini or love a Gemini, then read my list, it will be easier for you and you will see how you can deal with some of our character traits better and more efficiently. So, let’s go!

1. Spontaneity is our middle name

Perhaps it is best to say that we are somehow unforced and spontaneous. We don’t think about it, it comes to us completely normally and often unexpectedly. Don’t be surprised if we call you at 11 pm to go for a walk and then meet at a club.

So we are not indecisive or fickle (sometimes we are), but rather let our minds wander and do what we enjoy at the moment.

This is a quality that not many people can understand, and yet they enjoy being able to turn to us whenever they need help, advice or just company. So when we are friends, we go everywhere with you without asking. Of course, you will have to provide us with a detailed report later.

2. We are social butterflies

That’s right! It’s just that we love our circle of friends so much that we could go out with them all the time. However, it often happens that not only our close circle of friends, but also many people we know (even superficially) want to spend time with us. That’s understandable because we’re so funny and always in a good mood.

What you should know about us is: We enjoy contact with people and that is very important for our mental health. Of course, we don’t necessarily have to be surrounded by people all the time, and if we are, that doesn’t mean we forget who our real friends are.

When someone invites us outside, we just can’t say no. On the one hand, we’re a bit of a yes man, and on the other hand, we really like to go out and meet people, talk to them, and have fun. As long as we are teenagers we think that we can only have fun outside, but later we will realize that we feel most comfortable at home because there we can determine all the conditions ourselves and enjoy them to the fullest. But we’ll get to that later.

But knowing a lot of people can’t be a bad thing, can it? We Gemini should just say goodbye to the desire that everyone has to love us because that is neither possible nor healthy. In this way, we will live much freer and happier.

3. We are talkative

And how! Nobody can remain silent with us, it is simply impossible. We would even talk to the tree, I think. Even the biggest introvert would have to talk to us. Of course, it can also be too much. Then it seems like we can’t keep our mouths shut and are just babbling the whole time.

That’s one of the reasons why people think we’re pretty superficial, even though we’re not. We simply don’t always talk about serious and important topics but rather enjoy cheerful and funny topics for ourselves (and others).

People always feel safe with us when they tell us about themselves and tell us their secrets because we really try to understand everyone, show empathy, not judge, and even give a tip. This world can be really dark sometimes, but with a Gemini by your side, you will always have a worthy conversation partner and daily encouragement. Isn’t that nice?

4. We keep you on your toes

Yes, this can be both positive and negative. With Gemini, who is on the lower spiritual plane, you may not know what to expect. There is no way to know what they will say or do, or how they will behave today or tomorrow. If you have to consider what to say or do depending on how moody they are at the time, that’s not so good.

While it’s true that we are moody at times and that our moods can change suddenly and violently, that shouldn’t be normal. And most of the time it isn’t, because the Gemini, who are mentally alert, will very rarely do something like that because they are aware of it and wouldn’t endure or do something like that.

But if it’s a positive trait, then you don’t know what surprise your Gemini has in store for you today. Maybe he’ll cook you lunch, buy you flowers, or reserve a trip just for the two of you. With him, you have a person who you cannot easily understand and who always manages to surprise you.

5. We are creative

From birthday gifts to creative hobbies to everyday creativity, we have it all! Most of the time, Geminis are so creative that they also bring this quality to bear in their jobs. They are known there for their creative solutions.

We think quickly and many ideas come to our minds, so sometimes it is very difficult to organize all our thoughts and complete all projects and deals. This can be one of our weaknesses: we have the potential and the resources, but we lack the determination to see something through.

It also often happens that we have a creative hobby that can easily become our job, or that we have a creative side job, like me for example. But my dream job would be to just invent new ideas about all sorts of things and have someone pay me for it.

6. We are fast

We speak, think, and act quickly; for us, this is one of the signs of intelligence. This is not scientifically proven, just our personal opinion. When someone doesn’t understand something right away, it can be annoying for us to have to explain everything again or repeat something.

Repetition is our enemy. We would like to set up the world so that everything happens twice as fast so that we have more time for ourselves. But as the years go by, we also slow down, calm down, and learn to slowly enjoy life.

Sometimes we are impatient and can’t or don’t want to wait for something or someone. Those who cannot keep up with us will be left behind, we are sorry. So if you love a Gemini, don’t make him wait otherwise he will surely lose interest and move on with his life without you.

7. We are analytical

Ruled by Mercury, Gemini are good analysts. Not as good as virgins, but good enough to keep up with virgins. We enjoy observing people, examining their behavior, and drawing conclusions.

We are usually smarter than people think. We are good actors and good at lying (if we want to, of course). Investigating things, finding out things, presenting them, and proving a point is what counts in our specialist areas. If you want to know something about someone, tell us and then give us 24 hours. We can transform into real FBI agents to help our friends.

