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10 Top Crystals for Better Sleep to Keep By Your Bed

Using crystals for sleep is a practice that many people find helpful for promoting relaxation, easing anxiety, and enhancing the quality of their rest. While there isn’t conclusive scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of crystals for sleep, many individuals believe in the vibrational energy and metaphysical properties of crystals.

Different crystals are believed to possess unique properties that can influence sleep and dreaming. Here are some of the best crystals for sleep, along with their potential benefits:


Known for its calming and clearing properties, selenite is believed to purify and cleanse the energy in your sleeping space, promoting tranquility and reducing anxiety.


This pale blue crystal is associated with higher wisdom and spiritual awareness. Celestite may help connect you with your angels and spirit guides, promoting a sense of protection and support during sleep.

Black Tourmaline:

Ideal for dispelling negative energy and promoting grounding, black tourmaline can help alleviate worries and stress that may interfere with sleep.

Smoky Quartz:

With its stabilizing and grounding properties, smoky quartz is believed to promote deep, restful sleep and help alleviate anxious thoughts before bedtime.


Known for its calming and spiritual properties, amethyst is often used to promote relaxation, enhance dream recall, and facilitate lucid dreaming.


Moonstone is associated with balance and protection. It may help calm the nervous system, ward off nightmares, and promote deeper sleep.

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Rose Quartz:

This gentle, soothing crystal is associated with love and compassion. Rose quartz may help alleviate stress and promote feelings of peace and relaxation before sleep.


Known for its calming and centering properties, Angelite may help relax the mind and promote spiritual connection during sleep.


Fluorite is believed to enhance intuition and promote vivid dreams. It may help bridge the gap between the conscious and subconscious mind, making it easier to access the dream realm.


Sapphire is associated with balance, harmony, and inner peace. It may help alleviate depression and promote a sense of well-being, facilitating a restful sleep environment.

When using crystals for sleep, it’s essential to set your intention and create a peaceful sleep environment. You can place the crystals under your mattress, wear them as jewelry, or keep them on your nightstand. Remember to cleanse your crystals regularly to clear them of any negative energy they may have absorbed.

While crystals can be a valuable tool for promoting relaxation and improving sleep quality, they should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment or professional advice. If you have chronic sleep issues or concerns about your sleep health, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional.


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