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4 Zodiacs Who Deserve To Be Swept Off Their Feet This Week (July 10 – 17)


As a bold and proactive person, you often take charge in relationships. However, deep down, you desire to be swept off your feet and experience a deep, soulful love where your partner takes the lead. This week, may you find someone who can provide that sense of rest and let yourself be swept away in love.


Known for your organized and go-getter nature, people assume you have everything under control. However, in matters of love, you tend to attract partners who rely on you to take the lead. But what you truly desire is an emotional love where your partner consistently shows their affection. This week, you deserve to be swept off your feet, just like the protagonist in a heartwarming romantic comedy.


Your practicality often leads you to doubt the existence of love at first sight or the concept of “the one.” However, deep down, you yearn to experience the pampering and affection that comes with being swept off your feet. You crave someone who can show you that true love exists, and that there is a heartfelt romantic side to you waiting to be unleashed.


Despite your sensitive and empathetic nature, you can come across as intimidating to others, possibly due to your ability to see into their souls. This may cause potential admirers to hesitate in making a move. This week, you deserve to have the people who love you take the lead and sweep you off your feet. Allow yourself to experience the love and romance you so generously wish for others.

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