This skill is very useful if we are involved in science in any way. In everyday life, this means that we are very good conversation partners, even in somewhat difficult situations. When we have to decide something, we analyze all the pros and cons, sleep on it for a night and only then make our decision. We do the same for anyone who asks us for help or advice.

8. We are high achievers

We always know how much we can do, and it’s usually a lot. We are also aware of how quickly and how well we can do it. The only question is: Will we do it in a way that we really try and perform at our best? Or perhaps effortlessly and effortlessly give half of ourselves to achieve a necessary minimum? This depends on each individual Gemini because everyone can choose how they want to live and contribute in this life.

It’s no secret that we are talented and full of potential, but not everyone chooses to use it because they are happy with less. I think that’s bad logic, but ultimately it’s good that we’re all different and can choose freely.

However, if we decide to give everything of ourselves and achieve a lot, nothing and no one can stop us. We should then just focus on finishing it so we don’t leave unfinished business behind. If you have an unmotivated Gemini, try to motivate him with something he really likes, or tell him that he can change and achieve anything in his life on his own, and then watch him achieve it.

9. We spend a lot of money

However, this does not apply to all things. Luckily, Geminis usually only have one area where they can’t stop themselves from spending a lot. Be it technology, bags, or travel, each Gemini has its own weakness that is difficult to control.

Sometimes we spend more on food, drink, and entertainment than we initially thought, and of course always with the excuse: We only live once! This is the most dangerous phrase of all when we have our wallets in hand.

That’s why it’s always advisable to have a sensible friend (in my case, that’s two Virgos) who can tell us that we already have that particular thing or don’t need it at all. This way it would be easier to live and function. But what I recommend to all Geminis – is never go shopping with a scale. You’ll bring home a dozen useless things and later complain that you’re broke.

10. We’re a little crazy

And I say this with infinite love in my heart. I like this crazy energy that all Geminis exude. Most of the time I can really tell when someone has the same star sign as me. At least I recognize the energy of the air signs very well because my ascendant is Libra. This energy is very familiar to me and extremely pleasant.

When you’re a little crazy, every day is a little funnier. We make all situations funny and have fun all the time. Many people say that we are the sun in their life because we bring a good mood and good energy.

We are not mystical and gloomy types who complain or criticize everything. Such people make us nervous and tired, so we avoid any contact with them.

Geminis do and say funny things to make others laugh and shake up the monotony of everyday life. There’s never a dull moment with us, and you never know what nonsense we’ll do next. We always keep things interesting and you can enjoy life a lot more with us!

11. We are curious

Maybe too curious! But more in the sense that we are interested in too many things. We don’t do it in order – when you’re done with one thing/interest/hobby, you then move on to the next. No! We tend to like having three to five things to do at the same time to keep our brains working.

Unfortunately, this can lead to the result that we start a lot of things but finish none or very few. It’s great to have many interests, but you should maintain a healthy balance in all things. Finding this measurement is extremely difficult for Gemini.

In addition, this quality can lead us to stick our noses too much into other people’s affairs, which of course should not be the case. But, to be honest, this happens a lot. If I find out something about Jenaden, I try not to share it. I’m really not the kind of Gemini who gossips much, but I know there are many who do. Because of individuals like this, the rest of us have a bad reputation.

12. We are contradictory

It can happen that we have two extremes within us that simply don’t fit together. Sometimes we’re not sure how to handle it either, but I promise you, we’ll try.

If you notice that your Gemini has a different opinion on an issue within two days, instead of thinking he is being duplicitous, ask him why he changed his mind. 99% of the time it will have a legitimate reason. Maybe he was looking for information, talking to someone, or just understanding that his first opinion didn’t make much sense.

We are not stubborn and give ourselves and others the opportunity to change their minds because we are all human and make mistakes. In my opinion, it is stupider to hold on to an opinion that you believe is wrong just because you said it first.

There are still many contradictions within us, such as being called extroverted introverts. This means that we have a certain capacity of our social batteries, and when these are empty, we can no longer be with people, we have to be alone for a while in order to feel social again. How this recharging occurs varies from person to person.

Final Thoughts

All in all, we’re not as bad as most people think. You should get to know us a little better to fully see our good sides.

In friendship, no one can complain about us because we are extremely loyal and reliable. We listen, throw surprise parties, and buy the best gifts because we know our friends so well and remember everything they’ve ever told us.

In relationships, yes, it can be different because different people bring out different characteristics in us and we then behave completely differently. Maybe no one will believe us, but that depends a lot on the other party. We always behave the way others behave towards us. So if you don’t agree with our behavior, you should reconsider your own behavior. I’m just saying it.

In general, we are kind-hearted and free-spirited, we don’t hate and we don’t make mean jokes. We don’t hold grudges and we forget easily, so we can’t stay angry for long. In the same way, people cannot be angry with us for long.

12 Brutal Truths About Twins (Written By One)

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