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11 Brutal Truths About Aquarians

I personally know only a few Aquarians, 3 male and 4 female, that’s all. The only zodiac sign that has fewer members in my life is Sagittarius. I did some research and found that these two zodiac signs have the fewest number of people in the world.

But that should tell us something about these signs. Not only are they special in their characteristics and ways of thinking, but there are also not that many people with these zodiac signs.

If you love or want to understand an Aquarius, then this text is for you. Here I will try to collect the eleven most important facts about Aquarius, along with tips on how to deal with them.

What are the 11 truths?

Of course, there is much more to the character of an Aquarius than these eleven truths on this list. In my opinion, they are very complex zodiac signs and are not easy to understand or understand.

After reading this article this will be a little easier. Hopefully.

1. Aquarians are incredibly smart

They are really very intelligent, they can easily understand and form concepts and schemes. Their brains work in such a way that they can connect all sorts of things. That’s why it often happens that they are very good at using technology or are engaged with it.

The Aquarius zodiac sign represents technology, the Internet, space travel, astrology, and the human collective.

Although they are extremely smart, they will not show this often, in the sense that they will act like a know-it-all or correct others. You really have to respect this quality in them.

2. They’re stuck in their heads – a lot

This is unfortunately a side effect of their intelligence, but they don’t have the overthinking trait like Gemini or Virgo. They’re more like fish here – stuck in their heads and lost in thought. But I would say that they are not as dreamy as the Pisces. Aquarians are very good at distinguishing their fantasy from reality.

It becomes problematic when it comes to people. Some of the situations and scenarios they imagine, as well as the possible reactions of the people involved in these stories, are not something they can realistically imagine. Rather, they imagine it as an ideal version of a story in which everything happens exactly as they imagine.

3. You are adventurous

Aquarians are the type who, when asked:

Let’s go?

always answers:

Why not?

Or rather, you’ll always get an answer like this if you ask an Aquarius anything that has to do with traveling, partying, or anything unusual.

A day party, lunch in another city, going to the club in the evening, partying until the morning, not sleeping at all, and going to the sea tomorrow – this is what 24 hours with an Aquarius can look like. It was like this almost every weekend with my ex-boyfriend – always an adventure and never anything ordinary. Of course, this can’t (shouldn’t) go on forever, because you should know when this lifestyle is enough and when you should show some maturity. Unfortunately, some Aquarians cannot recognize this.

4. Aquarians hate cheesy romance

Teddy bears, red roses, heart-shaped balloons, and chocolates? Forget it! Aquarians don’t like such things at all. If they saw this photo they would find it terrible.

It’s always better to surprise her with something unusual, no matter what it is. Of course, you can listen carefully to what he or she is talking about and then buy it, but in most cases, he or she will get it themselves. It would be better to combine a gift with a story or something they have already experienced together. With Aquarius there always has to be a concept. It is much more important than the gift itself.

5. You avoid conflict at all costs

At first I thought it was a good trait, but over time you realize it’s not that great. It’s good if someone isn’t nervous or impulsive and doesn’t want to argue. But when it comes to pushing all problems, big and small, under the rug, it’s deadly to any relationship.

After all, small problems can be solved in an instant and you don’t have to talk about them for hours, but Aquarians prefer not to talk about difficulties at all. For them, everything always seems to be fine and they help everyone, while inside they can be fighting a real battle.

You should learn that it is possible to talk about bad or difficult things normally and resolve them immediately. You shouldn’t be summarized and silent all the time, everything is not always fine. But it’s normal to say this loud and clear. Time also plays an important role here, because if you wait, the problems get bigger and your nerves get thinner. It’s much worse to wait than to discuss it straight away.

6. You are fiercely independent

This is a characteristic of strong people, that is quite clear. It is also true that you can overdo it. How? If you don’t allow others to worry about us at least sometimes. So we are not stronger, just more stubborn, and this is not strength.

