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Why You Will Meet A Toxic Person In November 2023 According To Your Sign

Here’s why you’ll be stuck in a toxic relationship in September 2023, according to your zodiac sign.

Toxic relationships are something quite mysterious to the outsider.

When the toxic relationship is so obvious, you may wonder why anyone would want to stay in such a relationship willingly.

There are actually many fundamental reasons why someone would stay in a bad relationship – one that is harmful and unhealthy. 

Here’s why you’re stuck in a toxic relationship (if you’re in one) in September, according to your zodiac sign:


This one person has immense attraction for you. The intimacy between the two of you is fulfilling, and whenever you consider breaking away from this person, your resolve retreats because the emotional connection is too powerful.

The thought of no longer having this person in your life causes you great distress.

But basically, it’s the constant ups and downs that keep you attached to this person. This dynamic is undoubtedly exciting, but it also raises the question of whether you’re happy.


You see arguments and differences as everyday life and pay little attention to them.

You may believe that all couples face similar challenges and that such “phases” are inevitable.

Your idea of ​​a relationship is shaped by this dynamic, which is why you stay in this toxic relationship.


Your fear keeps you anchored in a fixed position. You experience fears about taking a step for fear of hurting the other person by pulling away.

You may also be plagued by the fear of being alone. The idea that there may be no one who could treat you with respect or truly love you makes you uncomfortable. These concerns are why you don’t even try.


You are hesitant to admit that you have developed feelings for a toxic person. The idea of ​​having to face a breakup is humiliating for you, so you prefer to suffer in silence as long as it remains bearable.

You’re almost ashamed that you’ve put yourself in this situation, which is why you don’t want to admit it to yourself.


You seem to be in a pretty comfortable situation. You are probably aware of this yourself. You’ve settled in and may now feel like there’s no reason to go through the hassle of a breakup and dive back into dating life.

Instead, it seems more sensible for you to persevere in this relationship. It becomes harder to let go the more invested you are in a relationship.

So if a lot of time, effort, energy, and resources have gone into this relationship, it’s more likely to be difficult to let go, even if the situation becomes unhealthy. However, you should keep in mind that if you don’t close this door for good, you will miss out on many positive opportunities.


You are mistaken in believing that there is passion between you. You are convinced that there is a logical explanation for it.

You interpret the fact that you argue so intensely as a sign of how strong your love is – you supposedly can’t stand each other because your feelings are so intense. But in reality, this is not true love or passion. It’s toxic.


Your self-esteem is low and you feel like you deserve this person’s belittling words and actions.

You tend to take responsibility for your current situation and therefore rarely complain. If you don’t have a positive image of yourself and your self-esteem is low, this could explain why you might become involved with someone who reinforces these negative beliefs.

You may feel that nothing better can happen to you anyway, or that you are irrevocably hurt and broken. However, you should realize: you deserve love!


For many people who remain in harmful relationships, an unfavorable relationship seems better than no relationship at all.

When making decisions, we examine every option to make the optimal choice.

The fear of ending the relationship is rooted in the fear that it could change the entire course of one’s life. It is important to recognize that a life existed before this person.


Your stubbornness prevents you from leaving because you don’t want your shared story to be in vain.

You don’t feel able to give up on the person you’ve already dedicated several years of your life to.

You prefer to stay and try to fix things, even if they are beyond repair. But should you really sacrifice even more time?


Your feelings have clouded your perception, and you are unable to recognize that you are in a toxic relationship.

The strong infatuation with the other person blinded you. You are convinced that you have found your soul mate and it doesn’t even cross your mind to think about breaking up.


Your optimism leads you to believe that you are just going through a challenging phase and that the situation will improve soon.

Unfortunately, you tend to ignore the negative times as soon as the good moments come back.

What incentives do you see in staying in this relationship? What less advantageous aspects do you ignore in order to emphasize your partner’s positive qualities?


You feel an obligation to stay in this relationship. It may be because of the children or because you are already wearing a wedding ring.

You feel like you’ve been let down by friends and family. You may also consciously decide to persevere in this unpleasant relationship because you want to support or heal your partner.

Why You Will Meet A Toxic Person In November 2023 According To Your Sign

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