Aquarians can take wonderful care of themselves and others, but when it comes to having someone help them or take care of them, that’s out of the question. They will make a scene and act like everything is fine just to reassure others that they can solve it themselves. In my opinion, Aquarians should learn to ask others for help because it is not a sin. Especially when you ask people for a favor.

However, people around Aquarius should also be careful and perhaps ask them more often if everything is okay or if they need help. You should let them know that they can count on us, they would appreciate it. Maybe then they will turn to others more often. Perhaps.

7. Aquarians are constantly changing

We can all learn that from the Aquarians. Since some constant in this world is changing, they have a great upper hand here. They really aren’t stubborn or oblivious. Their intelligence guides them through life and they adapt very well to all circumstances, something not many people can do.

They will probably never change their basic characteristics, but most of them will certainly become wiser, more open and more aware over time. An Aquarius from 2 years ago may not be the same as they are today. What is interesting, however, is that they never change according to the mainstream or because of anyone but themselves, that is, when they think it is useful or necessary.

They are quite stubborn creatures and you can’t persuade them at all if they don’t want something. So don’t expect them to change because of you if it’s not time for them to change. Hopefully, you understood what I wanted to say.

8. You may have difficulty maintaining a relationship

We’ve already discussed some of this: they find it difficult to adapt to other people and make big compromises. Aquarians are free souls and their freedom and independence is very important to them. Therefore, they sometimes cannot maintain these qualities in a relationship.

They long to find a partner with whom they don’t have to give up their ideals. If they find such a person who allows them to feel free and independent in the relationship, they will enter into a committed relationship or even a marriage. Until then, I don’t think there’s much chance of something like this happening.

9. You are very open-minded

You can tell them ANYTHING and they will NEVER judge or criticize you. If it was a crime, they would help you hide all the evidence.

In all other areas of life they would be just as open. As for experimenting in bed, they would also like to try out many things. They will certainly like a lot of kinky things, but they won’t admit it right away. They need a little time to show or accept everything they like in bed. The most important thing for them is that everyone has fun.

10. You are very sociable and do not trust others easily

Communication and dealing with people is not a problem for them at all, even if they are unknown people. They don’t like complaining or asking for anything, as mentioned before, but they are made for all other types of dialogue. People love their energy and will give or say more to them than they ask for.

They are very reliable friends and you can calmly tell them your secrets without being afraid that they will tell anyone. On the other hand, they won’t trust you with everything, even if they’ve known each other for a long time. Of course, it can happen that you get along with them very quickly and know what makes them tick. Then they will quickly become reliable and trust you too. But they usually need more to fully open up and tell their deep secrets or difficulties.

11. Aquarians are likely to have an unconventional career

Your job very often has something to do with other people. Aquarians like to meet people, help them or think of something for them. That’s why it’s not unusual for them to work in healthcare, IT or science. It can also easily happen that they get involved in art; music or photography are also possible.

What also often happens is: that they have a normal job, but choose an unconventional or unusual hobby that helps them show their endless creativity and express their true nature. It is of great importance to Aquarius that their creativity has a channel through which it can flow freely. This way they don’t feel overwhelmed or stressed in everyday life.

Final Thoughts

All in all, these air signs can be said to be intelligent, creative, and strange beings. When they don’t pretend to be know-it-alls or try to be weird and different, they can be really pleasant personalities.

They are always ready for long, deep conversations, sudden getaways, and all-night parties. They are not very emotional but in a romantic sense. They have a great, endless love and understanding for animals and families.

They are ruled by Uranium and Saturn, so a certain division can be felt within them. Uranium stands for intuition, renewal, and creativity. Saturn, on the other hand, stands for clarity and concentration, but also for structure and responsibility. Aquarians are always torn between light carelessness and deep world-weariness.

Aquarians are true, interesting, and talkative friends. But I wish you the best of luck in a relationship or marriage with them!11 Brutal Truths About Aquarians


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